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Daily horoscopes
19th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

A friendship might surprise you when someones unexpected behavior completely changes your direction. A working relationship develops a new dimension. Intuition unlocks doors that logic has been unable to open. Start something new while the idea is still fresh. Take a little time for relaxation. If youre motivated now, think of what a few more restorative hours will do for that famous Aries drive and determination. Besides, if you arrive too early, you might have to wait for everyone else anyhow. If you must deal with legal documents, handle them appropriately.

You may slow down today and become more pensive. Some might call you moody, but you are simply in touch with your emotions. The people closest to you understand exactly what is going on. Today your success lies more in presentation than in actual accomplishment, and the right audience can make you feel like a genius. Anticipation builds toward something that might not even be real. Stay grounded. If you expect nothing, you wont be disappointed, and you may even be pleasantly surprised.

You feel at one with humanity and delight in the company of others. Your face is an open book for all to read the feelings that flicker across it. Your shining mood reflects the light of others back at them. Anyone meeting you for the first time knows exactly who you are. You can make even the most abstract issues seem personal to get your point across. Use your powers to advance the group agenda. Inspiration leaps out at you from the strangest places, and mutual excitement increases the likelihood for romance. Theres no reason to worry. Everything has been taken care of for you.

You could find yourself back on familiar turf today, revisiting some old territory of relationship weirdness. There are limits to what you will tolerate, and the time may have come to deal with an ongoing problem. The source may not be immediately apparent, but this may just be a case of familiarity breeding contempt. Start with a sense of order and look for the ripples. The longer you postpone an unwelcome issue, the bigger it will become. Honesty is your best bet, no matter how painful the investment. You can fix what has been broken if youre prepared to put in a lot of hard work.

This a day of great fulfillment. Your expectations are high, but the world rises to meet them. You can count on having at least one deep and meaningful conversation. Relationships blossom quickly from well-planted seeds, and the next relationship you begin could well be your best. Annoying people are surprisingly easy to get along with today. Its easy for you to be nice. Keep the good will flowing, but watch out for people who would take advantage of your sunny nature. Make all decisions with an eye to the future.

Dont let yourself be seduced by wealth and glamour or confuse success with all its standard symbols. The machine of consumerism could be playing on your emotions, attempting to draw you in at every opportunity. You know perfectly well that there is more to life than success symbols. Evaluate your situation on deeper merits, and carefully consider all the factors when you make a decision. Despite suspicions, there are no secrets, no conspiracies, and no hidden agendas. You may feel confident in your interpretation, but it may not have enough connection with reality. Get some input and perspective from a partner.

Love is driving you, and the highly spiritual begins to merge with the deeply sensual. You arent betraying an ideal, just mixing your colors a little. Including someone else in your vision of the future changes the picture entirely. Your energy increases with the extra passenger you are carrying. Your best efforts exceed all expectations. The victory may come with your name on it, but the rewards are for all to share. Venus makes you generous and charming in your moment of glory.

The world doesnt need another hero today. Self-conscious bravado embarrasses everyone, and team players are favored over prima donnas. You might find it hard to get your point across when no one is willing to enter a discussion on your terms. Accept your shortcomings and work with what you have. Simplify your approach, if thats what it takes. Although you may have some difficulty getting to the point, a relationship benefits from your honesty. Dont forget that oftentimes one good hug is better than all the words in your vocabulary. Let go of the past and start over again. When you go too far from home, you may start feeling lost.

If youre faced with a major decision, be sure to seek the input of friends or partners and recognize the value of reaching a conclusion slowly and methodically. As part of the process, put your hopes and wishes on the table. Accept an opposing viewpoint, especially when it comes from a friend. If everyone always agreed, the world would be a boring place. Sometimes you need to stop talking and just listen for a while. Another person could come up with an idea that may have never occurred to you.

Your first milestone comes into sight, but if you still have a long way to go, dont get discouraged. The current process might be a little slow for your tastes, but its still working. If you stop completely, it may be hard to get moving again. Take small steps until you find the energy to resume your stride. Your desire to succeed may put you at cross purposes with your elders and betters. Dont let your ambition eclipse your humanity. In your eagerness to change things, you could make them worse. Find some amusing way to distract yourself while you wait.

Today you are the proud owner of intellect and spirituality. You are rich with inspiration, and you have the words to express all of it. You want others to embrace your religion or philosophy, but you may have no time for theirs. The world beats a path to your door in search of that better mousetrap. Even if you dont win any converts, you enjoy trying. But study and conversation can only take you so far. Marvel and rejoice at what you cant explain. The empire of the senses has its own universally understood language. An old adversary could come forward with open hands and heart.

Today might find you in the satisfying role of caregiver. Before making major financial commitments, be sure to consult with everyone involved. You have no trouble seeing all sides of the issue. Your biggest problem might lie in making a decision, so postpone as much major business as possible for the next few days. If you have time to consider all the options, you might pick the best one. Its more likely that events will move forward while you stand undecided. The simplest course may be the safest. Take risks only if you feel absolutely lucky.

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