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Daily horoscopes
16th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

It feels so good to be alive that you dont mind stating the obvious. Your eagerness may prove to be a handicap when youd do better do use thoughtful wisdom and caution in your communications with others. For now, its better to politely hold your tongue than to tell the blunt truth. While you dont want to appear selfish, personal business is still a priority. Youre always up for a productive conversation, so pick up the phone or send email to get things rolling on the ideas youve been sitting on. Youre ready to go the extra mile!

Manage your resources instead of letting them manage you. Freestyle strategies will work better and produce results faster than sticking to a rigid game plan. You rise or fall by your own adaptability. Too much emotion could cloud the picture, especially when its coming from someone else. Voicemail and pagers were made for hiding from people youd rather not confront head on. Give yourself the mental space to research a current predicament a bit before you act. Dont make deals when you cant look the other party directly in the eye.

With the Moon in your own Sign, you are bursting with positive energy. You make great progress, accelerating as the day goes on. Its hard not to be satisfied by what you accomplish. Everything about you sends out a silent message of success and power. Pearls of wisdom drop out every time you open your mouth. Now is the perfect moment to trade on the wealth of information that you can provide. People will take notice of what you have to say, so make it good and make sure you know what youre talking about. You really can make a difference.

Is it worse to not know enough or to know too much? The Gemini Moon could make your life and communications confusing. Your private emotional world causes you to feel somewhat overwhelmed by the big reality out there. Listen to the common wisdom. Think of this dilemma as a lesson. Seriously consider modifying the rules of how you do business. Your busy inner world needs some physical activity and exercise to counterbalance it. Keep your body active and healthy to ground you in the physical world and the present moment.

Others will look to you for the answers today. Its certainly nothing Leo cant handle. Although your answers may be obvious, your delivery of them is what impresses and makes such a difference. Genius often manifests itself in many peculiar ways. Entertaining friends at home seems like the best idea for Leos today, when youll enjoy the company and stimulating conversation. Invite a few people around to your place for a dinner party. Accept help wherever and however it is offered and have a great night.

You could be easily distracted, as the influence of the Gemini Moon makes you flighty and unfocused. Your usual perceptive clarity might be blurred by the presence of too many variables. Since you cant beat them, you may as well join them. Pause to savor lifes diversity, instead of rushing through it with blinders on your eyes. If it all gets to be too much for you, ground yourself with busy work. Go over the fine details of plans youve made, review your to-do list and catch up on long postponed correspondence. Try to put everything in its proper place.

A great day for discussion and deep thinking of an intellectual nature. Others will find you witty and full of good ideas. Sharing your thoughts with others provides you with an opportunity to learn something new in the process. You might prove to be the missing link between confusion and comprehension. In reality, few others can see and clearly articulate the connections that are so obvious to you. You may be surprised by the results you come up with, but go for it. Others will be most impressed. Be patient with those who are trying to match your stride.

This is a good time for Scorpions to get to the bottom of it all. You may find yourself tempted to trust someone with pretty words or a pleasant smile. Remember that a fool and his money are soon parted. Minor details could become major problems if you dont do something about them now. Bring any issues out into the spotlight and examine the problem from all angles. The longer you wait, the more difficult it could become to get going.

The Gemini Moon puts the court jesters cap squarely on your head. You can say dangerous things as long as you phrase them as jokes. Youll be safe out on your limb if you leave enough room to maneuver. Your effort rises or falls by the approval of those on your team. In order to have everyone line up behind you, first you must convince them why they should do such a thing. The miracle that you await may have already happened. The bad habit of wanting prevents you from appreciating what you already have. No one is asking you to change your life completely, but pausing for a moment of reevaluation is usually quite beneficial.

You may have a buzzing of nervous energy around you at this time as associates vibrate with excitement. It may be hard to keep focused on work when everyone around you is in a mood to play. Spend part of the day making minor adjustments in the way others see you, which means you might as well log off your computer and enjoy yourself for a while. You have worked extra hard and deserve it. Give your self a pat on the back for a job well done.

Creative work is favored, whether professionally or artistically motivated. Something you do now will bring excellent results shortly. This is also a fine day for the arts of romance or impassioned discourse. Its the best of both worlds when you receive official approval to do something that you find great fun. As communication is spotlighted, this may be a good time to catch up with siblings and family -- or really just about anyone youve been out of touch with for a while.

Perhaps youd really rather be left alone, but the world seems to have other plans in mind. Look alive and pay attention when someone calls your name. What feels like nagging at the moment might actually be sound advice. New projects stall and sputter under the Gemini Moon. Somebodys eagerness to close a deal arouses your suspicions. Be sure to have your full say on any subject under discussion and postpone a final decision until next week. Rest assured that if you dont make this deal, the

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