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Daily horoscopes
9th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You hear a great story, but it might be too good to be true. Sift through incoming information for the facts. Theres lots being said, but it might turn out to be a lot of noise on close examination. Some people are speaking only to hear their own voices. Keep your ears open and your skepticism handy. Connections with others work well today send email or make telephone calls, but keep it light and sweet. A good time to buy that new computer equipment youve been eyeing. A little flirtation never hurt anyone either.

You are impatient with disorganization as a loose structure of ideas passes for procedure. Never one for guessing, dear Taurus, you will have to come up with your own game plan if you want to see results. An emphasis on details would be a good idea, especially with legal documents. Postpone making any legal agreements and making any decisions in the area of finance. Be careful of impulse buying. Talking about your feelings, though, is completely acceptable and will be well received. Spending time with companions will be pleasant.

The Moon is visiting Gemini today, doubling your potential. Opportunities will be coming your way through well-placed connections. Socializing will bring you networking possibilities which you can easily use to your advantage. Ideas are flowing and this is the time to stand up and be heard. Words are filled with power and responses are swift. Be flirtatious and have a great time! You are the life of the party that is life and your wit is especially sharp. Laughter is medicine. A trip may be on the agenda.

Relaxation of a futile effort makes today run more smoothly. An abstract idea suddenly makes sense when the emotional component is factored in. Think with your heart and answers that have so far evaded you will be found. A furious rush of information breaks down into easily managed details as you slow down and pay attention. Youll need to come out of your shell as communication may be misinterpreted. Make a list of tasks that need completing and make a start rather than being overwhelmed into inaction.

You know a good plan when you see it. Cut straight to the heart of the matter in your opening statement. Your powers of persuasion are particularly strong and you are able to steer todays events in the direction of your choice. Your confidence is like a magnet and people are listening. Initiate new projects and you will find obstacles have disappeared. Bring some people in on your unique ideas or brainstorm together. Fit a little socializing in and enjoy interesting connections. Everyone is breathing in your light.

Your best may not be as good as usual today. Listening to advice from others makes them happy, even if it doesnt provide you with the answers that you are looking for. Rest your arms -- your load may be too heavy. Be careful communicating. Things you say may be misunderstood, particularly at work. Pay attention to details and keep your nose to the grindstone. Ignore gossip regarding others --it wont be true anyway -- and keep busy. Use that restless energy constructively.

Make your desires known instead of waiting for that special person to speak first. Your sense of timing is perfect. Staying home today could turn into the most incredible journey yet. This could be the beginning of a whole new adventure that is in harmony with your deepest self. Exciting opportunities may present themselves unexpectedly and new friends could enter your life. An overdue invitation may finally come your way or someone you thought was lost will reemerge. You know just what to say in every situation and you are enthusiastically appreciated.

You could be unusually sensitive to the inherent drama in beginnings or endings. You may feel suddenly vulnerable in the middle of a conversation. Withdraw as much as possible and let the day wash over you. Take a long walk, enjoy a long, hot bath, get into that novel youve been meaning to begin. Soft background music calms you and breathing deeply helps you relax. Tomorrow will be another day and another perspective, so dont believe all you hear. Step out of the way of a speeding quarrel and it will pass you by like the wind.

Today you excel at reading facial expression or hearing the music in a tone of voice. Things which were vague now become clear and you know who your friends are. You can make something happen even by appearing to do nothing. What do you want to do? Consider what an ancestor would have done in your shoes. Its a good time to conduct business as youll come out on top if you pay attention to details. You may have luck at games of chance. Buy a lottery ticket and see what happens.

Some strange things are going on around you and everyone else seems to be caught up in it. Roll up your sleeves and focus on doing what needs to be done. Today is not the day to fish for sympathy. Be there for others. Your day will come soon enough. Keep your mind straight and focus on tasks at hand. Your diligence will be noted and appreciated. Expect some changes at work involving coworkers which can indirectly affect you. Keep a low profile and say nothing. Put your energy toward being productive rather than trying to figure it all out right now.

Your emotions could be so powerful today that they must surely be universal truths. Friends and strangers might comment on the strange light in your eyes. Get out your paints, pen or computer and get it all down as your creativity expresses it all. You might win an award for most innovative. Visionary plans and projects can be hatched today, so find a partner to share ideas with. A surprise may illuminate your day still further. Plan to be amazed.

Your usually perceptive sense could seem to fail you today as you might be feeling a bit confused. Even super heroes need their downtime. Head for someplace safe. Try not to move any mountains until the fog clears. Postpone decisions until another day and try writing poetry instead. Things are changing so fast it is best to watch it all go by. Curl up with a good book and forget about it until tomorrow. It will all still be there, but you might understand it better.

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