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Weekly quiz

3rd February to 9th February

Fill out your name (put anything it does not matter) and answer at least one question. Then press the submit query key at the bottom

Your name:

1. There is more than 20,000 species fish.
True     False  

2. benjiman franklin appeared on the first us postage stamps.
True     False  

3. George Washington appeared on the first us postage stamps.
True     False  

4. The ethiopian city Addis Ababa means "new day".
True     False  

5. incunabula are books printed before the year 1600.
True     False  

6. The pink ball is worth 6 points in snnoker.
True     False  

7. A cow normally has 16 teats..
True     False  

8. AD means anno domini.
True     False  

9. Voodoo came from jamica.
True     False  

10. A platinum record is an LP selling over 5 million copies.
True     False  

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