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Weekly quiz

27th January to 2nd February

Fill out your name (put anything it does not matter) and answer at least one question. Then press the submit query key at the bottom

Your name:

1. A dime is equal to 25 cents.
True     False  

2. Parking meters where introduced into the uk in 1958.
True     False  

3. The first world athletics championship was held first in 1988
True     False  

4. The first winter olypics started in 1924.
True     False  

5. The initalials CND stand for "campaign for Nuclear dissarment"
True     False  

6. The phrase "Habemus Papam" signifies the elction of a new bishop.
True     False  

7. There is 24 bones in the human skull.
True     False  

8. China has the Biggest number of international borders.
True     False  

9. Tigger is a walt disney charachter.
True     False  

10. The BBC was founded in 1923
True     False  

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