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Daily horoscopes
6th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Pretend to be a tourist in your own town. Open your eyes and ears to things youve forgotten or may never have noticed. A new appreciation for the unexpected helps you plan a surprise for someone else. Draw a deep breath and let the world into your bloodstream. Laugh out loud, take a risk or two and watch the benefits come pouring in. Hard work has never been this much fun and you have definitely picked the right partners for this one. Show them your appreciation. Personal boundaries blur as many people approach a common goal. Sincerity is the order of the day -- nothing less is acceptable.

To stay in control of the situation, show a cool, steady hand and dont let a challenger intimidate you. Steer your course by logic rather than by passion. Change only when you are ready, and not before. Step back and go your own way for a while, realizing that some people wont be convinced no matter what you throw at them. Cooler heads will prevail if you dont turn up the heat by forcing the issue. Asserting yourself too much will only turn you into a target. Try extra hard to recognize the individuality of those around you.

You are the ace facilitator, the on-the-spot advocate, the peace maker. Youre the one they call when they want it all sorted out. Be proud that you are now the acknowledged expert, and take some secret pleasure in the eyebrows you raise with your unconventional approach. You can rely on the support of the people who have believed in you all these years. Allow your twin engines of faith and energy to be your driving forces. By the end of the day, you should have all parties speaking again. But be sure to give others credit for understanding as much as you do. Be aware of gaps in your own knowledge. Its never too late to admit a mistake.

You may be laughing alone if the joke isnt obvious to anyone else, but dont let that bother you. Your sharp eyes are an asset to any team, committee or jury, and plans for the future go forward with renewed optimism. You may not be there yet, though. Promises are good for morale, but the bank doesnt accept them as legal tender. Something can make sense and still not feel right. Maybe you are being tested in a way that you dont fully understand. Stay cautiously positive. At the end of the day, reward yourself for a job well done. A small luxury gives you the feeling of enormous wealth. Giving yourself a reason to smile doesnt have to break the bank.

Your intensity may be too much for some people to handle, but their problem is not your problem. By doing what makes you happy, you attract the right person or people, and everybody wins if your idea of happiness includes others. The world is yours for the taking these days, and the Leo Moon boosts your self-confidence sky high. Your senses are attuned to unusual subtleties. You can interpret everything that happens to you over the next few days as a kind of lesson. Celebrate your strengths instead of obsessing on limitations. Rest assured that those around you know quality when they see it.

You may be tempted to help others at the expense of your own plans. Consider whether someones problem is the real thing or just a cry for attention. Evaluate your own energy level and postpone big plans if you lack the energy to see them through. Your well-being is the most important thing right now, and you find it difficult to stay focused. Pick up the threads again once you can keep them all in hand. Other peoples tics and quirks might prove to be especially annoying. If there is no polite way to explain whats bothering you, you might do much better if you work alone.

Your people skills could make for a memorable day. You are the master of any situation, and nothing seems difficult when youre on the scene. Your opinion carries weight because you show wisdom beyond your age and experience. Youre ready to answer anyone who questions your authority, and disagreements are more about procedure than overall direction. Everybody expects you to be the bringer of fun, and you wont disappoint them. Be open about your personal goals. You may find that others want exactly the same things as you do. Creative collaboration is the key to bigger and better results. If you manage to get some time alone, your creative efforts are sure to blossom.

Your skin may be easily pierced by thorns and barbs that would not usually affect you. If you can see trouble coming, remove yourself from its path. Hide your irritation over someone elses outburst, and find a soundproof hiding place where you can scream a few times. You dont want to surrender, but neither do you want to incur retribution. By the time anyone notices, youll be an elusive moving target. The self-absorption or anger that youre feeling can prevent you from being a healing force in someone elses life. Its too easy to focus on the differences that divide people.

Your social skills are a major factor in your success, and your life seems charmed at the moment. Unlock the door, and step back as it swings open. Ambition or random adventure can take you far, and risk-takers may get lucky. You control nothing, and therefore youre pleasantly surprised by everything. The world is a gift for your education and amusement. You burn bright, loving everyone from the depths of your art. Sheer bravado saves you from a sticky situation. Anyone in search of a hero only has to look your way.

Be prepared to handle a complex financial issue by applying yourself to a problem that no one else can figure out. Your method takes you past the point where others have stepped into careless assumption. To ensure success, take one step at a time instead of trying to top the staircase in a single leap. Others may be more of a hindrance than a help, and you do your best work alone. Besides, it may be hard to trust some of the people around you. Your instincts get you out of a tight spot -- if you pay attention to them. Self-defense is no substitute for a real plan, but it could be the best you can do for now.

You find yourself in the role of adviser for someone elses personal problem. Before you react, realize that a successful relationship between selfish people is impossible. You wear out much more quickly if you approach everything as a conquest. Think about how much you stand to gain through the act of giving. You can learn a lot by advising another, and providing emotional or tactical support proves to be an enriching experience. A partnership or friendship is strengthened after weathering adversity.

Suddenly, and much to your surprise, you are super-organized and far ahead of schedule. Try not to be distracted by your amazement, but ride this trend for all its worth and see how much you can accomplish. Your changeable nature lets you fly in the face of convention. Fixed strategies are for other people. The improbable gradually becomes more and more likely. You start to have a little fun as the pressure eases. You may not be out of the woods just yet, but the trees are resolving into a clear picture of the forest. You may be doing something the hard way, but its unquestionably your way, and yours alone.

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