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Daily horoscopes
3rd January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

With the Moon in Scorpio, strangeness has all but invaded your life. Watch out for your temper. Something that may have been easily forgiven a few days ago may set you off today. Be wary of aggressive behavior in others. You may find yourself in a bigger fight than you can handle. When in doubt, keep quiet and keep moving. Find comfort in small releases of pent up anger. Digging in the garden might be helpful, or getting lost in a good book could ease tension. Fears are more easily expelled when you realize the powerlessness you have over the situation.

A cold front is expected today. Be sensitive to the feelings of others. A casual remark or a senseless joke might deeply offend someone. On the other hand, a risque attitude could make you the life of the party. Remember, the times you are most impressive are the times when youre not even trying. This is a time to ride a good feeling. If you feel in sync with those around you, relax and let your feelings and self-expression show. If, however, you have a sense that your timing is off, you could get egg on your face. Listen for clues, and pay attention to an objective opinion.

This is a day to find happiness in your everyday habits. No giant revelations, bolts from the blue or brilliant brainstorms are in the forecast. Taking the time to smell the roses or wander down the road less traveled will start you out on the proper footing. Put your fears aside and enjoy life to the fullest. Someone may try to bait and hook you, but resist the pull to become involved. Your higher self is telling you to detach and let loose. Dont apply your pickiness to what you see as the faults in others. Easy as it is to point the finger, strength comes in forgiveness of self as well as others.

A vast, comforting sense of calm fills your day. Spend part of the day bonding with your family. Teaching with love, no matter what the lesson, enhances an educational experience. If you live alone, surrender to your inner child. If they just wants to putter around and make mud pies, let them. The kind of abandon that comes from freeform play informs even your most intellectual pursuits. Let your heart guide you, rather than your head. Answers to complex questions may emerge from the most unlikely places, so keep your eyes and ears open.

You might show your hand in a delicate matter by being too eager. Misunderstandings arise from being on different ends of the spectrum. There may be no black or white, just a whole lot of gray. Others see a small gaffe you made as a big reason not to trust you. You are right to apologize, but dont expect your apology to erase the discord. Even if you had no intention of hurting someones feelings, this is a time for mending fences, and for moving on. Time will smooth the ruffled feathers. Extending a hand to someone in your family will change the whole perception of the day.

You are light on your feet and comfortable in your body. This may be a day to travel inward and see what innovative ideas pop to the surface. The sound of your own words makes you feel confident and seem wise. You grant yourself the right to take in complements without negating them. You are an eager facilitator helping some larger process come to pass. Being part of a whole feels expansive and comforting, even though your need for privacy may give you the green light to isolate. Trust that there is something good for you on the other end of an adventure.

Find some stability today Libra - even if it takes letting extremes balance each other out. If happenstance lands you in unfamiliar territory, keeping a level head will help you find your way. You may find your material side at odds with the loud voice of your values. This familiar dialog usually masks some less accepting part of your character. The strong desire for an item, or for things to go your way, may be tempered today by knowing that your feelings of need or entitlement will subside if you ride them out. Youll find fulfillment as everything unfolds in its proper time and place.

Confidence has a feedback effect, amplifying each time it loops around. From the moment you wake up, think lovely thoughts, especially about yourself. Hopes and dreams seem closer to becoming reality today. You can stand alone if necessary, but you will be able to attract a kindred spirit or a whole entourage if you want company. Certainly you dont need anyone to speak for you. Pull out all the stops on your self-expression. The background is celestial and your melody harmonizes with the universe. Success comes in whatever form you want it.

On the surface everything may seem fine, but be wary of sudden disturbances in the field. Little annoyances may get under your skin, and some provoking people may want to get a rise out of you. Detach and shine them on if you can. Setting firm boundaries will gain respect, and you will feel a clear sense of your own priorities. Your energies are drawn inward today, and coworkers or friends may judge you as aloof. By the end of the day, your old sparkle begins to creep back into that passive demeanor. Finally you understand a joke that went over your head earlier.

You could surprise everyone, including yourself, when you throw caution to the wind. Your forward motion makes falling down impossible. As the Moon enters Sagittarius later in the day, you will be flooded with a feeling of loving acceptance. Let spontaneity lead you -- you will be delightfully surprised. It is a good day for decision making, but be sure to look at all the details.

The official word isnt necessarily the most comforting one, and you may be forced to swallow some demand that you werent prepared to handle. If the system appears to be failing you, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. The Scorpio Moon favors socially useful actions. Panic benefits no one. Though there is that tendency to lose control, especially if you feel personally wronged, weigh the options before going down a one way street. If you have to backtrack, you may find a lot of resistance. Remain organized in the face of chaos.

You are dragged out to sea in a rip tide of deep passions and restless ecstasy. However, becoming overwhelmed with the flood of feeling doesnt pull you under. This state of being is practically second nature to you now. Dont fight the murky waters, and dont lose hope in finding your way. Dreams break through the thin membrane of your imagination and interact with the waking world. Guidance that you are unaware of will lead you to more solid footing. You are what you believe today, so be as kind and gentle to yourself as you would be to a beloved friend under a magic spell.

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