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Daily horoscopes
10th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Youd like to believe a delicious rumor, but you know its too good to be true. The real story may be much less dramatic than you first thought. Wait until you have hard details before you pass the information along. Make sure what youre passing on is the truth to avoid looking like a gossip and initiating tensions. Concentrate on how you communicate internally and examine your tendency to accept what you hear. Your need for fast and easy communication could mean its time to update your computer or at least get rid of old files that slow you down.

Communication puts you in a position of power, and this is a good time to express how you feel. Shy away from heavy long-term stuff. Instead, concentrate on getting things out in the open. By opening yourself up, you open the door to act as an interpreter for someone who has trouble vocalizing their feelings. Dont sidestep the issue at hand. You are feeling indecisive and reckless right now, but that is no excuse for impulse spending. Take an extra close look at the people and things around you before voicing an opinion.

Forget your responsibilities for a moment and loosen up. Youre about to enter a new phase, and you might as well begin with a celebration. This is a great day for meeting lots of people. There are plenty of things going on, and you feel flirtatious. You feel the need to get out there and be around your people, and by all means, do it! This is a great day for generating ideas, but not the best one for following through. Let happiness motivate you to put off those daunting tasks for another time. Youre more suited for having fun, not sticking to routine. No matter what time you get in tonight, write down the details of the days festivities in your journal.

Be sure to say it to yourself before you say it out loud. Some people just dont get the jokes that seem so obvious to you. Dont miss the point of what others are telling you by acting childish. A lot of tasks need to be completed and communication may be misinterpreted. Stay clear-headed and focused on your projects, and over-communicate to avoid miscommunication. If you are irritable and overwhelmed, zoning in on how you communicate will make things easier. You may be more interested in throwing off responsibility, but listen to reason instead.

Your fun times continue. The world is far too exciting a place to conduct any serious business. Take all the energy you make while socializing and intellectualizing and put it away for later. If you are absolutely unable to work today, save even more of your dynamic energy for tomorrows workload. You bring your sunny disposition to teamwork and large groups. People will be impressed with your unique point of view and enjoy being around you. Tell those close to you about your hopes and desires, and listen intently when they reveal theirs.

Make an appointment with your bank manager today and sort out your finances -- many Virgos could give the bank manager a few tips, and youre particularly sharp with money and finances at this time. Its a good day to sign contracts and purchase assets. More income may soon be flowing your way. Make sure youve finalized a plan to maximize your earning potential. At work, you may be about to take on more responsibility, or get a raise. Be ready to assume all required tasks or negotiate the more onerous ones.

Something meaningful can also be fun. A shared experience draws friends even closer together. Find another to share your innermost self with and experience new things. This can be a romantic or platonic relationship, but it is someone youre close to. You can talk about your feelings without even a hint of self-consciousness, which conveys your good energy and nature. Now is a good time for love and pleasure, both emotional and physical. Tell a partner how you really feel and expand their role in your life. Most of all, find enjoyment in opening up to others.

Independence turns to isolation when things start going wrong. Youve learned that no matter how independent you are, there always needs to be someone there for support. Look to others for compassion, but beware of temptation. As eager as you were to free yourself from others, you may want to woo them back. Every arrangement has its price. Make sure this ones worth it. Taking risks may not pay off, so beware of business and monetary transactions. There could be an unusual minor detail that wasnt there before, so examine things closely.

Prepare for major interaction with the new and different. Either a stranger enters your life or someone that you know well behaves in an unexpected way. Watch your dealings with others and keep busy to avoid getting in too deep. There is a lot going on now and you sense someone is all talk and no action. Things are moving fast but going well, assuring you wont be bored. Keep busy but count your blessings, because things could be heading into uncharted territory. Travel to new and exciting places could be ahead.

The facts never lie, but they can be easily misrepresented. Cut to the chase when dealing with intellectual matters. Saturn will provide clarity of thought once youre able to sift through the madness. Stay silent, just in case you trip over your own tongue. You could be attracting flighty people right now, but fight the temptation to join them. Things arent any easier for those who cant take care of themselves. Your apathy and boredom arent getting you anywhere, but looking for a long overdue end eases pessimism. You can get through feelings of doubt by examining whats bringing them out in the first place.

You may need an entire woodshed to sustain the sparks struck by todays romance. The only way to know whether youve met your life partner is to spend more time with him or her. This comes easily for you right now because romance and creativity fill your aura, and everyones listening. You have a knack for creative communication that electrifies conversation. Begin this sizzling affair with surprises and amazing conversation and it cant be long until youre at a new level of comfort. If youre acting on impulse now, it seems to be working.

You could feel swamped by excessive information today, and the noisy clutter is making you crazy. An escapist response may be habit-forming, but thats not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are developing healthy habits. Begin to cope with your overwhelmed state by asking others to please keep it short and simple. Make a short list of items to be accomplished and check off each item after youve finished it. You need something to give you that sense of accomplishment.

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