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Daily horoscopes
21st January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

This is no dreary Thursday for you, Aries! You are feeling alive and reckless, ready to take on new challenges, and even wild risks. Youll do anything on a dare, even if your common sense tells you its a bad idea. Why the outlandish behavior and attitude? You might want to find out! There may be something you need to prove to yourself, and getting to the bottom of that could give you important information about yourself. Whatever you do, try to keep your escapades within the law. Also, try not to do something that is irreversible. No tattoos today!

Its easy to let relationships go without working on them, but they must be maintained, like everything else that is worth having. Try to align yourself with others, at least enough so that you can see their perspective. Differing views, if you are not aware of them, may create problems in a personal relationship. If you share them, you can understand where each of you is coming from. This is a time for tuning a partnership to keep it running smoothly. After youve put in the work, feel free to celebrate your new closeness and maturity with a stroll through a pretty place, or some quiet moments at home.

The presence of unusual stimuli should serve as warning signs. Foreign objects or people in your environment mean that something new is on its way and in store for you. Since youre moving through unfamiliar territory, move slowly and cautiously, and remember that counterintuitive behavior may actually bring better results right now. When youre through being brave, you can reward yourself by returning to the patterns and behaviors that feel safe for you. Dont forget to allow yourself to rejuvenate for the coming weekend. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

You might think of creativity in terms of inventing new ideas or objects, but today your creativity lies in your ability to sense what is important. This takes perspective and good judgment -- or maybe simply the ability to be fully in touch with your intuition, which will never steer you wrong. Expand on an obvious theme and explore its depths. If your business is convincing other people, youre about to become famous, since you are an expert at bringing people over to your side of the fence. If you need to bring a group to consensus, hold back until just the right moment to make your statement.

You may imagine yourself to be one in a million, marching to the tune of your own drummer, but you are as much a part of the network as everyone else. You are not above convention and tradition. Today, you will realize that tradition plays a larger role than you had previously assumed, whether you are upholding or starting one. Individual as you may be, youre still just a link in the chain. For the best results to solving the issues that come up today, put your problems in a historical perspective. What has been done about this sort of thing in the past? Has it worked, and is that what you should do?

Youve got a keen eye for seeing what is wrong in any situation today, and also what can be done to change it. Others bring you their problems because youre so good at solving them. Even the invisible is somehow tangible to you. Take care, however, that in seeing to other peoples problems you are not neglecting your own. Sometimes, taking care of other people is a way of avoiding your own issues, which will only come back to haunt you. Remember that change is your friend, just so long as it happens in a controlled environment. If youre in touch with the changes you are going through inside, youll be better off.

Sometimes you ask too many questions, Libra. Its not always the best thing to know everything about everybody else: Then you become implicated. Curiosity takes you further than you want to go. Knowing a secret makes you party to a transaction beyond your usual sphere of activity. This also places you in an elite set of people that may be resented by others. Be sensitive toward those who are unqualified to participate. At the same time, dont break confidences. Its a lot to juggle, thats for sure! Maybe you should just return to your office and work on one of your own projects.

This is a time of blossoming for you, Scorpio. Whereas before you might have felt powerless and unattractive, youve been steadily gaining in appreciation of yourself, understanding the breadths and depths of your talents. Now, your newfound confidence feeds on itself, growing bigger and healthier with each bite. Youre in love with your own power, but because of what youve been through in the past, you know enough to use it wisely. Watch how everything changes as the ripples spread, and remember to stay in the good long enough to appreciate it before moving on to the next thing.

You have a strong tendency toward avoiding today, Sagittarius, but it will get you nowhere. You could go around the world in a day and still not escape the essence of your problems. An issue of right or wrong has taken root at a deep level, and you will not be able to shake this until you confront it head on, spend some time with it, learn how you feel about it, and what you must do. Calm your restless spirit by listening to what it is trying to tell you, even if that means slowing down your normal pace. It might ask you to do something you are not accustomed to doing. Do it -- youll be surprised at the depth of the results.

Things are inflated for you today, Capricorn, though it could be that youre simply seeing things from a different perspective. Normal events seem larger than life, almost as though they were occurring in a novel or a film. You feel like a character whos being watched by an audience, and youll see other people acting that way as well. Also, you notice connections that might not have occurred to you previously. These could be helpful in getting you what you want, whether its a higher salary, a new job, or a new relationship. Armed with information, you are now prepared to make your move.

Surrender brings peace, but it robs you of your credibility in the business arena. Sometimes it comes down to a choice between the two, and you want to make that choice consciously, before you lose your power and influence. If its too late, dont worry about it. Youre probably being much harder on yourself than necessary. Other people are much less likely to criticize you for the flaws and mistakes you feel are obvious and grave. Try not to begrudge other people for their good moods. Work on improving your own, and youll be well received.

You may find yourself thinking new and radical thoughts. Its in the stars. Try to feel that no idea is too strange to consider. Take a look at what you come up with, turn it over, consider it as a sacred object full of wisdom for you to discover. In whatever you decide to do, take off the velvet gloves and put a little muscle into the job. Your vibrant sense of purpose paves the way for those who may have lingering doubts, and youll provide an excellent example of somebody who is open to new things and dedicated to working hard to achieve them. All of this right before the weekend!

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