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Daily horoscopes
7th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

It might be time to give up some of the control you are used to having, Aries. Let someone else take over for a while if it means so much to him. You will be able to continue to work on the project behind the scenes. This is more of a time for damage control than it is for decision making. Its better to keep your own hands clean. A family matter could intensify later today as tempers flair. Try to keep a level head in the face of a hurtful accusation. This is a good time to cry on the shoulder of a friend who isnt emotionally invested in the situation.

This is a perfect day to let your loved ones know how you feel about them. Sometimes its the little things that can make someones day. Break with the usual pattern, and surprise someone with a well-chosen gift. Send a card to a long-distance friend or relative just to say you are thinking of them. Tonight, a party is the perfect way to enjoy the evening. The celebration becomes too big for your home and moves to a larger place. Friend and family members will be amazed at your accomplishments. Stand back and be satisfied by something you started.

The Moon is moving through Cancer, and the tide is about to turn. Things may not get any better, but neither will they get any worse. Try to get tedious tasks and projects out of the way early in the day. Rely on others for help if you feel overwhelmed. Make the best use of your time before it fills up with happy activity. Expect a delightful invitation to land in your mailbox. Tonight, try not to focus so much on what you have, especially compared to others less fortunate. Dwelling on your possessions makes you less fun to be around.

The Moon is in your house, and this is a great day to celebrate all youve worked for. Try to put aside your responsibilities and spend some time doing something you love. If you are having too much fun, you probably deserve every bit of it. Planning a party or similar get-together could be especially satisfying today. If you put your energy into something creative, the results will be phenomenal. Chances are that you will have a huge turnout! Everyone loves you, no matter what you do. Tonight you are surrounded by friends. Use your positive energy to spread love and cheer.

Its so nice to be able to step back and take a look at what youve accomplished, isnt it Leo? Your actions finally begin to show the desired effect. Someone in a position of authority will take notice of you soon enough. Be patient! A long-lost friend or partner calls out of the blue today. Love finds its way home after a long journey through the wilderness. Forgiveness is necessary if you want to move on with this relationship. The time has come to give up Plan A and look at Plan B. Tonight, find quiet time alone to do some soul-searching.

Youve been so caught up with work lately that its a wonder you can still picture what your friends and family look like, Virgo! Its about time that you remembered your social life. The Moon is moving through Cancer, which puts you at the top of everyones guest lists. During this period of increased popularity, friendships should not be neglected. Be sure to include everyone in your plans. A night out on the town could lead to enjoyable surprises. Party as much as possible -- it may be awhile before you can do this again.

Did you miss something because you had your head buried in a good book or paperwork, Libra? You could be in for a surprise if you havent been paying attention lately. Someone assumes that you made an agreement, and is running out of patience. Disagreeing with something is no excuse for ignoring it. Its best to clear up any misunderstandings immediately, without provoking the other party. Your desire to connect with others intellectually may not happen later this afternoon. Your time might be best spent doing research at the library or on the Internet.

Youve spent enough time alone lately, Scorpio. The Moon is moving through Cancer, and this is a time of intellectual bonding with others. Deep discussions result in surprising shared views and opinions. Make allies in as many different camps as possible. It might be a good idea to set aside your usually harsh judgments and try to make new friends. You see the humanity in people with whom you normally have nothing in common. A secret admirer may be too nervous to make a good first impression -- give them a second chance to charm you.

Your life is all about extremes, even as you hunger for the middle ground. Resetting priorities may be a good idea right now. This may be the time to slow down, rest and readjust your schedule. You cant go on living at this pace forever. Try to spend some time fixing a broken relationship. Asking for forgiveness may be the only way to repair the damage. Dont be afraid to ask for advice from a close friend or family member who has been down the same road. Be sure to answer all questions honestly, especially when they concern your emotions or mood.

You excel at categorization, but there are too many gray areas between the black and white. Reading between the lines could help you put all the pieces of a difficult emotional puzzle together. Deal with things by their relationship to one another instead of to the whole. Take everything apart and examine it from a new perspective. At work, you may feel pressure from your boss or an irritated coworker. Challenges only make you work harder. Youll be able to accomplish much more if you block out negative comments from a jealous peer. Tonight, plan a trip to an exotic location.

Try not to focus on anything negative today, Aquarius. Keep yourself busy if you feel the need to dwell on a painful issue. Lose yourself in housekeeping or some other basic task. Anything with quick and visible results will take your mind out of the loop in which it is currently stuck. This may be a test, but its one you can pass easily. Be careful not to overreact to someone who is only trying to help. Ignore their tactlessness and you will be able to see their true intentions. As the Moon moves through Cancer, health issues are at the forefront. Make plans to improve your overall fitness level.

Youll want to shout from the rooftops today, Pisces, but keep in mind that everyones life isnt as great as yours! Try not to crow too loudly over how good you feel. Your emotional high should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention. This is a great day to get together with friends who support you and love you for who you are. Your personality shines. At work you may be called on to lead a group activity. Use this opportunity to boost office morale. People learn good things about one another in a role-playing situation. Tonights dreams will be wonderfully vivid.

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