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Daily horoscopes
12th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Are you feeling a bit sluggish, or under the weather? You may not be feeling like yourself, and people will notice. Dont try to hide how youre feeling. You may get a sympathetic ear if you express how youre feeling. One thing is for sure, you wont be able to keep your normal pace. You realize how difficult it is to maintain your usual focus. Relax and let your standards down for the next day or so -- this is only a phase. You may want to pay attention to any health concerns that you have. Now is a good time to be in tune with what your body is telling you.

Can you feel the good energy surrounding you today, Taurus? You are wealthy and powerful when others give you the attention and respect you deserve. All eyes will be on you, and you will definitely impress those around you! This is a good time to give a presentation or join in a conference call. Being a good host is surprisingly effortless today. Tonight, have a dinner party for a few of your closest friends. It wont be as much work as it usually is, and everything will fall into place. Flowers are an inexpensive but effective means of communication. Send a bouquet to someone whose been on your mind recently.

Do you have the feeling that someone is talking about you? Listen to your instincts today, Gemini. Something is happening right under your nose, but nobody seems to be forthcoming with information about it. Events beyond your control make you feel like a stranger in your own home. Breathe deeply today and be patient. You may feel a bit paranoid, but dont let that get in your way. Concentrate on clear communication and avoid potential misunderstandings by saying exactly what you mean. You may want to avoid talking to certain family members until you have all the facts.

Its the small amenities that make you comfortable today. Take some time to be thankful for the little things. Especially thank someone who makes your life easier. Your overall energy is very positive today. Your labors are fruitful, efficient, and appreciated by those who matter most. Do something nice for someone, and you are sure to be rewarded appropriately. Be receptive to popular ideas, even if you do not necessarily agree. This may be a good time to hold you tongue instead of saying exactly whats on your mind. Good things come to those who wait!

Has something got you down, Leo? You may not be feeling your usual self today. Your energy level may be low, your health may be concerning you or there could be some money worries. Try not to dwell too much on the negative, or you could have a hard time getting even the simplest chores accomplished! Its okay to be a little introverted. You can use the time alone to figure out where you want to go with your life. Pay attention to your spending habits today dont buy things you dont absolutely need. Dont worry -- tomorrow is another day. It will only get better.

This is a great time for Virgos to get their act together! You feel organized and orderly, and lately thats probably a welcome change. Financial matters or record keeping can feel like a party today. Make sure you take advantage of it by taking care of those pesky tasks you usually hate to tackle like balancing the checkbook. With the Moon in Virgos house, organization is organic in everything you do. There is no small detail that you wont find pleasure attending to today. This is a day when you demonstrate the principle of mind over matter.

You might know what someone else is thinking, but he or she may not be able to handle this knowledge. In fact, it may catch you quite off guard. Try not to take it personally, and realize that much crosses your mind that you would also hesitate to mention. You cannot hold a grudge against someone, even though you feel the urge to build one. A subtle, gentle approach keeps everything on an even keel. Look at all the angles of interpretation. Take your time. Be patient. Youre more likely to get your way through compromise than anything else.

You know how worried you are about what people think of you? Today might be your lucky day! Do something nice for someone and you are sure to be recognized for it. Your image is enhanced today by an act of charity. You may end up giving a last-minute presentation or planning a gathering of some sort. A secret kept between friends helps in the smooth planning of an event. Pay close attention to detail and everything will run smoothly. The Moon in Virgo enhances your organizational skills, making you a deciding force in the game.

All of your hard work and effort are finally paying off! Your reputation in the community will be recognized today. Youll be treated to a small dose of fame. Make sure you dont let it all go to your head. Accept praise and attention humbly, and then move on to other things. Dwelling too much on your own accomplishments could lead to jealousy among your friends and coworkers. Dont be too anxious to get back into work mode -- enjoy those who know nothing of your profession. Dont work late tonight if you can avoid it.

Have you been waiting for your time in the sun? With the Moon in Virgo, this is an opportune time to discover and integrate new information. You will be able to focus on the finer intricacies and details. Spend plenty of time researching and gathering all the facts you need to prove your point without questions. You could make a very interesting discovery that will bring you a lot of attention. You seem to be bursting with energy, so make good use of it. Making the initial plans for a long distance trip would be an excellent way to expel your excess energy!

Be very careful today, Aquarius. Trouble is brewing, or maybe just a big change that will require major readjustment. Make sure you take the time to look beneath the surface of things. As you know, things are seldom as they appear to be. Be especially leery of someone who may be trying to pass themselves off as someone theyre not. Try to concentrate on an aspect of your career that has fallen by the wayside. Trading war stories could result in a unique solution to the current problem. When dealing with those close to you, keep expenses separate to avoid hard feelings.

This is a great day to put your feelings aside and just concentrate on helping the people around you. Others may be in need of your compassion and understanding. You will be able to communicate effectively, and your friends will be eternally grateful when you come through for them. Pay special attention to a relationship that needs work. Is there someone who could benefit from a kind act or word? Dont be afraid to give someone a push in the right direction. Others welcome your advice. You are in a position to really turn something around for someone today.

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