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Funny Stories
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$200 Bucks
4 Sons
A Bug
A Case for More Beer
A Cat's Diary
Acceptable Excuse
A Day in Hell
Adventurous Dining
A Lawyer in the Family
A Lawyer's Question
A Medical Problem
America vs. Russia
A Mime in a Zoo
An Art Thief
Why did the Chicken cross the road?
An Escaped Convict
What Not To Put On Your Application For Employment
A Religious Hunter
The Young Assistant
The Bar Story
Bar Translations
Baseball Season
Beer and Ice Cream Diet
Butlers Nite Off
Calorie-burning activities
The Army's Camel
Cannibal Fruit
CEO Party
Charlie Brown Specials We'd Like to See
Cheesy Joke
The Chicken or the Egg?
The LAPD, the FBI, and the CIA
Cinderella and the Pumpkin...
Condom Emergency
Conflict Resolution
Confucius Say
Dear Diary, love Monica
Disadvantages of a HMO...
Dorm Rules
A Son's Bad Dream
An Engineer in Hell
An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman
Fishing and Whiskey
woman who loves a fish
Bearer of check
The motorcylist
Persistent Idiot
Baked beans
Surgeons talk
The bottle and the bomb
Santa statistics
The healer
The newlyweds
The ever growing pig
Bob and the magic fly
Italian Journey
Pub Game Idiot
The mind is a terrible thing to waste
Melvin and the mildly flatulent
The Beekeeper
The Cable Guy
The old man and the parrot
Testifying for the irs
Little Johnny
The irs agent
The king's daughter
Eve and adam
The three race horses
The lexus and the president
The driver
Male stripper
The bomb and the pilot
The athiest
The chili taster
Air force one and the farmer

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