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Daily horoscopes
8th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

With the Moon in Taurus, life may seem to slow down a bit from the fast pace of previous days. You could encounter some obstacle in your work environment, though you are close to finishing what you set out to do. Have patience, this will pass quickly. Expect to meet up with some competition, but if you continue to persevere, this will not interfere with your plans. Your hard work will pay off in the form of financial rewards and recognition by others. Clear communication with coworkers can bring you support and cooperation.

This is your day, Taurus! With the Moon in your sign, you are feeling at your best and bursting with energy. Its now or never. A window of opportunity opens onto a life better than the one you have lived up to this point. Grab it while it lasts! Prepare yourself for one of the richest sensory experiences in memory. Today is the day for Taureans favorite things, so give in to indulgences and enjoy yourself. Romance could be heading your way as Venus lights up the day, so put on your best and be ready.

You need both your feet on the ground today and a sack of patience, Gemini, as you may be pitched around by unexpected events. Your road to success is littered with obstacles. Frustration is only natural, but find a way to use it productively. Doing something in a different way will produce different results, so keep your eyes open for clues. See each obstacle as an opportunity to access and utilize your hidden talents and strengths. Clear communication is especially important today. Issues that are up in the air should be confronted.

You are on the inside track instead of being an outsider. As part of a team, you provide valuable input toward a common goal. Others are particularly receptive to your ideas at this time, so you should take the initiative. No idea is too off the wall to be considered today and you will find yourself complimented for your originality. Its a good time to follow through with your intentions. Social situations could provide important contacts and bring new friends. Accept any invitations that come your way, or offer your own. Have a party and charm someone.

You develop a wild impulse to sabotage the proceedings of a slow, boring day. A practical joke at the office would be begging for trouble. Lose yourself in a gaming Web site until you get a grip. Channel some of that restlessness into catching up on unfinished work or creating something new. Use all those bright ideas flashing in your active mind for something constructive that could lead to more of the kind of attention you love. Dont let your ego get in the way, or it could cost you.

Something long in the making is nearing completion. A sense of purpose is your driving force. The last few pieces fall into place as you close in on your goal. Do not distract yourself with plans for the next phase until you finish this one. A lot can be achieved today if you focus on the tasks at hand. Celebrate your achievement later in the day with dinner out at an enticing new restaurant, or plan a much deserved vacation or trip. You may want to think about what it all means, now that you are almost there. You could find an answer that will surprise you.

Libras are known for their attempts to be all things to all people at all times. Your reservoir of goodwill and compromise might be running low, however. Problems with associates that seem to come out of nowhere could challenge your usual equanimity, but if you can withdraw from the fray, a fuller picture will emerge. Prepare to confront your issues about sharing, as a financial issue may come to the forefront with regard to a partnership. You may have to force yourself to let go of something to reach a compromise.

Mirrors are everywhere as you chase fascination down a cul-de-sac. You are drawn to someone who is similar to you, or to how you would like to be or to who you think you are. The challenge here is to meet people on their own terms, free from the symbols you would attach to them. Beware of fantasy blinding you to reality. Pay close attention in a business situation, and dont underestimate an opponent. There could be behind the scenes moves in the make. Do a balancing act between compromise and firmness.

You feel like a Hound Dog, living on a diet of table scraps and sharp kicks. There may be a reason why you have fallen this far down the food chain. Take your self-image out of the doghouse. The Moon in Taurus makes it a good time to take a reality check and examine all of the picture. This is one time when looking at the smaller picture can give illuminating answers. Assisting a coworker could bring something nice your way in return, and paying attention to responsibilities will pay off another day, when youll be on top of matters.

You find yourself heated by the fire of a burning love. Speak the words that come into your mouth out of nowhere. Everything around you seems new and wildly exciting. This is the day to indulge yourself -- get a massage, soak in a hot tub, go for an uplifting walk in a beautiful place or lie on a beach. Open your arms to all the good things coming to you -- you deserve them! You are also feeling especially creative, so let the juices flow in whatever direction they come. Your soul sings.

You are feeling moody today and are not sure why. Are you lonesome tonight? Perhaps this is a good time to stop ignoring the friends and family who care about you and crave your company. Remember that love might be the ultimate cure for everything. Coming down to say hello from your lofty perch can be a renewing experience and remind you of a whole other world. Someone from the past may turn up today bringing memories and stories. You could be surprised at how much you enjoy them.

Sometimes the best value comes in the form of free advice. Other peoples stories enrich your life with things you may never experience in person. Instead of longing for what is out of reach, take those dreams and express them through creative channels, in writing or songs, paintings or poems. A misunderstanding with a friend or coworker could disturb your dreamy space, so make sure you communicate as well as listen. Evening finds you in a contemplative mood. Make a nice dinner, put on beautiful music and watch the Moon. You are inspired by the night.

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