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Daily horoscopes
14th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Spend time getting to know your siblings all over again. Romantic intentions have no place among the things that motivate you today. Your fire burns clean and pure, with no smoke to cloud your vision. Communication is extraordinarily easy today. This is a good day to catch up on your emails, letters or phone calls. Now is the time to express yourself and say or ask for those things you may have been putting off. You will be heard, and will receive answers to your questions. Someone from the past may contact you today.

You are faced with a choice. The easiest path is not necessarily the best one. If possible, postpone your decision until tonight or tomorrow, especially if contracts are involved. Look carefully at all business dealings today, and do not initiate anything new or make any major change. Someone may not be perfectly honest with you about an important matter. Some gentle probing may help bring out the whole story. Do not act until you know all the facts. There may be some confusion in your work environment. Sit tight and it will work itself out.

This is a great day for getting all the attention you want. Others are responsive to your friendly or romantic overtures. All promises sound believable, whether or not you intend to keep them. You are a charmer, and your smile alone may get you what you want. There are all kinds of interesting things penciled in on your social calendar, and you are having trouble deciding which ones you really want to attend. Someones effusive attention could be more than you are comfortable with. With all that is going on, it may be difficult to do anything serious, but it is still a good idea to try.

Spend your day learning from children in the educational style known as play. A childs endless stream of creativity does not depend on coffee quality or budget size. Observe and react with joy. Come out of your shell and enjoy the day. Dont get bogged down in extraneous details. Put some things that have been bothering you on the shelf for a while. When you return to them, you may find you have a different perspective. Nothing is as pressing as it may seem. Try to loosen your grip and relax a bit.

Bring your social life home with you. Outside the pressures of the work environment, you are relaxed enough to be the perfect host. Consider unique ways to illuminate a room. Have a dinner or cocktail party and invite some friends you havent had time to see recently, or some interesting new acquaintances you would like to know better. Its a great time for expanding your social circle as well as networking. Some valuable contacts can be made or expanded, and you will be able to impress those you want to with your charm.

A bank statement makes you laugh and then consider better places to put your money. Ideas are cheap -- its the precise implementation of them that matters. Your signature is worth a lot today. Its time to get off the drawing board and onto the road. Today is advantageous for beginning something new. If you postpone acting for too long, you may find things changed and plans will have to be redrawn. Someone may come to you with a problem today. Your advice will be useful to them, and they will put you on their favorites list.

You are witty and full of good ideas. Tell a few jokes to get the audiences attention and sympathies. Be sure that you dont turn a discussion into a monologue. Its a great time to plan something with a partner, or to meet someone new. You may be getting lots of interesting invitations, and a surprise gift could be coming your way. A relationship is on the upswing and you are enjoying yourself immensely. All this attention is flattering you, and your good mood is contagious. Have a party and invite your best friends. There is someone that could use a little cheering up.

Ask a friend for his lucky number and buy him a lottery ticket. Nothing may come of it, but be sure youve chosen someone with whom you can split your winnings. Improbable events make for good what-if stories. Someone may offer you a high-potential opportunity today requiring quick action, or you may be asked to choose between two promising options. Be on the lookout for an unusual minor detail which could strongly affect the outcome, and be sure you have all the facts straight. Once you move, you wont be able to reverse direction.

Today is a time to perform maintenance work on relationships. Your tools are words, and your materials are constructive answers to unasked questions. Sometimes a show of effort is all it takes. It is time to slow down from the social frenzy that youve been immersed in lately and see what is going on close to home. All the juggling you have been up to has caused some sore feelings in others. A little attention can go a long way, and some honesty can feel like a fresh breeze. A message from someone far away could bring up questions that need answers or reminders of the past.

Change is in the air for you. Changing your attitude couldnt hurt, but you have worked hard enough to deserve something better. Be first in line to congratulate yourself for a change of perspective and letting go of outmoded issues. Something which has been building finally reaches its peak, though you may not be aware of it consciously. New opportunities will present themselves at just this time, as the clearing of old obstacles makes room for change. Avoid listening to people who come around and dont make sense. You know where you want to go.

Paint a big, bright slash of fun and romance across a life that has become a little too serious lately. Devote a day to whatever you call your art. Throw yourself into the arms of someone you have long desired. Throw caution to the wind and dive into experience. Have an incredible picnic with a partner, or a midnight feast under moonlight. Give into a whim and jump on a plan to an exotic destination, or just go for a drive to wherever you feel the urge. Pick up the telephone and invite a tantalizing someone to join you. Surprises are in the air.

Keep todays agenda flexible to accommodate changes in plan. If you are not at home, stay connected by phone or email. If you are destined to get in trouble, let trouble come to you, instead of going out to look for it. Catch up on tasks that have piled up lately rather than initiating something new. Paying attention to detail will keep you out of harms way. Another may be behaving strangely, but dont get distracted trying to figure out the mystery. Your imagination wants to take you far away, but a foot kept on the ground will keep you where you need to be.

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