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Weekly quiz

2nd december to 8th december

Fill out your name (put anything it does not matter) and answer at least one question. Then press the submit query key at the bottom

Your name:

1. If antartica's ica totally melted, by how much would the worls's sea level rise
25m metres   35m metres   45m metres   55m metres  

2. In 1959 how many countries signed a treaty, to protect antartica from exploitation
3   6   9   12

3. In what year did the first tour de france take place.
1902   1903   1904   1905

4. In what year did the pan american games begin
1951  1953   1954   1955

5. In which year did the asian games begin
1951  1953   1954   1955

6. In what year was judo introduced to the olympics
1960   1964   1966   1968  

7. In how many of the worlds countries do cars drive on the left
32   42   53   61

8. how many feet of electrical wiring does the average car have
1000   2000   3000   4000

9. Which county has the biggest population
france  UK   india   usa

10. How many boroughs does the city of london have
11   26   32   47  

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