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Daily horoscopes
27th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Unfinished business continues to crack its whip over your head. Why torture yourself with further delays? Youre programmed for success, not failure or mediocrity. Get moving right now. By staying grounded and keeping your eye on the task at hand, you will avoid fighting battles that are impossible to win. If things seem like they have gotten out of hand, stop and take a deep breath. You can do this.

Your financial resources look favorable. This is a good time to solidify your plans. If your ideas involve other people, make your presentation immediately. You may surprise them, and even yourself. An experience you thought was out of your reach is suddenly within your grasp. Go for it. You will find that by keeping your feet on the ground, you will be able to reach the stars.

If youve been holding something back, today is the day to let it out. It may be in business or a relationship, but you cant continue to guess at what the other person is thinking. Get it out in the open, and dont be afraid to end up alone at the end of the day. Its better to know where you stand. Dont worry about where blame may lie- everyone has their own opinions, but the only one you need to worry about is your own.

Your sense of purpose may be fragile. Others may misinterpret your intentions, so put them in writing to give them greater weight. Putting this off will only compound the problem. Your world may seem perfect, but that veneer is fragile and hides a disturbance just below the surface. Although this may seem like a struggle, a little effort put forth will help you avoid an unwelcome surprise down the road.

If you need to do something interesting, go help someone else. Volunteerism makes you feel good, and look good as well. Playing the good guy comes naturally to you, but dont let it go to your head. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself, but be careful to keep your ego in check. Staying humble impresses those around you more than you may realize. Dont seek the spotlight, and it will have a way of finding you.

You are determined to have fun. What many dont seem to realize is that you can change your attitude without affecting your range of activities. Stick to the job at hand, but party your way through an otherwise boring routine. You will be amazed at how people respond to this kind of approach. People notice, and they want to be around you. Romance will have a way of finding you while you have this attitude. It is a good day for Virgo.

This is a high energy day for Aries. Plan a trip, or do something fun for yourself that youve been meaning to do for a while. Its a good day to get out and see the world. Keep your eyes open for new and exciting ideas. Go someplace youve never been before, listen to new music or see a play. Meet someone new and see what you can learn from him or her. Its a great day to try new things, and youve got the energy to make it happen.

This is a day of synergy for you. Coworkers finally understand the idea youve been trying to get across. You have exceptionally high levels of communication, so dont let it go to waste. Your boss should be in a great mood, so approach them about the plans youve been making. Even if there are opposing ideas, initiating yours will lead to a successful outcome. Lay the seeds today, and you will sow the benefits down the road.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach, or maybe your desires are bigger than your budget. Rely on common sense about what you can and cannot do. Use what you have before asking for more. Take a hard look at your checkbook before spending any money on yourself. Today would be a good day to sacrifice a bit for tomorrow. Make your own lunch, and skip the mall. A more conservative approach to finances helps not only your wallet, but also keeps you in a positive state of mind.

The Capricorn Moon puts you in control of your own destiny for a few days. When you speak up, you surprise or confirm the feelings of those close to you. Confidence predetermines todays outcome. Continue with the plans youve been making, and by the days end you will have impressed many of those around you. All of the hard work youve been putting it finally pays dividends today. You may feel like you can move mountains, and others may agree with you. Take advantage of the day and make it a long one -- youll want to hold on to this feeling.

Dont try to fight the tide that seems to be sweeping over you. Even if you are not sure why things are happening, try to stick to what you believe is right. Discipline is what will keep you on track. Rather than create controversy, try to keep your head down and focus on the tasks in front of you. Without these restrictions on yourself, you may find yourself flailing about all day long. This kind of discipline may seem tiring to you, but it will only help you in the long run.

If you want to help yourself, the way to do it is by helping others. The more you do, the easier it gets. An altruistic gesture is noticed by someone in a position of power. This can only help you, because even as you offer assistance, you may need some yourself. Even if you are a leader, dont be afraid to put yourself second for the sake of the group. Listen to the advice of those you respect -- they may know more about your situation than you think.

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