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Daily horoscopes
5th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Despite your competitive nature, youre happy to share power with any worthy ally who asks. Putting more than one brain into the mix has actually upped the ante on the results that you are aiming to achieve. A brainstorming session breaks through any barriers that have formerly stood in your way. Obstacles seem a challenge rather than a stopping point. Productivity is at an all time high so make the most of the extra energy that is pouring forth. Challenge yourself to ever greater accomplishments.

You might have bitten off more than you can chew this time. Every time you go to have a conversation you may find that your mouth is full and your mind is a bit confused. Take it in little chunks as you try to break it all down. When it comes to true meaning, the official definition is inadequate. Do some research on your own in order to determine a meaning that works well for you. Bureaucracy and red tape may try to block your progress. If you dont like surprises, you could be in for a rather long day.

The bridge between ideas and results is an unusually short one. You make it a sound structure and one that is retrofitted with all of the proper components. You have no trouble getting friends or associates to go along with your schemes. This is due to the fact that you have the best interests of all involved on your agenda. The world is your playground for the moment. Every once in a while be willing to call recess so that everyone gets a break during the day. Just be sure to be back hard at work by the time that the second bell rings.

Whats obvious to you may have to be translated into language that others can understand. You find that you know more languages than you ever anticipated. Simplifying your statements makes it easier on anyone involved in the transfer of information. Your team members are lucky to have you and you are lucky to have them. A support system has been created that is a rare commodity. Bounce a bit in the safety net just so that you are reassured of its existence. Celebrate privately if you dont receive the praise that you deserve.

Youre too hot to handle and too cool for school. You will be quite pleased at how on fire you feel. On this day of extremes, you radiate glory and attract a following. Be sure to think before you lead anyone blindly. Luckily, your intuition acts as an amazing guide your road ahead. You wont let anyone or anything stand between you and your desire. Set your sights on your end goal and work your way through piece by piece. The bigger picture is key to coordinating all of your efforts the details are likely to bog you down.

Your privacy is important to you. You know how to keep the balance between peaceful time alone and avoiding loneliness. You breathe a sigh or relief at the sound of a closing door. There is no need to look back, just keep your head high and keep your sights on where the sun may rise. Be subtle in your reclusiveness or you could alienate others whose company you might one day crave. Youll find support from a group that gathers around you when you need it most. Let someone in who has been knocking.

Your sound advice and empowering words come out with an extra flash and dazzle. You may be taken aback at the impact you find yourself having on those who stand to listen to you speak from your soapbox. Let the feedback you receive amplify your own brilliance. Your presence may be more daunting than the details of what you are actually saying. The big picture can catalyze ideas above and beyond your control. The state of your home is a statement of who and what you love.

Someone has a legitimate concern about the goal that youre pursuing. An explanation that reveals the passion that is your catalyst may dent the doubt. Your authority isnt being questioned, so dont make it an issue. Keep your sights set on what you aim to achieve and dont get distracted by the hoopla around you. Tempers are likely to flare in a heated debate. Douse the flames before they get somewhat out of control or at least stay out of harms way as they start to pursue your path. Keep your voice low and your language neutral.

The Leo Moon hosts a few days of discovery and enlightenment. Go where your urges take you instead of fighting the direction with disclaimers. There are more right answers than just true and false. Jump into the gray area and swim around to see what you can discover. Without the cut and dry distinction, your eyes open your mind up to a whole new scene. Sagittarians know all about luck, but its hard not to feel especially lucky right now.

It looks as if youre in charge of saving the day once again. If you let your cape fly too freely though you may find yourself all caught up in its fabrics. Know that it is there without playing your theme song every time it is necessary. Keep repeating yourself, and sooner or later people will actually hear you. Make sure that your message is precise and perfect for your audience. Empty words are nothing but a disappointment. Try not to antagonize over one individual who made a mistake. What goes around comes around. How can you make it better from here forward?

Try not to puncture happiness thin veil with too many questions. If it rips what it discloses may change your mood accordingly. Instead match your mood to the happiness and do your best to pursue what helps you achieve this status. Any argument that you start is likely to become circular. Youll end up right where you started with little desire to try and prove the same point again. The walls and railings are here to protect you rather than to confine you. Use them at all times even though you may feel self-sufficient.

Reality annoys you, but at the moment its all that there is. What you try to avoid now will come back to confront you in good time. You have the power to create your own reality but be wary of dabbling too much in delusion as you proceed with this process. Even as you push at your limits, understand that they may be protecting you from something harmful. Youll appreciate the reasonable boundaries when you eventually look back. Your current problem could be better solved from within.

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