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Weekly quiz

21st october to 27th october

Fill out your name (put anything it does not matter) and answer at least one question. Then press the submit query key at the bottom

Your name:

1. Who won the drivers title in formula 1 this year
micheal schmaccher   Eddy irvine   david coultard   hakinen  

2. Who won the football/soccer world cup in 1998
england   usa   france   brazil

3. How many years ago did dinosaurs last walk the earth
65 thousand   45 million   65 million   15 thousand

4. What is the international dialing code for the uk
44  01   22   98

5. What is the smallest country in the world
Vatican city   andorra   wales   belgium  

6. which element is number 8 in the periodic table
hydrogen   oxygen   iron   carbon  

7. who wrote the book "an inspector calls"
j.b. priestley   r.b. wisley   brian lowry   j.r.r tolkien

8. which of these sites is the biggest in the world

9. how many days does it take the moon to orbit the earth
56 days  alen dean foster   28 days   robert westford

10. What date is christmas eve on?
25th december   24th december   26th december   30th december  

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