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Daily horoscopes
24th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Compromise and maybe even surrender could become words in your vocabulary. Sometimes struggling against others just isnt worth the trouble and the price. Letting go is easy once you decide to do it. Losing your temper can get results, but youll have less control over what happens. Other people play big roles in how a situation unfolds. Its easy to overlook the deeper motivations as long as everyone is nice to each other. Respect the rules no matter what you do. Follow procedure, especially when legal documents are the focus.

Money, exercise, personal responsibility -- youve been hearing that same old refrain all your life. Sometimes a person just wants to be free. Take a day off and come back to it all tomorrow with a fresh approach. Revise your list as new possibilities move to the top. If it all seems too easy, perhaps youre forgetting something important. Theres more to life than satisfying your own hungers. Look at your wish list again and see if anything has become possible since last time. A small change could result in a big difference. Novelty for its own sake might quickly become a crutch.

You may have no problem juggling standing commitments, new projects, and spontaneous social engagements. Everything you do today feels like an adventure, and creative activities are particularly favored. Your high profile makes you look like the champion of your cause. As long as the myths about you persist, you might as well live up to them. Private actions are interpreted as public gestures. As long as everyone is so eager to give, you may as well graciously receive. The answer to a pressing question could come to you shortly after you give up hope of finding it. Your romantic potential soars once you relax.

Be tolerant of other people, even those who insist on getting in your way. Someone who is excited about sharing may not realize that he or she is being a nuisance. Reject the unnecessary with great diplomacy. Trust the pure intention behind an imperfect action. Most people are still works in progress. Stay within the formula of someone elses expectations. This is the wrong moment to explain why things may not be working out. Your main goal should be to keep the stress level as low as possible.

Intuition triumphs over intellect. The language of passion supersedes all else. You are likely to do much better in matters of the heart than in matters of logic today. The differences between friends and lovers are minimal. You notice the little things, perhaps more than youre meant to notice them. People tune in to your sharp mind and shower you with their trust. Your heart is big enough to handle anyone. Everyone is polite, sincere, and eager to please. This would be an excellent time for business if you can find someone to discuss it with.

Picture yourself as a musician doing a slow jam, exploring melodic variations around an easy rhythm, and translate that metaphor to your day. Improvise economically rather than splashing out wildly. Try not to step on the other players toes. If you find yourself jealous of what someone else has, imagine what it probably cost. There must be good reasons why you arent keeping up with the Joneses. Consider the ways in which you might be the envy of others. Any angry thoughts you have early on fade as the day progresses. It becomes easier to laugh at and forgive petty behavior. Do what you knew all along was the right thing to do.

Take some time to work on yourself. Stop spreading yourself thin and regroup your energies. Practice a task until you have it perfected, retrain yourself toward a new skill level, or indulge in a makeover. You are driven by a need for success and independence. Do what pleases you. You have the diplomatic skills to say anything to anyone. Even those who disagree with you will be charmed. Trust in your innate ability to attract the people you need and want. Your unspoken invitation is a call that cannot be refused.

You may be aware of a subtext that you cannot read. Dont make yourself crazy playing analyst, cryptographer, or detective. You could be making something a bigger mystery than it needs to be. The clouds will begin to part, letting you see what the stars are really up to. All will become obvious soon enough, and it may not be a big deal anyway. Check your emotional weather report before starting your day. An antagonistic approach wont get you anywhere. Stick with the concepts and leave the tinkering to those better suited for the task.

Anchor your dreams in the solid earth of a relationship. The love and support of others could help you get further than you might be able to go on your own. The less you wander from the path, the quicker your progress. You finally get to try the ideas that have been spinning in your head for so long. Reality differs from theory, but that shouldnt stop you. You still have the faith of everyone whom you worked so hard to convince. Partnerships and teamwork are especially easy these days. You can afford to be generous when others believe in you. Let your natural inclinations guide you toward excellence.

The obstacles facing you could make your job seem futile, and distractions overwhelm your sense of resolve. Force yourself to stay on track. You may be faced with unhappy consequences if you fail to perform and turning in an incomplete or interim version is better than nothing at all. Call or visit someone you know will always be there for you. This is an ideal moment to seek a second opinion. A few friendly words from the wise can save you a lot of waste and panic, so hear and act on an outside suggestion. Collaboration may be the answer.

If you start raving and ranting, keep in mind that people are actually listening. You might find that your temper is short and your tongue sharp. While anger can serve to cleanse the toxins from your system, this sort of healing process might poison someone else. Instead, maybe you should become a student for a while instead of trying to be the teacher. You may feel as if you have much to teach, but you have even more to learn. Knowledge flows both ways. If you keep the discussion on an intellectual level, you wont create any hard feelings. A sense of earnest power spills over into your personal life and heats it up.

You might blame any difficulties today on a relationship, but whats love got to do with it anyway? You could be exposed to forces beyond your control. Forget about your personal life for a while and focus outward. The reasonable approach is to stick with what you know. Dont try to fix things until you have a good perspective. By observing new reactions to familiar actions, you may be able to learn from your situation. Your empathy is a welcome relief to others in need. By doing a little field work, you may hit upon a few solutions to your own problems.

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