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Daily horoscopes
14th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

An emotional and intellectual storm could be brewing in regard to the state of your romantic life. The time may have come to make a decision you have postponed many times already. Your relationship is about to change, whether strengthened or dissolved. In the midst of a struggle, dont lose sight of what you value the most. If youre part of the problem, move to the other side of the equation and become part of the solution. Being stubborn is likely to make things worse. Clarity brings a sense of elation, even if your choice is not a happy one.

Your coworkers can be fascinating people, whether on or off the job. Learn a little more about a person that you usually see in a limited role. Pay attention to someone whom you usually ignore. Be open to the possibilities. Single people may be opening the door to a potential romance. With the Moon in Libra, you could find yourself fighting off emotional responses. Loud thoughts could distract you from something you ought to notice. Meditation and breathing techniques come in handy. Change the scenery. Moving to a new location or redecorating the old one opens extra channels in your brain.

Give your imagination a workout and take a stab at creating something. Creatures and events of the natural world inspire you. Engineering the genesis of a project is more important to your psyche than following through on it right now because your desire to escape the ordinary has never been greater. All kinds of tempting distractions are winking and leering. Find someone else in the right mood to help you shake things up. You find fun wherever you look for it. The worst that could happen is an overwhelming sense of wonder.

Someones eagerness to move ahead could be causing you problems. Raw data is meaningless without the human element factored in. Pull back and think it through. A conflict will be easier to resolve this evening. If you end up hearing the same old song one time too often, its hard to keep your temper when your patience is running low. Change the music before someone gets hurt. There may be no way out of a discussion youd prefer to avoid. Your life will not improve until you at least try to make things right.

Prepare to experience some moments of pure delight as friendship and romance become almost interchangeable. Meet and impress new people. You can expect loyalty from your followers. Everyone is in a state of happy understanding and agreement. You radiate a confidence that attracts potential partners like flies to honey. A sense of purpose creeps into your general playfulness. You know when its time to stop talking and get back to work. Put your shoulder to the wheel and nudge events a little further in your direction.

When you treat yourself to something special, dont let the opinions of others spoil your delight. If youd been trying to please somebody else, youd have chosen differently. The Libra Moon sends you off in search of instant gratification, but theres no need to tear up the landscape in search of something that you already have. The next few days are more about adapting than acquiring. Pride in what you do is the best reward. Money provides a shortcut to things that once had to wait. Be sure to bring your partner along so that he or she can share in the fun. Quality time comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

A situation today could require your signature, your magic touch or your thumb print. The job wont be done correctly if you let someone else speak or act for you. Putting in a personal appearance makes all the difference. Your love is an all-consuming passion, placing you and your beloved in the eye of a storm. If single, you are destined to fall in love with someone or something. Expect good treatment at the hands of others. With the Moon in Libra, your sensual impulses take on an increasing urgency. Passive acceptance of all of lifes wonders may not be enough. Move out into the territory of the unexpected.

You may need to shut out the world and spend a little quiet time with someone close to block out the mental distractions surrounding you. Tend to what is really important and let responsibility shake its head and wag its finger. The sun burns through the haze, and you know exactly where you are. Vague inspirations suddenly match up with perfect practical uses for them. This is the moment of calm before the storm. A wild and wonderful tempest is about to break over you, stealing your sleep and rewarding you with memories of a lifetime. Do what you can to prepare.

Being part of a group means being part of its process. Your input is a valued resource when it comes to making a decision. Problems can be solved without involving members of the legal professions. Just because you take the intellectual high road doesnt make you a stick in the mud. Energize the masses with your brilliance. People who are stalled always appreciate a push to get them going. The Libra Moon brings out your extroverted side. Find a social whirl and leap into the center of the vortex. You never know who you might end up going around with.

Your reputation may suddenly have you worried. Step back and examine the situation. You may be experiencing a change in your self-image rather than in your public image. The uncertainty youre feeling about your domestic or romantic life may have put you on this shaky ground. Take heart -- the morning fog burns off to reveal a vital afternoon. Any witness will tell you that youre not the same person you were in the early part of the day. A late start is better than not even showing up. It is in your best interest to finish old business before starting something new. Accept help as offered and use it as needed. Sharing the reward is a small price to pay for closure.

Your talkative streak leads you into a dialogue with someone very different. You are too beautiful and smart to hide in the background. Present yourself and your ideas to those who can best understand them. The more people you add, the more interesting it gets. Personal issues become metaphors for something bigger. By the end of the day, your horizons will be broadened. The change youve longed for is finally upon you. In all your wishing, you may have neglected to prepare completely. Enjoy what is happening even as it forces you to improvise.

You move into a new cycle, whether voluntarily or when events force your hand. Your biggest problems could come from resisting the inevitable. Try to keep fluctuating emotions from interfering in business. Your eagerness to cash in on a good deal could lead you to a loss if you are not cautious. This is not a time for sweeping generalizations. Your past experiences might be insufficient preparation for something completely new. Trust in your own abilities even as the situation spirals out of hand. You are able to think on your feet even when everyone else is confused. As long as you dont take on any new business, you can proceed in style.

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