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Daily horoscopes
26th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You may be too eager to gloss over the preliminaries and go straight to the bottom line. Ignore the details at your peril -- you may not know as much as you think you do. If you havent reviewed the fine print, speaking in generalities could make you look foolish. Arm yourself with knowledge and think before you open your mouth. There is more to the deal than simply closing it, and your natural tendency for cutting to the chase could be a quick recipe for complications. Stay alert to subtlety, and do not ignore the principle of cause and effect. Instant gratification is not a healthy strategy in these circumstances.

If you are only just tuning into the sensual vibe that surrounds you, this is the day to act on it. Even if you didnt start out by applying your energy to a relationship, you may find yourself focused on one anyway. The Virgo Moon fills you with a sense of purpose. Work for lasting results and speak up when the spirit moves you. Your words fall like bombs of wisdom, flattening all reasonable opposition to your logic. Your positive outlook takes the wind out of negativitys sails. Once youve had your say, yield the floor to someone else.

Talking out of turn can start a dialogue on the wrong foot. Even if you speak from deep knowledge, no one will listen if your tone of voice is unpleasant, and raw data is worse than useless -- it can be harmful when misused. You cannot be too precise with your language or too careful in the way you present it. Young people are especially restless. A random happening suggests a new sequence of events. Subtle signals turn into towering, floodlit billboards. Check in with family or friends to see what version of the story theyve heard. Keep a close eye on the person who seems to be getting nervous about your investigations.

The bright light of understanding pierces an emotional veil. Get a head start on a major project before someone else tries to steal your thunder. It is possible to be aggressive and gracious at the same time. Good news is yours to share with everyone, and you are both creative and practical. No matter what your gender, the Virgo Moon gives you a strong alliance with female energy. Keep your lines of inquiry open -- you never know what useful information will turn up. Listen to your body so that its needs wont become distracting.

When carefree Leo is worried, people listen. Clouds may have rolled in to dim your usual sunshine. Like everyone else, you cant be on all the time. If your present focus is more on process than it is on people, you may hear yourself snapping at people unprepared for your sudden change of mood. Try not to hurt the feelings of others, and dont push yourself too hard. The days of the Virgo Moon are always a good time for Leo to slow down and allow the well to fill up again.

Celebrate your own brilliance. Others may not recognize or care that a genius walks among them, but so what? Its their loss, not yours. Your brain power could run a small city, and you deserve whatever you can get today. You are hungry for new experiences. You may want to take everything apart and figure out how and why it works. Get physical, whether it means performing impossible acrobatic feats or simply appreciating your body as you go about your life. Others stand in awe of your vitality. Youre a work in progress, worth the extended study.

Your mind is a source of tremendous amusement, but its high-speed antics could be distracting. The voices of your conscience seem intent on spoiling all the fun, but you may be trying to tell yourself something. You need to differentiate between vague neuroses and real warning signs. If theres no impending crisis, just relax. Taking a realistic approach doesnt mean that you have to cheapen your dreams. Check your internal messages against the trusted voices of loved ones. Feel free to repel all external interference and do the things that matter to you.

Return a favor today and bring your special talents to the aid of a friend in need. There are certain challenges that no one should have to face alone. Your body and spirit are closely bound, and you are well equipped to help handle a problem that is more complex than it appears. Show self-control around those who are more uptight than you are, and you may notice them loosening up as the day goes on. Delight in sharing your resources with others. Whether or not you realize it, youre the one who can make all the difference. Your friends will be there when you need them.

No matter how tempted you are to just give up, dont quit now. Your imagination is in overdrive, possibly making a situation seem worse than it really is. Instead of fantasizing about escape, why not calculate a way to improve your circumstances? With only a little effort, you can turn things around and get life going your way again. But youll have to listen hard -- the voice of reason is especially soft. Your best bet might be to approach a problem by addressing the human factor first. But be careful which eggs you break while making your omelette. Some people may be too fragile for their own good. Others are more likely to help once youve earned their respect.

Clear thinking carries you through any problem that comes your way. Youve learned your lessons well by watching others make their mistakes. Be cautious and precise when its your turn to perform. Using the right tools for the right job will not hurt your case, either. Your progress sets a fine example for others. Feel free to use your connections in the most beneficial way. Share your wealth and your secrets. Be certain that youre ready for any foreseeable problem, and then relax and think of something else. Teamwork opens up a vista that would only have been a dream if you had worked alone.

Even when the agreement is in writing, different parties are likely to have differing interpretations. Written agreements can still be changed before everyone signs them. Avoid big problems by asking simple questions -- it never hurts. One simple clarification might save you from making the mistake of a lifetime. Think before you speak, and speak before you sign. Time is money, and the clock is ticking. Start with the obvious and move on from there. Once you have laid the groundwork, it should be much easier to ascend to the level that truly excites you.

You probably have one personal relationship that you cant live with and cant live without. Relax into the knowledge that some things will always remain a mystery, no matter how many questions you ask. You have many interpretations, but they might all lead to the same inconclusive place. Since its hard to keep from stepping over a line that you cant really see, walk softly around the passions of others. The more you submit to the will of another, the harder it will be to get back what you deserve. Beware of setting up a destructive pattern. Learn to laugh.

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