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Daily horoscopes
10th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Absolutely nothing is holding you back from enjoying yourself to the fullest. Even your work becomes the best game in town. Put on a show for others, regardless of whether the gesture feels unnecessary. People need to be entertained and you may be the best one for the job. Being highly visible will work to your long-term advantage and all the right people are noticing you. Any move that you make is sure to be a good one. But remember that concrete results are far better than long-winded theories. All your training and experiences are pointing you directly at this moment. The waiting is over at last.

Disengage from everyday problems that might be clouding your vision, and focus on the people who share your life. Domestic chores can be a refreshing change of pace and a way to relieve any pent-up tension. Dont let your troubles get in the way of tending to your family and friends. If you need some help, try laughter. Sometimes its the only response left and a little joke can send refreshing ripples along the surface tension. After all, youre the ultimate rule-maker of your private universe. Negativity cant penetrate the walls of your fortress unless you let it in.

Sleep late or take an afternoon nap if you can. That well-rested feeling makes you unusually light and breezy, and your thoughts and feelings run close to the surface. Continue your open-ended dialogue with someone emotionally close who has been silent for a long time. Declare your feelings and then prove your words. You save lots of time when you have nothing to hide. Let the restless ghosts lie with the sleeping dogs. Just for today, the past has no effect on the present. The majesty and solitude of the natural world invite you to come out and play.

Intangibles are important and have their place, but sometimes you need more than just ink on paper. Theres no crime in being comfortable, and although you have most of what you need, a few ingredients might still be missing. Nevertheless, moderation is more fun than excess right now. People are happy to provide you with a bit of perspective. A surprise compliment praises a strength that you didnt know you exhibited.

The Leo Moon hands you the world on a golden platter and with it a period of tremendous power and sensuality. Everything that happens to you is lots of fun, a major learning experience, or both. It doesnt take much to make you look good. Everything that comes your way feels like a reward. If others dont want to be part of your game, they dont have to play. Your intensity attracts people who are your equals in all the right ways.

Shut the door and ignore the phone if the world becomes too much for you. You breathe a sigh of relief at the sound of a closing door. Chaos can be especially annoying right now, and your privacy is important to you. Take comfort in your personal business and plug into the madness again only when youre ready. Be subtle about your reclusiveness or you could alienate others whose company you might one day crave. A project that you thought was running on track could suddenly fall off its wheels. You know what youre doing, any setbacks will be only temporary. Be gentle with people who have less patience than you do.

King Solomon has nothing on you today. Your wisdom and problem-solving skills make you the most popular genius in town. The Leo Moon demands that you start something new, especially in the company of fun people. You dont have to be a leader to come up with a great idea, and you can save the details for another day. The pull of your conscience leads you beyond the borders of your comfortable little world. There are people out there who can really use what you have to offer. Laughter makes you generous. If you can find some time alone, youre likely to produce great works of art.

A powerful authority figure could challenge you -- bosses, judges or dominating partners could all prove to complicate matter. Your base instincts might threaten to overshadow the more refined side of your personality, but your practicality prevails and you are too smart to rise to the bait. Dont start a fight that you can only lose. This is a time to speak softly and look at adversity as something educational rather than as a reason to suffer. Your first order of business is finding a way to cope with the present conditions. Other forms of change may have to wait. Observe the rules, and one day they will work in your favor.

You are so busy learning that you may not even notice the growing pangs. Change proves to be a friendly force rather than a sinister intruder. Erase your expectations as life throws its surprises at you, one after another. You feel strong and vital, and your outlook is positive. Its easy to feel that the world is here for the sole purpose of your amusement when each time you hold out your hand, another gift falls into it. Friends and partners remember exactly why they love you. Fun is where you find it, so you might as well go out looking. Money is no object, especially when you dont need any.

Be careful where and how you interfere with other peoples business. What you thought was a personal attack may prove to be a shared experience. Rise above petty annoyances by remaining patient, and accept the fact that you may not be the qualified expert in everything. Money is a hot topic, and not everyone is rational about it. Caution and restraint are your best friends under the Leo Moon. Save your strength for an uphill climb that could lie ahead. A high opinion of yourself and a firm belief in your goals are all that matter. Things should look a lot better at the end of the day.

Although patience and attention are limited resources, you could find yourself saying brilliant things under pressure. Not everyone will be impressed. Try extra hard to be tolerant of those unmoved by your genius, and be reasonable in the demands you make. By forcing an issue, you could end up with too much of what you wanted. Winning through your opponents default is not really a victory. Genius alone isnt enough to save you. Compassion is the missing factor that wins points once you finally put it on the table.

You lend a helping hand to a difficult person who is not eager to give it back and who demands more than you are prepared to give. The watchword in this situation is balance. You may be feeling more fragile than usual. Boost your tolerance with memories from your own time of suffering, but realize that the more you allow yourself to be drawn into someone elses movie, the easier it will be to lose control. Your compassionate nature carries the day, but you need to stay focused on your own needs as well. Dont be afraid to say no to someone who wants more than you can give.

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