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Daily horoscopes
31st December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You may have thought you could easily impress someone, but its harder work than you imagined. The powers that be are unusually demanding at this time. Patience is your most valuable ally. Slow down, and think about how your words might be interpreted by others. Your reputation will be judged by everything you say. You have the power to accomplish a great deal today, but only by staying grounded and facing challenges head on. It may be difficult, but you can do it.

Not only can you impress everyone else, you might even exceed your own expectations. The world beyond your daily life opens up invitingly. Something new and different is well within your means. Make plans and stick to them. Head out and see something new -- there is adventure out there for you to experience. By taking some personal time for yourself, things become much clearer. Your point of view may change on something. Thats okay, you can benefit from seeing things from anothers perspective.

You may have problems working with other people right now. Everyone seems eager to shift the responsibility onto someone elses shoulders. Communication will be strained, so dont be afraid to work alone if it feels necessary. The intentions of coworkers may not be totally clear, and you will want to avoid getting caught up in someone elses hidden agenda. If a project is headed for self-destruction, bail out early and spend some time by yourself.

Your world only seems perfect. A thin veneer of satisfaction hides a deeper disturbance. Address this imbalance now, or expect an unwelcome surprise farther down the road. Choose your words carefully, though, as people may misinterpret you. Try to stay balanced instead of feeling really good or really bad. A problem at work will not go away on its own, so be prepared to deal with it, even if you want to avoid it. You may not want your feelings to come out, but that is the only way to get anything resolved.

Feeling good about yourself doesnt always have to be shared with all those around you. While you may be doing a great job of keeping your mind and body healthy, dont feel the need to boast about it to your coworkers. Arrogance is never appreciated by anyone. Take a moment to listen to what others may need, and you may just be able to help them. Its great to show enthusiasm and feel confident, but youll impress others much more by doing it in an understated way.

You hit your stride. Strategically planted seeds begin to sprout on schedule. You have fun blowing peoples minds by making the impossible look easy. Dont think others arent noticing -- they are. Your confidence is extremely attractive, and someone at work may begin to make romantic overtures. Go with it. Youve been working hard, and there is nothing wrong with getting a little payback for your efforts. Good days like this dont always come around, so be sure to try and make the most of it.

If others are looking at you with funny expressions, stop and listen to your words. Someone or something may have shaken you up more than you realized. Dont do anything that you might later regret. Depression is temporary, and you dont want to damage your future because of some dark clouds. If you feel weird because others are not getting your point, put off confrontations for another day. Not everything needs to be worked out today. Get your own house in order before an authority forces you to.

Put more trust in your instincts than in what the salesperson says. You could hold your own in any used car lot. Be sure to drive safely once you get your new purchase out on the road. Initiating plans is a good idea, but open communication will help you avoid accidents down the line. Your boss is in a good mood, and with your powers of persuasion, you can get what you want today. Dont be too selfish, though -- today is a great day to work with others and get all opposing views on the same page.

Your thrifty mood leads you to consider some of the financial options available. It may be possible to have just as much fun at half the cost. Use your people skills to help you get the best deals. You may discover that, in fact, the things you really enjoy dont cost much money at all. Save those pennies for something that really matters, instead of spending them frivolously. By being financially conservative today, you will open up a world of options for yourself down the road.

Days like this dont come around very often, so take full advantage of it. You can accomplish more in one day than most people do in a full week. This is a great day for plans to come to fruition, and coworkers will notice this. Dont be too shy -- you accomplished something, and you deserve all the credit. Make a point of communicating with someone you have been trying to impress. People are drawn to you by your positive energy, so make sure to use it in any way you can.

You are so concerned with the prospect of winning that you forget the little things that make it possible. Look deeply at the way it all works, and memorize the circuitry. Self-discipline is crucial to your success. You may want to charge forward and make your point of view known to all, but often the words not spoken carry the most weight. If you are not sure why things around you are happening, fight the urge to speak up. Instead, try to listen to the subliminal dialogue in your head. You have all the answers, if you just look for them.

Everyone may be cooperating, but the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders. Set aside any leadership issues that might interfere with completing the project. Even if you are convinced that your ideas are the best, sometimes the group may need something else from you. Your coworkers may have more insight than you are giving them credit for. Particularly pay attention to what superiors have to say. You can get a good deal of help from unexpected friends in high places.

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