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Your Jokes 1 - 50

Your Jokes 1 - 50 Menu
   Your Jokes Number:    Joke Type:    Submitted By:
   Your Jokes 1    Cowboy/Genie    James Bond
   Your Jokes 2    gay/disabled    James Bond
   Your Jokes 3    Baby (Not Nice)    Chuck
   Your Jokes 4    Yo Mama    Jason and joe
   Your Jokes 5    Yo Mama    Liz
   Your Jokes 6    Genie    Sarah
   Your Jokes 7    Airoplane    tito187
   Your Jokes 8    Polish    tito187
   Your Jokes 9    Polish    tito187
   Your Jokes 10    Yo Mama    kyle bailey
   Your Jokes 11    Blonde    Daniela
   Your Jokes 12    Yo Mama    Jenna
   Your Jokes 13    Yo Mama    rusty
   Your Jokes 14    Yo Mama    rusty
   Your Jokes 15    Yo Mama    rusty
   Your Jokes 16    Yo Mama    Alan Robinson
   Your Jokes 17    Bar/Chat up    holly
   Your Jokes 18    Yo Mama    lance
   Your Jokes 19    Yo Mama    lance
   Your Jokes 20    Yo Mama    lance
   Your Jokes 21    Yo Mama    lance
   Your Jokes 22    Yo Mama    lance
   Your Jokes 23    Yo Mama    lance
   Your Jokes 24    Sex (sort of)    D. Lee
   Your Jokes 25    General    lloyd
   Your Jokes 26    Yo Mama    sydney
   Your Jokes 27    Yo Mama    Samer
   Your Jokes 28    Yo Mama    Samer
   Your Jokes 29    Yo Mama    Anna Arratia
   Your Jokes 30    Yo Mama    Anna Arratia
   Your Jokes 31    Yo Mama    Anna Arratia
   Your Jokes 32    Yo Mama    Emily
   Your Jokes 33    Confidence    Mohdshukor
   Your Jokes 34    Animal/sex    Deda
   Your Jokes 35    Yo Mama    Deda
   Your Jokes 36    Drugs/sex    drewdend22
   Your Jokes 37    Bar/Barmaid    nigel
   Your Jokes 38    Mother Mother    Clif Wilson
   Your Jokes 39    Yo Mama    Jenna Rivera
   Your Jokes 40    Yo Mama    Jenna Rivera
   Your Jokes 41    Yo Mama    Jenna Rivera
   Your Jokes 42    Yo Mama    Jenna Rivera
   Your Jokes 43    Yo Mama    Jenna Rivera
   Your Jokes 44    Blonde    Paul
   Your Jokes 45    Sport    Ted Howley
   Your Jokes 46    Blonde    upjake69
   Your Jokes 47    Mother Mother    Joseph Sanders
   Your Jokes 48    Mother Mother    Joseph Sanders
   Your Jokes 49    Mother Mother    Joseph Sanders
   Your Jokes 50    Mother Mother    Joseph Sanders

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