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Daily horoscopes
23rd December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Batten down the hatches. It looks as if you and the crew are headed for Cutthroat Island. Every person for themselves may seem a good idea, but finding a true-blue mate may make all the difference in sinking or swimming. Your judgment is cloudy and compromised by overwhelming feelings. What better reason to hand over control to one whos more levelheaded. Conditions aboard the ship are as bad as those at your destination. Releasing your emotions to a trusted friend may give you a fighting chance.

The Scorpio Moon sends delicate ripples down your spine. Today you are unusually sensitive to changes in the group mood. Someone you are close to may be acting out of control. Jealousy of anothers popularity plays a key motivating factor. You can help defuse the situation by sharing your understanding of the bigger picture. People in relationships may have a challenging day. A new passion threatens to rock the boat. This is not the time to make any drastic moves. Keep your boundaries sharp and be clear about your needs. A heart-to-heart in the evening could help alleviate built up tension.

Enjoy your health today, Gemini. Pay close attention to what your body has to say. Whatever aches and pains youre experiencing will not go away with wishful thinking. Either of two directions will be beneficial. Get those endorphins flowing in a strenuous workout or hike, or satisfy your bodys need for rest and relaxation. A hot tub, massage or nap could fill this requirement. Your inclination to scientific study might augment the results. You can be your very own lab experiment for the day. Be daring and try something a little unusual. The results could be thrilling.

You draw a bucket of clear, fresh water from the well today. Drink deeply and water your garden. Love flows from your every word and gesture. Direct your energies toward something youve been longing to do, or say something youve been withholding. With the circle of light around you, there is magic in your expression. Gold glitters on your tongue today, and you can say no wrong. Free your imagination. Boundlessness is a choice delicacy to savor. You could start a movement of your own, or sit motionless and be moved by the beauty of the world.

Tuck that ego in today, Leo. Things might be a little rocky around the house, whether it is maintenance issues or personalities in conflict. Little comments said privately could be the ones that spark you into a fiery conflict. This is not the time to press a point that has caused gridlock in the past. There is a lot of information coming at you from all sides, and you may want to sort it all out before you make any rash decisions. You may feel as if you are carrying extra weight, but do not dump it indiscriminately. Find some way to boost your energy.

Deep connections become increasingly obvious. Something or someone who has long been on the sidelines may become of great interest and excitement to you. The medium is the message today. Other peoples words prove to be your best resources. You will be on the receiving end of a lot of information. At first it may seem cryptic, but patience will guide you to the proper reaction. Good timing falls in your lap if you listen closely to your inner guidance and respect the source. You have a unique opportunity to ask the right questions.

When it comes to passion and sensuality today, you and your partner may be out of sync. This is probably just a passing need for separate space. But if you continue to build a wall around your heart, dont expect even the kindest of intentions to cut through. Avoid the urge to overspend as a gesture of affection. Do your best to make amends for angry or hurtful words with more than tangible proof of your true feelings. Flowers are nice, but a wholehearted show that you have been considerate will lead to much firmer ground. If you see nature taking its course, surrender peacefully.

You surprise yourself today with an uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right time. You dont make a conscious decision to show your feelings, but suddenly there they are. The confidence in yourself comes from a power deep inside, and it cant be contradicted. Lucky for you, this is a happy day all around. Others appreciate your frankness and will respond positively. Absorb the light and reflect it. It is crucial to be hyper aware in the present and let the high energy you are feeling burn brightly. Days like these emblazoned in your memory are great companions when skies are gray.

As an accidental tourist, you are a prisoner of fate and passenger of the winds that idly toss you around. You may feel far off your usual base of operations, but trying to take charge will likely put you even farther off course. You may claim helplessness, but you seem to land on your feet somehow. Underground currents are powerful. The best advice is to hold your breath and ride the wave. Feeling buffeted by circumstance, your subconscious goes into overdrive. Days of uncertainty and confusion are always balanced by clarity and action. Your situation may not be as random as you think.

You find that who you know is at least as important as what you do. It is time to harvest some of those friendships that you have cultivated to further your career. Decisions should come easily today, and more people are open to you than you may have thought. Hold on to your hopes and dreams as if your life depended on it, which it may, in a sense. There is currently no room in your life for randomness. Just for today, say yes to whatever feels right, even if it goes against your rational thinking. Friends will be an important link to your higher good.

Open yourself up to the random confusion of an ungoverned world. The why and wherefore will not be apparent to you today, and you may have to wing it. In the grand scheme of things, your activities may not be unimportant, which makes them that much more precious to you. Being rewarded or acknowledged for your talents and contributions will have to come from within. Recommit to whatever path will allow you to not only be of use, but to comply with your own truths as well. Make a positive effort to sit with your feelings rather than sharing them. Taking time to ponder makes space for unexpected miracles.

Everything will be straightforward for you today, Pisces. Decisions will be clear cut, memories will be vivid, and communication will be concise. The opportunity may arise to take the plunge in a business deal, but follow your gut in exercising caution, especially if you are asked to sign something you cant decipher. The flow of ideas is stimulating, and underlying agendas become apparent. The clarity of your mental facilities will be exciting. Putting your resources into a creative project will help ground your whimsical desires.

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