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Daily horoscopes
4th January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The Moon has moved into Cancer, Aries. You may have a deceiving sense of high energy. You accomplish a lot, but it may be at the expense of someone elses good will. Clean your home or office as an outlet for feelings of revenge or a means of regeneration. Remember that everything isnt always as it seems. Even sharp looking people feel dull. Dont let jealousy get in the way of a possible new friendship. You may find yourself having to deal with an uncomfortable family situation toward the end of the day. Dont suppress your true feelings -- let them out!

You could become the ruler of Wall Street as the Moon rests in Cancer, a financial genius among your peers. This is the perfect time to make those investments your broker has been urging you to make. As always, though, pay close attention to the fine print. Make sure that you arent taking too big a risk for a minor payback. Your charisma hits a welcome high note. Everyone is talking about you, and all of it is good. Do not forget your family in this moment of glory. If you express romantic feelings toward someone, the favor is sure to be returned!

Something just doesnt seem right, Gemini. As the Moon enters Cancer, you may be feeling a bit down on yourself. Bad connections and near misses put you in a bad mood. You might have trouble finishing what you start. Avoid biting off more than you can chew. Dont worry about impressing someone at work -- you will eventually be rewarded for all your efforts. Emotions are running high, so try not to take it all too personally. You may be distracted by material items. Thinking about everything you dont have will only frustrate you. Concentrate on getting through the day, and spend tonight relaxing in a bubble bath.

The Crab is on a roll, so everyone better get out of your way! As the Cancer Moon comes into view, everything is running as smooth as possible. Communication flows, and all the computers in your vicinity miraculously behave themselves. This is a great time to send email and post to all those news groups. Doing research on the Internet is also a breeze. Use some downtime at work to bask in the greatness of your life. Rank your priorities. Celebrate that which is nearest and dearest, and plan to give away the rest of it. Being assertive will get you something you deserve.

Expect to plunge into the soap dish of relationships that define the human condition. Go beyond pride and sensitivity to appreciate the humor of our situation. Share jokes only with those who can appreciate them. Deep thoughts will most likely rule your free time. Contemplating the meaning of life with someone you just met could be interesting. New points of view should be welcome. Dont let your pride get in the way of a situation at work, Leo. We all need a little help from our friends once in a while. Admitting your weaknesses can bring you closer to a family member.

Your popularity is apparent to everyone, Virgo. Friends are hanging on your every word -- be sure that you speak with enough substance to support their weight. Dont talk simply to hear yourself talk. Dont be hesitant to express your true feelings -- a loved one has waited a long time to hear how you feel about them. Positive thoughts result in highly charged ideas. Now is a good time to act. Your sense of extended family is strong. Plan to attend a family gathering. Your energy level isnt as low as you think it is. Your support means a lot to someone.

Mind your manners, Libra! Your reputation could be on the line if an authority figure becomes impatient with you. A calm approach is the best way to handle an uncomfortable situation. Do not let your emotions take over. This isnt a good time to make any major changes, especially where money is involved. Double check your resources before entering a negotiation. Dont sign any legal documents without getting a professional opinion. Tonight, you may have a need to connect with people. Go out to dinner with close friends, or call a sibling you havent spoken to in a while.

Your mind wanders from its appointed rounds, and you may have trouble summoning it back. Daydreaming can be a way to solve problems -- listen to what you are trying to tell yourself through images. A friend shares a secret, adding a new twist to the plot. Listening to your intuition could guide you to a new experience. Take a trip, or eat at a new restaurant. New scenery reminds you of something in your past. Try not to control yourself too much, Scorpio. Its okay to let go once in a while. Life is wonderfully complex and rich with mystery.

You may have a false sense of luck, Sag. Dont listen to your instincts when it comes to financial matters. Save your money -- you are unlikely to win the lottery. In the absence of investment capital, spend some time reviewing your systems. Efficiency is a better bet than luck at the moment. At work, make sure you remain flexible. Someone in a position of authority has their eye on you for something of importance. In your spare time, meet with people who have the same ideals as you. You have a need to feel loved, so spend the evening with friends who support you.

Take a walk on the wild side, Capricorn. You feel the restless lure of The Ghost and the Darkness from the comfort of your sunlit day. An unlatched door sways in the wind, beckoning you to drop everything and explore the unknown. Use this mystical energy to break down some tangible barriers. Resist the urge to remain in control of a situation -- sometimes its best to go with the flow. There are several issues at hand that you will need to solve before you can get on with your life. Look to someone you trust for guidance and support. Try to take constructive criticism gracefully.

Break out of the mold, Aquarius! As the Moon enters Cancer, let your life get a bit disorganized. You can always put it back in order tomorrow. Dare to do something not on the list today. Reach out to a stranger, assuming the best. Dont let negative feelings get the better of you. Prepare to live with the consequences of an impulsive action, no matter what they are. Deal with any health issues that are bothering you. Now is not the time to procrastinate. Spend some time thinking about incorporating a new exercise plan or diet into your routine. Dont overreact to someone who is trying to stir up trouble.

Today you are The Time Guardian, as you hold the keys to travel into the past and future, or to simply freeze the moment. You may find your mind wandering -- thinking about someone in your past may spark enjoyable memories. Planning for the future is favorable. Its never too late to accomplish something wonderful! Love is in the air, so leave yourself open for new and exciting possibilities. Meeting someone new could lead to a fun evening. You are an expert in romantic matters, but there is no need to brag about it. Playful disguise is favored. Practice the art of being subtle.

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