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Daily horoscopes
20th October, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You may be ready to drive off at full speed today, but it would help if you knew the directions to where youre going. The seat may not be adjusted to fit you just right and the space in the trunk isnt likely to be able to hold all your necessities. Be wary of letting road rage rule your driving experience. Stay in the slow lane and let the aggressiveness pass you as quickly as it wants in the fast lane. Change a plan instead of scrapping it altogether. Open up your ears and your heart to let someone else into the picture.

Embrace the truth and welcome it with open arms youll feel much better. Set any falsities aside and show the lies the way out. Youll have no time to dabble in an environment that is not a reality. Doors begin to open for you, whether as the cause or effect of your sudden outburst of honesty. Deep emotions could persuade you to act somewhat moody, but you are best if you keep these sways to yourself. Relationships with others can only benefit from your new attitude. People will respect that all of your cards are on the table when deals are being dealt.

Intellect and emotions are part of the same continuum. They will flux and merge until their boundary lines have been redefined into one big blur. Take advantage of this: Go with your gut and lead with your heart. They will both be well informed by whats in your mind. Know that you may not be able to stop some things from happening, but at least you can see them coming. Youll be one step ahead with the insight of what is coming down the tracks. You have a few days to turn this perception into a useful skill.

Let your fancies fly and your dreams dictate your actions. This is your day for fun, whatever that means to you. Play at love, play at art or just play in the sandbox. Create castles that no one can ever tear down or take off your shoes and go barefoot to let your feet feel every inch of what you walk over. Laughter and creativity at home rejuvenate you better than an expensive vacation in an exotic locale. Youll be able to make the most of any action you choose to undertake. Let your excited feelings be released.

You might end up repeating yourself more than youd like, but everyone is interested in what you have to say. Youll think you sound like a broken record, but the repetition helps others when it comes to memorizing your message. A family issue could simply refuse to go away. Dont try to brush it under the rug, as youre likely to trip on it every time you walk by. At least you have a captive audience for your wisdom, so dont waste the time that you have been allotted. Pay attention to your ego and the input that its asking you to consider.

Your personal radiance inspires the people around you. You exude positive energy in such a way that others cant help but feel infused. Success or romance feels like a foregone conclusion. The two can be combined as a powerful duo. Filled as you are with questions, you have nothing to hide in your pursuit of the answers. The pursuit will actually be the most fun. You are likely to end up with answers you had never considered due to the experiences that you encounter along the way.

Someone you dont know well may be a little overeager to share what you have. Make sure that they are sharing their wealth equally as well. Balancing this is in both your best interests. There is no use holding a grudge when you can discuss the options. The motivations of others should be your first concern when making new friends. Be aware of those who like you for who you are as a person and not for the possessions that accompany you. Material possessions may be a source of irritation.

Happiness shorts your circuits and your body feels all aflutter. You could surprise yourself with words from the heart that bypassed your brain on the way out. Sometimes this shortcut is the best way to go -- it definitely will get you to where you really want to be a whole lot faster. Everything cant be guided by logic and you are likely to enjoy the wandering ways of your thoughts and actions. Nobody minds when everyone feels the same way. You may actually encourage others to let their dreams take flight.

Tune out the world around you and explore that fascinating labyrinth within. Allow yourself to get lost in the mazes that swirl in your world. Dont let the occasional dead end stop you in your tracks -- these will force you to examine the process that led you to a halt. You can learn a lot by asking yourself hard questions over and over again. Consider all of the options that you come up with. Fresh answers for tomorrow will make what may seem like a slow day worth your while. Keep them stockpiled for distribution at a later date.

You thrive in friendly company. Surround yourself with those who make you happy and those who are willing to support you every step of the way. Experience a cultural event with people who are capable of discussing it in great depth. Youll appreciate all of the finer details and will be able to debate in depth in a way that will explore your introspective powers. If your extracurricular activity includes coworkers, try to keep the shop talk to a minimum. Youll discover a whole new side to someone by focusing on their world outside of work.

You could want to be alone, but it may not be as easy to reclaim your personal space as it once seemed. Slow things down in order to get there more quickly. Although it sounds contradictory, it makes more sense than it seems. Sensing your weakness, others might seem ready to prey upon you. This, though, relies on the perspective of all of the players involved. You will never even come close to being defined as an endangered species. Take care of yourself today, even if it means losing a little ground.

Your mental vacation has taken you to a place far away and youve returned quite refreshed. Its time to act on some of those strange ideas that have been brewing during the last few days. You were right to let your imagination get the best of you and now, when you cut off any outsiders, youll have quite a plan with which to move forward. Dont lose your sense of your dreams when the daily routine kicks back in. Your idealism will be contagious.

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