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Daily horoscopes
25th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Youre so eager to see results that you may end up doing more than your share of the work. If everyone pulls their own weight the results are better overall. By yourself, the load becomes quite heavy and the quality begins to deteriorate as you lose steam. Have faith in those that surround you for this task. Leaving each person to their part is the only way that things will get done right. Its a dangerous precedent to sacrifice democracy at the altar of efficiency. Meet your challenge in a healthier way.

Tell a tall tale and see who buys it. Fill it with magical characters and mystery that leaves everyone wondering what might come next. Use your story to entertain and not to take advantage of others. Read it aloud to a group that gathers around. Err on the side of accepting a compliment rather than not believing what someone has chosen to tell you. After all, they didnt have to say anything at all. Everybody appreciates a kind gesture even if it has nothing to do with reality. When it does combine the present, the results are well-received.

The center moves away from you, and you may need to run if you want to catch up. Your concentric circles are still overlapping, but they force you to move in directions other than a straight line. It doesnt matter if youre not in the mood for a change because it is going to persevere without your vote. In fact, there is little polling taking place at all. Your opinion could have less of an impact than usual. Dont get trapped into thinking that your ideas do not matter. They will have their day in the sun once the cloud cover begins to clear.

Human needs blur the boundaries between unrelated abstracts. All of a sudden you begin to see relationships where moments before they had not existed in your mind. Incongruities and disconnections swirl together to form connections and bonds. The world becomes more united and the underlying similarities rise to the surface of conscious being. Reality is complex but wonderful. You could ask what it all means, but you probably already know the answers.

Despite your taste for the unusual, you feel a sense of purpose and the desire to complete something. Put those ideas that you deem crazy down on paper and think about where they may be able to take you. You could make it big or the result could be a bit flat, but either way you will have given it a shot. Find a good recipe and dine in for a change. Apply your creativity to something you hadnt thought to pursue. Save your money and energy for things that really matter. The return on your investment may surprise you.

Youre neither at the top of the ladder nor at the bottom, but you can see both from where you are now perched. You may have as much reason to climb down as you do to climb up. It is not as much about the hierarchy as it is about your personal satisfaction. Take your steps carefully and hold on with both hands. Collect your thoughts before they start to make you dizzy. The shoes of safety are waiting for you. Do not alienate others in confusing times. You never know who could be your friend tomorrow.

Sometimes its hard to see the picture when youre inside the frame, Libra. Your view of the truth may be clouded by the mists of love or loyalty. Try to get a real perspective on things by asking the advice of a close friend. It is far too easy to remain immobile today when faced with a major decision. You may feel like there are too many overwhelming details to consider. Take a break from the chaos and spend some quiet time alone. Try to be firm when dealing with people who ask too much of you. Usual patterns and standard responses may be insufficient barriers to change.

You control your environment through the way in which you perceive it. Your mindset determines the real deal of what is occurring. It is to your benefit to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. How do you know that you wont get what you want if you dont ask for it? Muster up the courage to take the risk and pursue your passions, but make sure that they are clearly defined first. That way youll get the biggest bang for your buck. A friend is only too happy to grant your wish.

Expect a sudden influx of new people and objects into your life. Welcome them with open arms as they may push you out of a rut that you werent even aware you were in. The transition may be a bit choppy. Start a new system to handle the excess early in the day or confusion is sure to reign. It has the potential to whirl and swirl all around you. It may be awhile before you can find some quiet time. Be sure to try to separate all of the issues so feeling overwhelmed doesnt rule the roost.

When giving a presentation, turn it into a performance. You just may hit all genres and be able to play the lead, as well as the minor characters, all at the same time. Share the stage with those who are eager to prove their abilities. The team that you make up could be impressive indeed. You have all the ingredients for greatness, if only youd give them a little stirring up. Mix things up a bit and be willing to add some daring new ingredients. The past can be a useful map toward the future.

The Virgo Moon ushers in a period of cautious movement. Slowly but surely may be the best motto. Tighten the lid firmly before you pick up the jar. Its contents might be itching to break free. Your reflexes may be good, but beware of tiring easily. Keep your eye hand coordination quick and your ability to pounce predominant. Let someone else do the precision work. This helps you get the bigger picture in perspective. Together, the details and the vision make the moment. Dont be scared if its all a little grainy.

A major concession yields big rewards. Be willing to let go of something that holds little purpose except to your ego. Stubbornness is not likely to gain you further success. Any attempt to haggle over the little things will only waste everyones time. You will know when it is essential for you to stand your ground. Let your gut guide you and it will all fall into place. Drag the proceedings to common ground. Eliminating extreme environments will be to the benefit of all parties involved. Love flowers from understanding.

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