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Daily horoscopes
21st October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You are ready to move on but part of you cant let go of a recent failure. Look beyond your closed loop and allow yourself to get excited about something else. If you keep your eyes on the rearview mirror, youll never see whats ahead. You can find help if you are willing to look for it, but make sure youre inquiring in the right spot. Dont think of this as the end, as its only the beginning of something you didnt even know was coming your way.

Your feet are rooted to the ground as the best and worst parts of your nature battle for your attention. You want to be the stubborn, lazy hedonist, but you also want to be the charming crowd-pleaser. You wont be getting any help on this one, so your best bet is to make sure that your name isnt attached and that the celebration isnt happening on your front lawn. Others are describing you as moody, but youre not sure why. A jealous streak might be making you a little green, so keep it under your hat.

Your mutability is your best asset when faced with the inevitable. Minimize the stress of a changing world by changing yourself to fit its demands. Going and flowing are your keywords for the moment. Strategies work better than blind reaction today, so do some planning and calculate your best defenses. After your needs have been met, take the time to fortify the assets of those who dont share your expertise.

Forget your usual sideways scuttle and make a beeline toward what you want. Display your emotional baggage as souvenirs that you carry in triumph. If they remain a hidden skeleton, they just may rattle at the wrong time. This is a day of revision and transformation, so make the time to clean out, clean up and wipe down anew. Feeling refreshed and energized, entertain yourself in an old fashioned, silly way. Everyone will laugh at the outcome, especially yourself.

Slinking Lions? There is no room at the inn for your pride today. A simple grasp of cause and effect makes things much easier for everyone, no matter what side youre on. Look to the heart of the matter and listen to your conscience. Rather than pouncing ahead on new and crazy opportunities, you might want to consider that everything old is new again. Listen to your older relatives rather than New Age wisdom. Look out for those plotting against your efforts.

Focus, Virgo. Today you excel at putting things into neat little boxes and the satisfaction of it all has you reeling. Categorizing and classifying are important parts of analysis. Your curiosity takes you more and more deeply into the channels of some great mystery and youre truly enjoying the hunt. Your innate curiosity leaves you fascinated with others, even when the masses are bored silly. Keep your finger on the pulse of the underground.

Libra wants to help others, but at the moment your resources are feeling depleted. Everyone around you seems fixated on material gain and no one is appreciating your many other intangible gifts. Give only what you can afford the less tangible, the better. When cast into opulence, remain humble and tame. By setting a good example and remaining generous, you can show others that money isnt paramount. You know youre a deeper person than that.

Intense desires rule your actions today and youre bound to make some passionate choices. Your cycle between extremes is on the upswing. With the continuing presence of the Moon in Scorpio, you are likely to get what you want as long as you go about it in the right way. Youll find that your energy is high and that youre almost able to cast a spell over anyone you engage in conversation. Take chances in your behavior and appearance and youll be well-received.

The fire burns in your eyes again and theres a certain spring in your step. You are able to laugh about any awkward moves you make. Accept life as a joyous, confusing mess and go about the business of living it. Your sense of humor is your life raft, keeping you afloat in lifes sea of imagination and fears. Dont just ask how also inquire as to why something is peculiar. This is a great time for brainstorming and new initiatives.

The Goat is wise on the climb to the top of the mountain. The rest of the herd comes to rely on your leadership along rocky shores. You guide by inclusion rather than division. Your gift is to make the difficult look easy, encouraging others to conquer their fears. Ensure that you dont abuse this privilege, because you are in a tremendous position of trust and power. Surround yourself with people who share your vision and compliment your energy and enthusiasm.

You are feeling free to slosh your resources in any direction that seems fit at the moment. Your feelings are strong and pronounced for abstract causes, but close personal relationships make you uncomfortable. Thats fine. Keep yourself an active and bouncing member of the gang rather than paired off in a corner. Keep your private life private or youll feel spoiled by the invasion. You do a lot for the community and nothing should stand in your way.

Imagination, spirituality and travel could all be a part of your day. There is a dreamy restlessness about you, a wild current somewhere below the calm surface. You are awash with secrets -- but maybe you can share a few. Come to evaluate your philosophy through your feelings at the moment and take into consideration the events of your world. Motivation will come naturally to you -- follow your instincts.

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