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Daily horoscopes
11th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Think big when planning your day. Make the most of a spirited, high energy relationship. All of your thoughts seem to be punctuated with exclamation points. With the Moon in Leo the next two days, you are just about unstoppable, Aries. Now is the time to implement new plans, take a chance with something and put yourself forward. Its also a good time to enjoy it all and put fun on the agenda. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you will find lots of partners for whatever plans you suggest.

Behaving like a maverick will have others comparing you to the back end of a horse. You look selfish when you assert yourself, even if youre right. Avoid a power struggle by tolerating differences of opinion. The Moon in Leo is making you feel particularly stubborn and headstrong. While it may get you what you want, it may also create enemies along the way. A little self-monitoring will come in handy, as you feel your resistance rising. Be careful with issues around finances, particularly with those involving others.

Strengthen your resolve to start something new by making a public announcement about it. Holding your ground is easy when you know youre right. Listening to others can be as rewarding as showing off for them. The word for today is action, Gemini, and with the Moon in Leo for the next two days, this will be easier than usual. Talking is fun, but action gets results. A little humor will soften your communications to others, who may find you coming off a little strong. Keep it light and have a good time.

If an aggressive investment looks attractive, start out with a principle that you can afford to lose. Your usual thoughtful persona is all impulse today, with the Moon in Leo. Extravagance is enjoyable until you have to pay the bills. Even though you deserve to have what you want, mending that hole burning in your pocket might be a good idea. A habit may be elevated to the status of a tradition. Showing off is about presentation, as much as substance. Have fun, but have your hands on the reins.

The Lion is basking in the light today, with the Moon in your sign. Take care of yourself today, Leo. Indulge yourself in delights. Bathe with bubbles, get up to see the sun rise, or take an adventurous walk. Your eagerness for activity will keep you going. Its a great day to get lots of things accomplished and to initiate new projects. All eyes are on you as your natural leadership abilities are at their peak. Team work will go well as you creatively delegate responsibilities and prioritize tasks.

You have more fun today if you allow yourself to be flexible. A nonlinear analysis of a situation suggests that there are several realities at work here. Let someone else take control of things for the day. Enjoy the back seat as you work on the details of an ongoing project. Appearing to be an underdog is not a fate worse than death. The Moon in Leo has tempers running a little high, and stepping out of the way is the best thing to do. Offering help to others puts you on their favorites list.

The Moon in Leo emphasizes activity for the next few days, as you feel full of energy and drive. Your desire to socialize is high, and group activity is a great place to start. They are looking for a new member, and you may just fit the requirements. Show them what youve got! Teamwork is high on your list of talents and its a great time to accomplish a joint project or venture. You find yourself in a leadership role this time which you handle with great skill, to everyones satisfaction.

If you have not yet had your career crisis, it might start today. Beware of an opponent with a reputation for fighting dirty. Aspects of your personal life could be used against you in a professional situation. It is not the day to ask for a promotion or raise. Your well-earned self-congratulations may sound like arrogance to others who cant wait to tear you down. Butting heads with a superior is not the way to lighten the day. It might be better to wait this one out quietly, watching and waiting for a more propitious time.

Good Fortune finds you where you least expect it. Someone may provide you with an answer you have been looking for. It might be a person you are least expecting to give you the solution. Today is a good time to play games of chance, buy a few lottery tickets or begin a new venture. Following a hunch in a business matter could work out well to your advantage. You could find yourself in the right place at the right time to make an important connection. The more you are out there, the more that can come your way.

You may be overwhelmed with demands. Pay attention to issues rising around business, and protect yourself. Look at others closely, and trust your instincts about who is on the up and up, and who isnt! Miscommunications involving a partnership and finance could come up today, so postpone signing any legal documents until later in the week, if possible. The Moon in Leo makes egos clash a bit more than usual, so it might be better to take a back seat approach to situations involving group work. A little observation could tell you what you need to know.

Dont try to overpower a stubborn opponent. It may take a while to change someones mind. The effort may not be worth it, anyway. The Moon in Leo is making strong egos stronger, and tensions could be running high. Its probably best to watch and wait until the storm blows over later in the week. In the meantime, compromise may not be out of the question. On the social side, friends seem in good moods and are eager for some fun, so why not join in and leave your anxieties at the office.

Someone will require your assistance. They may not be easy to please, but your compassionate nature will soon ease their tension. Stick with it and leave other concerns behind. At the office, coworkers may not be at their best today and tomorrow, as the Moon in Leo causes some to throw temper tantrums and others to find fault with everyone but themselves. It might be better to stay out of the way and focus on what concerns you. It is a good time to catch up on unfinished business and please your boss, who could use some good news.

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