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Daily horoscopes
20th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Today you are less sensitive than usual, so beware. You might offend others without even trying. Try not to step on any toes. At all times today, especially in dealing with others, be on your best behavior to ward off any further trouble. A relationship -- perhaps with a family member -- is on rocky ground right now, and the last thing you need is one more opponent to turn the tide against you. Perhaps it would be best to take this day for yourself, and go somewhere where you can be alone. Youll return refreshed and out of the danger zone.

Feeling especially beloved today, Bull? All Bulls are everyones Little Darlings, which might be either good or bad. You could receive some compliments that youve been anticipating, or you experience an outpour of gushing emotion, some of which may be condescending. Its not easy being so cute. Of course, its better than the alternative. Stand up tall, and dont let anger or resentment get in your way of enjoying all of the attention you get from simply being your precious self. If you want, get away from it all and come back when the spotlight is on someone else.

Your negative feelings about a group event may incline you toward sabotaging it, or at least toward expressing your negativity to the group. Dont be the wet blanket on someone elses good time. Put your all into a shared experience, even if it isnt turning out as youd hoped. Surely there must be some small way in which you can amuse yourself. If nothing else, you can step back from it and analyze it from afar, since as a Gemini you find people endlessly fascinating -- and not too hard to decipher, either! The least you can do is maintain a positive facade, for the benefit of others.

What a day! A conjunction of Water Signs somehow creates The Unforgettable Fire. You overflow with love and creativity. You work with unusual speed and determination. This is a time of transformation and memory-making. You can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone, so use this day to the fullest! Go to the park or the mountains. Cook a huge meal. Pick flowers, leap from stepping stone to stepping stone in a babbling brook. Or, stretch a canvas across a wall and fling paint at it from across the room! Theres no end to what you can do today. Above all, enjoy!

When youre in your darker spaces, its hard for you to see the good. Right now, good things are at work for you, but they may be too subtle to notice. Perhaps simply knowing that they are there will help. Or, you can begin to lighten a dark mood by registering and appreciating what you have. In addition, draw attention away from yourself and onto someone else. Try to see things from someone elses perspective, thinking about their needs and desires. Does the world look different, all of a sudden? You shouldnt be surprised that it does! Sometimes being too inside your own head is not the best place to be.

You dont necessarily feel comfortable being the odd person out, so avoid situations in which you will feel different or singled out. Instead, link up with your own kind. Equals work in harmony rather than competition for Virgos today. Your combined forces can shake the world. On the downside, beware of getting addicted to all this power. Sometimes its good to venture into the unknown and feel a little confused -- its just that today is not one of those days. In fact, its Wednesday, midweek. Spending time with those you love will prove more than enough satisfaction for you today.

Did you hear from or about someone from your past? Perhaps a reunion of some kind is in the works. Dont be fooled. A much heralded blast from the past turns out to be an old event or situation that everyone would rather forget. Someone is trying to exploit an ordinary experience, and other people are falling for the bait. It would be a good idea to keep to yourself today. Spend time at home, taking care of things that have gone undone for a while now, and ignore the hoopla in favor of the smaller, simpler pleasures. Dont trust strangers, but stick with those you know and trust.

The animal in you is roaring! Your most primitive urges will drown out the faint excuses from your rational mind. You may feel weakened by lust, but in fact it gives you superhuman powers. By being so strong as to override everything else, it makes you intrepid in the face of the ordinary obstacles. There are no rules right now -- at least, none that matter. Nobody can tell you not to follow your gut, so dont bother listening to anyone who offers advice. You may want to wait until you are home from work to act on your desires, whatever they are! You dont want to start something you cant finish.

You are generally a fairly private person, and theres nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you miss out on wonderful things because you keep to yourself. Today, consider opening the door to what is generally a private room. There is hidden strength in your vulnerability, if you know where to look for it. If you show the right person your deepest self, youll feel less lonely than you ever have before. When its your turn to listen, remember that empathy is better than sympathy when addressing someone who is very different from you. If you can remember feeling that way, youll say the right thing.

It isnt right to think of friends as vehicles to get you what you want, but its always nice when they come in handy. You might be surprised by which of your friends will turn into an influential ally -- it could be someone you hadnt expected at all. Leadership opportunities await, if that is what you seek. Power games are open to you, as long as you do not take them personally. You certainly dont want to step on any toes, especially those of the person who gave you the leg up! Keep your head and wits about you as you climb, or be content to stay where you are. At least youre safe there!

You usually like to stay focused and serene, surrounded by calm. Today, restlessness in the environment disrupts your internal monologue. You might not fully understand your feelings, or why these particular ones have arisen. Confusion works to your advantage, if you play your cards right. Allow yourself to be in the moment as much as possible, and try to discover the source of your confusion. You may learn a great deal about yourself, though the process might be uncomfortable. Your alternative is much less attractive. An impulsive act is very likely to get you in trouble.

Its hard for you to think about just yourself, as usual. Youre always considering the needs of the world around you. The needs and currents of your community resonate on a deep level. You might feel the poverty and suffering in your body, and it makes you sad for the world. Try not to take on too much responsibility for the ills of society, although its always good to work to change them. Beware reality is subject to change over the next few days. Go someplace where you never imagined that youd find yourself.

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