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Daily horoscopes
15th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The Moon is in Libra, which makes this an opportune time to initiate an idea. Now is the perfect time to bring out that secret project youve been working on. Youll be amazed at how easy it is to charm all involved and bring it to fruition. The feelings of others will be especially important to you. As long as you take them seriously, you cannot go wrong. Make sure to take time to have a long overdue heart-to-heart talk with someone in your family. This is a good time to clear up past misunderstandings and start fresh with a clean slate. The key word is forgiveness.

You know how you always want to rearrange the furniture in your house and make everything look perfect? Well, its a good day to spend beautifying yourself or your surroundings. Make plans to put up some new wallpaper, or ask some dedicated friends to help you paint a room a new and refreshing color. This would also be a good day to spend at a spa, or at the salon getting a new hairstyle. Grace, poise, and finesse can be used to the hilt at this time, so whatever you pour your efforts into will be a success, or at least look like one!

Today youll be eager to start things, but wont have the dedication to finish them. This may be a good time to initiate projects that can be finished by others! Your creativity is through the roof, which may enable you to turn your thoughts into actions. Just gather all those ready and willing to help, tell them what needs to be done, and go play! Is this a dream? Since you couldnt possible get everything done on your to-do list, be sure to write all your great ideas down so that you can put them into action another time.

The Moon is in Libra, which can make a typical Cancer rather emotional. You will have some personal issues to deal with today. Sort out your feelings before making any decisions, and dont rush into anything either! Make sure you know all the facts before making any major decisions. Try not to rely on other peoples advice, especially if their past comments to you have been questionable. Time is of the essence today. Dont start any new projects until you are sure you can finish whats already on your plate.

Get up early and enjoy the day, Leo! You will walk in fields of gold, with a richness of color and emotion rippling in your wake. Everyone who comes in contact with you will feel your positive energy. Associates will agree with you, and you have plenty to say. Spend as much time as possible with a close friend or partner. Express your feelings of love to them. Let them know they are appreciated. This is a day to behold the immeasurable power of sincerity. Share your feelings honestly and the favor will be returned.

Youve definitely got the urge to spend your hard earned money today, Virgo! You may be feeling the desire to invest in that shared purchase that seemed too expensive last week. If you balance the obligation, all involved will be satisfied. Make sure your checkbook is balanced correctly before you give in to your buying whims. You might look to close friends for guidance, but you may get it from an unexpected source. Advice today may come in the form of a proverb. If it is intelligible at all, take heed!

Youve been overworked and stressed lately, Libra, and now is the time for you to finally take a break and have some fun. This is a perfect time for leisurely relaxation and intimacy. Dont waste the day by spending it alone, though. You are practically glowing with magnetism and charm. With the Moon in your own sign, you are unmatched in matters of attraction, love, parties, and romance! Now would be the perfect time to get away for a romantic encounter, or to tell that secret crush how you feel. Enjoy to your hearts desire, endless pleasure and delight

Those subconscious thoughts in your dreams may come out to haunt you in the real world, Scorpio. Unconscious motivations may be leading you into some murky territory. You may have a difficult time making decisions because of a nagging sense of suspicion. An introverted, thoughtful approach may help clarify some intense feelings, possibly concerning a partner! If you get stuck on a project, try to toss several ideas back and forth to solve the problem. Patience and balance can make all the difference.

Finally -- a day where you dont have to do everything by yourself! You may have been feeling slightly bogged down with work and responsibilities lately, Sagittarius, but today you get help. Friends will be coming out of the woodwork today to assist you in a number of ways. Dont let your independent nature get in the way. Accept help from anyone who is willing to offer it. You are loved by many, so be prepared for what may take on the appearance of fun! Pay attention to what your family has to say this evening. They may help you make a decision. Be open to their input.

Lots of energy will be focused on social issues today, especially regarding your reputation. You want to impress everyone, and sometimes you lose a sense of yourself by trying too hard to please the people around you. You may find yourself acting how others expect you to behave rather than just being yourself. This may work in the short term but is not a good idea for the long haul. Spend some time alone to figure out who you are and who you want to be. Explore your options. You may want to talk to a close friend or coworker to get some perspective on how others see you.

The Moon is in Libra, and this is a good time to delve into matters of the mind! Literature, ethics, and exploration of human accomplishment will be not only enlightening, but a good way to connect with others on an intellectual level. Try to spend some time away from the normal group of people you associate with. You might meet someone who could provide you with a whole new perspective on a topic close to your heart. A gathering of like minds could be earth shattering. Concentrate on connecting with people rather than acting aloof.

Their may be some indecision among friends and partners today, Pisces. You want to go to the park and they want to go to the mall. Even the smaller decisions may be hard to make today. Its okay to feel a little bit wishy-washy every once in a while. Dont let little details bother you. Be willing to consider all of the options, and then go from there. You will most likely appreciate the outcome either way. Be careful when dealing with financial and legal documents, especially if you have to sign on the dotted line. Stay clear of anything that seems too goods to be true.

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