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Daily horoscopes
5th February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Keep your options open. You may find yourself too distracted to stick with the plan. You cannot charge ahead in more than one direction at a time. This may frustrate you today, so be aware of it and try to keep it in check. By maintaining a cool head, you will be able to avoid some real problems which may present themselves. Remember, the calmer you remain, the more you will be able to help yourself and others, which will come back to you in spades in the near future.

Friends or coworkers come to you for help. You radiate an intuitive wisdom on subjects of which you may have no expertise. Be honest if you make a lucky guess -- your friends wont care. You shouldnt be embarrassed about turning to a friend for help today if you need it. With the Moon in Pisces, today is a perfect day to share highs or lows with people in your life. Dont go solo -- you will get far more accomplished if you share a common goal with others.

Some days are just made for communication -- this is not one of them. Although you may feel the desire to pour your heart out to a friend or coworker, this will only lead to misunderstandings. Today is a far better day to work on yourself internally. Think about the things you might want to change about yourself, especially your career. You may not come to a final conclusion today, but the first step toward any meaningful change is always deciding to do it. It is far better to move on than stagnate and let your reputation suffer because of it.

Your daily routine cries out for an element of adventure. Investigate the obvious alternatives before going further afield. Any change you can make will be a change for the better. Be prepared for your mind to wander -- with the Moon in Pisces, you will find yourself wanting to explore the unknown. Go with it. Dont do anything too detailed, as you will probably not be able to focus on it. You may be on an emotional high, so use this not only to help yourself but to help those in your life that you care about.

Dont buy a stairway to heaven today -- all that glitters is definitely not gold. Avoid any major financial dealings, as the consequences will come back to hurt you in the near future. Hold off while researching them a bit more today, and you will make a much more sound decision. When dealing with others at work today, try and control your emotions, even if those around you dont seem to be able to. Taking the high road has its advantages, even if you know youre right.

This will be an interesting day for relationships. You want to make something happen, but you may not get the desired results by pushing. The situation is more complex than you might imagine. Dont push too hard, though, as others need to move at their own pace. What may seem crystal clear to you might be confusing to someone else, so go out of your way to respect their opinion and try to see it from their perspective. All of this uncertainty in your personal life might make it difficult to focus on work. Just get done what you have to, and avoid taking on any new projects today.

Stop and smell the roses. Your daily routine may get disrupted, but the best option is to not worry about it and notice all the things you usually ignore. You may get overwhelmed at work, but try not to get upset if things dont progress like you thought. Avoid confrontation and simply offer assistance wherever you can. Helping others with their problems will help not only them, but it will help you find harmony in your life. The flexibility to do this will leave you with a smile on your face by the end of the day.

Take joy in creativity and pleasure. New adventures await you. Approach the same old ways of having fun from an entirely different angle. Inspiration is always impressive. Use your creativity and imagination today, as they will be quite strong. A mystery that confounded you only days ago will become clear as glass. Dont be embarrassed about wanting to knock off early from work today. This is a great day to play and explore your dreams and personal aspirations. Take advantage of the feeling.

You mind is all over the map, moving much faster than your body can ever hope to follow. Fascination abounds, but everything feels so random. Youre lucky to have loved ones who are so patient with you. The morning will be a bit sluggish, as items from around the house seem to be getting up and moving on their own. Take a few moments and travel down memory lane, especially with a loved one. Today is a good day to move forward while using your experience from the past.

Someone holds your attention with fascinating conversation. Everywhere you go, people seem to be in agreement with you. This is a good day to appreciate or create works of art. You feel a synergy with the artistic world and those that travel in it. What may surprise you is that you are more a part of it than you think, and others are impressed by you. Help others in any way you can, and dont fight your compassionate side if you feel it being drawn out. This will be an advantage for you today.

You may have all the right reasons for spending big, but they are useless without the money. Do not make financial decisions when your judgment is this cloudy. Reality can be expensive. Take a moment sometime today to reevaluate your values. Do you really need all those possessions? Think about what you really need, and not what someone wants you to think you need. It will be easy to get sidetracked today, so your best option is to not get lost in fantasy and focus on your life as it actually is.

We all need days where we focus on taking care of our self, and our souls. This is that day for the Pisces. Take a long lunch, get a massage, do some shopping. Forget about your practical side today and just lavish yourself. Take a shot at an idea youve been giving thought to for some time. This is a great day to transform or rediscover yourself and what you want out of life. This doesnt mean you ignore others. Quite the opposite -- someone in your life may very well inspire you to take a big step.

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