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Weekly quiz

18th november to 24th november

Fill out your name (put anything it does not matter) and answer at least one question. Then press the submit query key at the bottom

Your name:

1. What is the name of our galaxy
milky way   andromada   spiral   anrimader  

2. What was the top film of the 1970's
Grease   jaws   star wars   superman

3. what is the international car index mark for india
i   ia   ida   ind

4. what is july's jem stone
diamond  emareld   ruby   sapphire

5. Which of these nuts has the most calories
almond   brazil   peanut   walnut  

6. How many countries are headed by a sovereign
15   27   46   62  

7. what is a shot guns smallest bore size
4 bore   12 bore   16 bore   28 bore

8. What colour is the wax surrounding edam cheese
cream   red   white   yellow

9. How many quires make a ream
10  20   30   40

10. How many acres are in a square mile
560   600   640   680  

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