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Daily horoscopes
27th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The Moon is moving through Capricorn, which may leave you with a slight sense of superiority. You may have to look the other way if you want to maintain your friendships, Aries. Others are not living up to your expectations. People move slowly and do not seem to share your sense of urgency. You will do better if you respect the fact that everyone is different. Try to slow down the pace of a project that has gotten out of control. You may have to contact several people in order to get it straightened out. Trying to do everything yourself will only make matters worse.

You put yourself in the spotlight, Taurus, and your mind imagines all sorts of scenarios. This is a good day for daydreaming about faraway places. The simple mention of a foreign country or culture sends you off on a quick mental vacation. You should get out more and broaden your view. Make some plans to take a real vacation to one of the destinations youve been dreaming of. Do something out of the ordinary with a friend tonight. You are ready for someone to convince you to try something different. Dont worry about what everyone will think, just do it!

Compromise could be the answer to most of your career-related problems, Gemini. When a business partner or associate insists on being argumentative, dont give in to their ridiculous antics. Be flexible in an undesirable situation. If you are patient now, the reason for all these problems will become obvious later on. Make sure you put your best foot forward when meeting with a new or prospective client. Making a good impression on others can only help. Go out and do something fun and unusual this evening. When you find yourself participating in a new activity, do it with enthusiasm rather than fear of failure!

As the Moon travels through the house of Capricorn, your own house may be the subject of some emotional upheaval. A relationship tests your character. Your partners happiness and well-being is a measure of your affect on him or her. Bear in mind that you are dealing with a real person, and not a set of calibrations. If you take into consideration where they are coming from, it may be easier for you to empathize. Be sure to clarify yourself to a coworker or business partner when asked. Anything left unsaid will only mount to bigger misunderstandings. Try to keep a more equal balance between your personal life and career.

Try not to rock the boat too much, Leo, or you may find yourself drowning in your own tears. Your dramatic complaints may be funny now, but they might leave others with the wrong impression. Resist the temptation to lecture someone on their eating or exercise habits. What may seem like innocent comments to you may be interpreted as arrogance by others. Try to keep yourself busy, even if it means doing unpleasant tasks in order to pass the time away. Boredom is an experience of your own creation. Make lemonade from the lemons you are given.

Romance is in the air, and denying it will only confuse matters. You may find that you are becoming attracted to someone who you always thought of as simply a friend. Dont fight those feelings. Sometimes the best relationships are based on a solid friendship. If fanfares and headlines bother you, consider a more subtle approach. Dont worry about going out on a limb to express your romantic feelings -- chances are, they will be returned and then some! Keep in mind, however, that sexual energy is stronger than any plan. If the chemistry is there, it will probably happen naturally.

The Capricorn brings some confusion to your day, Libra, so try to go with the flow. Dont try to stick to your normal schedule or you will find yourself getting more and more frustrated as the day progresses. Your agenda is torpedoed by something far more pressing. Act swiftly to keep immediacy from turning into emergency. You will get back on track later today or tomorrow, once the coast is clear. If you are feeling sad or depressed, count on a close friend to cheer you up. Try to deal directly with a loved one or family member who has done something to hurt your feelings. Chances are, they dont even realize what theyve done to upset you.

Just when you thought you may have to give up, the Capricorn Moon comes to your rescue. Ideas pop into your head that may save a project you thought you might have to scrap. There may be another way to finish what you started. Do your best to make a shared working environment as friendly and convenient as possible. Sharing ideas and opinions could help you work out a key issue. A smoothly running operation is prepared for anything. Tonight, spend some time communicating with long-lost friends. Look up email addresses or browse through phonebooks on the Internet .

This is a great time to finally put yourself on that budget youve been talking about, Sagittarius. Extreme frugality has its appeal. You have a bad moment when you stop to calculate how much time and money is wasted on nonessential things. Putting money aside now could prevent you from worrying about a financial emergency later. It never hurts to have a nest egg saved for a rainy day. Who knows, you may even get used to taking your lunch instead of going out once in a while! Talking to an investment professional or credit counselor could help you prioritize your financial goals. Reconsider your long-range priorities over the next few days.

You could be the recipient of a prestigious award today, Cap, so be on your best behavior. A special honor gives you power. Try not to let it go to your head. Your energy level rises and you have a renewed abundance of enthusiasm for your job. You are surprised at how much easier it is to get things done. Consider ways to make this a permanent state. Feeling successful is only half the battle -- you have to work even harder to maintain your newfound professional reputation. Look to a close friend or a colleague you look up to for advice. Consider joining a mentoring program.

You knew this day would come, didnt you Aquarius? You were just hoping it would happen later rather than sooner! As much as you may hate the thought, it could be necessary for you to assume full responsibility. Remember that with responsibility comes power. The realization that you are accountable for your actions may just be the boost you need to get on with your life. Adding a little discipline and stability doesnt have to mean saying good-bye to excitement. Adapt your mood to the needs of the situation. Go to bed early if you are feeling tired tonight -- tomorrow is another day!

We all have to make compromises, and you arent any different, Pisces. Sometimes it just isnt possible to have the best of everything. A substitute for the real thing becomes acceptable. You may get help where you least expect it later in the day. Someone unexpected comes to your rescue. You are delighted that people are occasionally driven by altruism instead of personal gain. Joining in group activities is especially beneficial tonight. Take a class or join a group of people doing an activity that you enjoy. Invite your friends to share in the learning experience.

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