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Daily horoscopes
1st February 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Its a good time to work toward important goals. Delve into the resources at your fingertips and when you come up dry, look around -- there could be something you missed right under your nose. Friends and coworkers are helpful today. Keep yourself open to fresh perspectives. If you are presented with the opportunity to move ahead, accept graciously. You have a lot to contribute to any group but make sure to do your part -- there are no free rides.

The world is moving too fast for you. You feel frustrated and even a little bit disoriented. People with new ideas assume that you are in the loop, and often dont take the time to explain the details. New technology leaves you feeling antique. Dont let yourself feel overwhelmed. Take some time out to quiet your thoughts and breath deeply. Then put yourself to work catching up. Only a little effort stands between you and mastery of the subject.

You notice a distinct absence of malice in the world today. Colors seem a little brighter than usual, and you can almost smell happiness in the air. Your mood is reflected by the mood of those with whom you come in contact. There is a general sense of community, and those around you appear both clear-eyed and openhearted. You find that your ideas and beliefs are well-received. Others will believe anything you tell them today -- do not abuse this gift.

Intellectualizing a problem is useful, but you might try to engage your emotions as well. Consider all the possible repercussions of a business plan, including those on the people involved. You may enter into a partnership on some endeavor and subsequently discover that the person that you are working with deviates from the norm. Even if you disagree, look for the merit in their ideas. A combination of your very different styles may be the best bet for success.

Lighten up a bit -- your drive is overbearing. Examine your methods, keeping a sharp eye out for casualties along the road. Your actions may be hurting someone unnecessarily, or for that matter -- necessarily. Get some perspective by remembering what it was like when someone rolled over you without even slowing down. There are other ways to achieve results. Lend an ear to those around you. You may discover that they have unexpected insights -- ones that you didnt think up on your own.

Bring those strange ideas out of the closet and see how the light of reality affects them. Other peoples opinions matter greatly to you right now. This is understandable. Dont let yourself get bullied into a corner by someone who could be entirely wrong. Practice openness and honesty in order to encourage the same in others. This may be a difficult time, wherein everything feels like its changing. Even old routines no longer seem to sit comfortably. Make the most of these changes by trying the new things that are continually presenting themselves to you.

You are a people person today. The Moon in Aquarius enhances your skills as a friend and a lover. Go out to lunch or take the time to play a game with a group of people outside -- no matter what the weather. People are drawn to you, and, in most cases, you find their company just as satisfying as they find yours. Enjoy your interactions with others and allow yourself to be the life of the party. In the unlikely event that you felt egotistical enough to enter a popularity contest, you would win easily.

You would do best to have Mary Poppins show up and tame your chaotic home with her magic and efficiency. A spoonful of sugar is an excellent chaser for todays bitter medicine. If she fails to appear, put yourself to work establishing agreement and order within the walls of your home. Older relatives may require more attention than you feel capable of giving. Be open to their needs and patient with emotional outbursts. Have faith that peace will finally come, even if it requires more effort than you would have liked.

Today you feel like answers come effortlessly to you. The last pieces of a puzzle fall into place with surprising speed, leaving you with something thats even better than you originally had planned. Others are impressed with the results youve been getting. Those who would normally disagree with you are seduced by your sharp logic and clear articulation. Its a good day to share your big ideas with people who are important to you. Start at the beginning and take your time. They will be impressed.

Your mind percolates with enterprising thoughts and moneymaking schemes. Allow yourself to brainstorm to the full extent of your capabilities, but then sort through your ideas carefully. Out of every twenty ideas, only one is practical enough to implement. Keep your spirits up and elaborate on whatever idea it is that you have chosen. You can put the details aside for a day in order to establish a general outline. Today, making use of your drive is more important than sweating the small stuff.

Whether or not you started it, you are at the center of all the action. Let your high-spirits shine, and you will feel more and more people being drawn into the circle. You may be exhausted by evening, but it will all be in the name of a brilliant day. Good feelings and adventure meet you at every corner -- you only need to open yourself up to the fun. Others find you irresistible. Bring them along for the ride. Your exploits take on a mythical quality at this time.

The Aquarius Moon fills your daydreams with raw invention and uncharted new worlds. You have all the imagination you need to spin this straw into gold -- but take it slowly. Allow yourself to be immersed in your own fantasy world. This is that special dreamy time where your ideas gestate within you. At some later date they will begin to make themselves known in their concrete forms -- but right now it will be hard to get anything done. Dont let it bother you. Take a cool swim in that river of your mind.

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