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Daily horoscopes
2nd January 2001
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

It might be hard to concentrate with everything thats going through your mind, Aries. You feel the call of the wild today, but it is unlikely to summon you anywhere useful. Try to get your responsibilities taken care of early in the day so that you can do something fun later in the afternoon. Irresponsible friends may get you into trouble. You know the difference between right and wrong -- dont let them lead your down the wrong path. You are better off as a leader than as a follower. Dont worry about hurting someones feelings by saying no tonight. Their disappointment will subside.

This might not be the right day to take charge of everything, Taurus. Check with others before you make the sweeping changes that seem so logical. What seems obvious to you may not be so clear to them. Someone else may have a different idea that is just as good to hear. Try not to be obnoxious in your enthusiasm. Belittling other peoples opinions wont make you or anyone else feel good. Be on the lookout for strange behavior from a close friend or colleague. Someone may be trying to get a rise out of you by acting weird. Let them know you can see right through their ridiculous antics.

Throw away your precious datebook today, Gemini, because you wont need it. It may be impossible to stay focused on scheduled events. Bigger things are happening, and you want to be a part of them. Try not to focus on what youre missing, but rather or what you are experiencing right now. Live in the moment. Let your emotions sweep you off your feet for a while. Give someone a chance to know you better. Letting your guard down doesnt necessarily make you vulnerable. This is your chance to start something wonderful. You need this experience. Say yes, and dont look back.

You might be wondering why no one ever listens to you, right Cancer? You are unhappy with the way a group decision has gone after you put in your two cents. Try to shake off your disappointment, even though your feelings maybe hurt just a bit. Look at it this way: If everything always went your way, life would be boring. Take this lesson with you to the next phase. Your cooperation is needed in order for this project to be successful. Tonight, try not to let your emotions rule. If a family member insists on teasing you, react with a witty remark rather than tears.

For most of the day, you dont know whether to laugh or to cry. Elation and frustration are almost interchangeable. Everything seems to be going in the exact opposite direction of your plans. Some of todays surprises may be awful, but others may be awesome. Its best to accept the fact that you cant control things and move on. Be on the lookout for someone who wants to assert their authority. A compromise can be reached if you agree to meet each other halfway. If you feel that a partner or close friend is clinging too tightly to your relationship, try to think of a gentle way to approach the situation.

It will be hard to get a moments peace today, Virgo. Other people are going to interfere with your schedule, so you might as well get used to it and give them your full attention. Try to rearrange your schedule so that you can take time to meet with coworkers or employees who may need your help. Your suggestion makes a big difference in someone elses life. You should do this more often. At home, this is a good time to rearrange furniture or clean out cupboards and pantries. Reorganization will allow you to take inventory of what you have and what you need. Planning ahead is advised.

Its time to switch off that stony exterior and let others see your emotional side for a change. The Moon has moved into the house of Aquarius, and expressing yourself should come more easily than in the past few days. Get in touch with your emotions, and see how that affects your dealings with others. Many people open up in response to your approach. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was on this wavelength. Chances are good that you will make an intellectual connection with someone you work with closely. Whether or not that relationship moves in a different direction is up to you.

Just when you thought it was over, an unwelcome surprise comes your way. You may need to revisit a problem that you thought was solved. Chances are, it wasnt your fault, but you are left with the cleanup anyway. Luckily you are an expert at controlling possible damage. Make sure you are aware of possible motives. Someone in a sensitive position is out of control. Stay in close contact with everybody involved until its been settled once and for all. Problems at home may get out of control if you dont deal with them immediately and directly. Avoid emotional outbursts at all costs.

Make room for new friends today, Sag, because the Aquarius Moon draws them to you. Acquaintances cross an invisible barrier into friendship. Someone you never considered as a friend surprises you with a good deed. Luck and chance are with you for some crazy, normally impossible happening. Dont ruin the moment with skepticism. This is the real deal. Everyones unique characteristics come to the forefront. Tonight is the perfect time to throw a big party to celebrate the days events. Call on friends to help with the preparations so that you can enjoy the festivities along with your guests.

Keep your eyes and ears open for exciting new possibilities. A unique opportunity catches your eye and starts you dreaming. Its never too late to plan for the future. You may not yet be ready to decide, but your list of possibilities is growing. Dont let yourself get pressured into acting before youre ready. Your intuition works best when there is no pressure involved. Be extremely cautious of something that seems too good to be true, especially where large sums of money are involved. If you have to say no this time, dont worry -- something bigger and better will come along soon.

This is your day to shine above the rest, Aquarius. Show them all what youre made of! Aquarians who work in sales and advertising will be especially hot today. Just in case your experimental approach doesnt knock their socks off, your charisma is sure to do the job. Those in other professions will excel in leadership roles. The Aquarius Moon turns you into the radical who can make a difference. When you lead, others follow. Your personal life will be affected in a similar manner. When friends come to you for expert advice, dont disappoint them.

Be careful that your priorities dont get rearranged in all the chaos today, Pisces. Mixed signals may distract you from what is truly important. When sorting it all out, go for the substance instead of the excitement. Rely on your intuition to get you out of a bind when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Financial issues come into the picture later in the day. Avoid impulse buying. Try to think of something fun to do tonight that doesnt involve draining your savings account. The less expensive your fun, the better off you will be.

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