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Daily horoscopes
22nd October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Have you noticed that everyone else has called time out? You might be rushing ahead in spite of the caution urged by the Virgo Moon. You may be in love with a process that no longer serves any real purpose. Dont let the quality of your work suffer from an obsession with quantity. Sift through the numerous details until you find the core of what the procedure is supposed to accomplish. Maybe you will spend your time better if you focus on updating the process to achieve the results you want.

You and your lover are bouncing and bursting with vitality. Public artwork and sculpture suddenly become personally significant to you, as if the artists had your current situation in mind when they created their masterpieces. How can you focus on the mundane when youre so in love with life? Tasks and errands of personal importance rise to the top of your list. With your knack for diplomacy, reality is an extremely pliable substance in your hands. Use your power to make changes for the better.

Your family is making particularly heavy demands on you right now. As usual, youre doing your best to keep the lines of communication open. If it seems like your words arent reaching anyone, it may be because youre not listening to the responses. Old patterns leave you feeling devalued and ignored even if this isnt really the case. Your best strategy may be to ignore rumors and make no judgments until you know all the facts. Better yet, keep your nose out of other peoples business until they invite you in.

Your memory and interpretive skills are nothing short of amazing. Your friends may call on you for help more times than you can give it, so remember that you need to take care of yourself in order to stay strong enough to help others. While youre at it, score a few points with people who can make a big difference to your future. Is a family member trying to undermine you in front of the others? Your sense of humor lightens the tone. Laughter sounds sweet and healthy when it spills out naturally.

Your sudden caution draws the attention and comments of others. Its a good thing -- if the King of the jungle knows better than to rush off on some fools errand, others should heed the warning. Your ego may need some deflating but your confidence is not under attack, so do not pounce on anyone until you understand what theyre really telling you. Adventure can be an expensive proposition, especially when you consider the cost of preparation. Review your budget carefully before you commit to anything.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, presides over you with a vigorous hand. Its as if a full-color illustration accompanies your every spoken word in writing your prose refuses to do anything but sing. If you have been wanting to craft a love letter, this is the time to sit down and pour your soul onto the page. As for your professional life, you know exactly how, when and where to do what you need to do. Your mind is a precision instrument. Your heart is open and laughing.

Someone else could mistake your confusion for arrogance or apathy. Difficult as it might be, try to find the words to explain that you do care and that you will be better able to talk about it tomorrow. Accept responsibility for your emotions without apologizing. Youre not the only one who feels like youre swimming against the current. Take care, though, in communications signals might get so crossed that you can be nothing less than completely honest. Brevity is key.

Others seem to mistake you for a person who cares deeply. Well, in some cases, you are, even if youre too aloof to admit it. Your gruff attitude may disguise a longing to please, and you will not be able to fool those who love you for very long. Try not to let your superior attitude darken what is generally a happy day. No one needs a smug volunteer. You could feel noble by showing someone the respect they need. Better yet, realizing that you respect another persons point of view goes a long way toward softening your demeanor.

Adhering to your principles feels like wasted effort. Even if everyone else in the world would agree that youre in the right, the one person who needs to see your point of view refuses to compromise. Well, Archer, what more can you do? There may not be any conclusive answer to a problem that isnt yours to solve. You may fight hardest when the battle is on behalf of the underdog, but it may be that you need to shift your focus to something that youre sure is your own business. Instead, take that wanderlust of yours and daydream about your next vacation.

Success feels perfect in the company of people whom you respect. A long-distance communication seems effortless, whether by phone or the Internet, especially when you connect with a loved one. Your attention to the most minute of details serves you well, allowing you to see both the long-term and short-term benefits of your hard work. Seeds of change sprout and blossom in the blink of an eye. Knowing your potential makes you that much more proud when you realize it. What once seemed routine now brings you great joy.

Words are tricky things at the moment. What you say, how you say it and whom you say it to all have tremendous impact on the final outcome. A business deal hangs in the balance so think before you speak, even about the little things. Is someone annoying you so much that you cant stand to be in the same room with them? Try to set your feelings aside at least until the deal is done. Measure others by their actions, not by your expectations of them. A little bit of outside research can only broaden your horizons.

A relationship is at a turning point and a misunderstanding might push things in a direction youre not willing to take. Your best defense is to be as clear as possible in all of your communications -- and that might mean telling someone that you cant talk about an issue until tomorrow. A partner or coworker says or does something that abundantly clarifies that persons feelings about you. Joint projects will be affected by whatever happens, whether you like it or not. Go with whatever happens.

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