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Daily horoscopes
22nd January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You can achieve a lot, so think big. This is your chance to satisfy your thirst for exploration into grand ideas. Start early, so that by evening your plans progress as you hope they will. If you stay focused on one major project, and dont scatter your energy or let yourself be side tracked, you will be sure to complete your to-do list by dinnertime. If you feel a sudden urge for adventure, perhaps this is the time to start planning that well deserved vacation. The more exotic the location, the better.

You may be at the end of a particular cycle, so let go of the old and embrace the new. While you my be undergoing a major transformation, be sensitive to those around you who are resistant to change. Be careful to make sure that something you say is not interpreted as self-righteous or judgmental behavior. This may seem difficult to do at the moment, but it will pay off in the long term.

Lawyers and professional people may want your time and money. What you receive is directly related to what you give, but remember be careful not to give too much. You might drain yourself and your valuable resources in the process. Is there someone else, perhaps a partner, who can help you shoulder some of the seemingly never ending responsibilities in your life? You may be surprised at who is waiting for an opportunity to help.

There may be a change in routine. Instead of letting it trip you up, make the most of an interesting situation. Your energy will be around work or being of service to others -- even a sick pet may need your help. Self-sacrifice and helping those around you is second nature to sensitive Cancers, but be sure to make some quality time for yourself, too. If you love yourself, those you care about will appreciate you.

This is yet another high energy day for Leo. Even if an idea seems a bit outlandish, dont listen to nay sayers. Instead, follow your heart and your gut instinct. Design something special. It could be a new invention, a fashion trend or a way of life. Dont be surprised if people jump on the bandwagon once you get a new and exciting project rolling. When you encounter opposition, think before you speak so that you dont alienate people.

Others may want to rush ahead without first checking the details. Of course you will want to slow them down and take care of the little things. On closer inspection, you may discover there are not really many details to check. Spontaneity is the keyword for today. This is your opportunity to be daring. It may be even more fun than you thought it would be. If you are known as the reliable, but predictable one at the office, do something that will make your office mates see you in a different light.

Use new technology to enhance your communication skills. Youll find that an online chat with your Internet friends will be a great release. People will be open to listening to what you have to say, so feel free to share your views with the world in cyberspace. You may even find yourself an new email pal. At the very least, you may learn something. Do you feel frustrated by the speed of your Internet connection? Perhaps its time to upgrade your modem.

Today is an ideal time to implement new money making plans, and to hone entrepreneurial ideas. Even when you are caught up in the excitement of the moment, be sure to trust your instinct. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some of you may be starting a new job or business venture. This is a very good opportunity for new financial beginnings, just be sure not to spend your money before you get it. Good luck!

This is a good day to achieve your goals and put your plans into action. The answer to a problem you have been facing suddenly becomes clear as day. Go with it, and dont be afraid to listen to those around you whom you trust. Friends and acquaintances may be able to assist you, so listen to their advice.

This is the perfect opportunity to accomplish the seemingly impossible. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to get done if you do things one task at a time. If you make sure all your projects are complete before you start something new, you will be pleased with the results. You will be feeling especially idealistic and high-minded, but be sure to come down to earth long enough to plan something special for yourself.

This is a good day for the Water Bearer! Today is an excellent day for accomplishment and breakthrough. You will have particularly good vision, so dont shy away from leading a group. Others will be drawn to you because of the confidence you display, whether at work or in a social situation. Dont be afraid to speak your mind -- you have points to get across, and today people will respond in an overwhelmingly positive way.

You may have to deal with an issue about your reputation. The details have been missed, so dont jump to any conclusions too quickly. Pay attention, and be aware of what those around you think, especially your boss. Take the high road, and luck will have a way of coming out on your side. By tonight, things will not seem as hectic as they have been the last few days.

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