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Daily horoscopes
13th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Start off with a big bang. The fireworks are bursting for all to see and the noise from the fun resonates off of any surface that stands still. Your aggressive strategy might make others think twice about getting between you and where you want to go. That doesnt mean that you dont need any accompaniment in your quest. Your aim is right on. There is no battle to be won or skirmish to settle. Pulling together as a team makes the end move a little bit closer to where you now stand.

Stay home and try to keep your pots from boiling over. The kitchen may be getting warmer because there are too many cooks trying to get a piece of the pie. This could be a time of misunderstandings and power struggles. Dont allow your stubborn side to roam out of control. Arrogance and self-righteousness generally translate into intolerance and disagreement. Be sure you know where your own problems stop and someone elses begin.

Reasoning with others is better than intimidating them, but youre here to get the job done by any means necessary. People are willing to respect that as long as you go about your business in a fair way. Faith and energy keep you going. You breath them in and out. Your positive attitude is sure to rub off on other people. It is one of the better contagious qualities that ever existed. Looking at the pieces of life in a different manner opens up whole new possibilities for the groups of which you are a part.

Now that you have your business on track, its time to attend to your personal life. This is likely to be the bigger race. Know that it is not as much about the competition as it is about thinking about your own moves. Your strategy is essential as you blast out of the blocks. You find that you put more pressure on yourself than anyone else. Be flexible when it comes to meeting the needs of a loved one. Do enough stretching before hand that it doesnt cause you any strain. Visible efforts are more important than fast results.

The door before you stands wide-open, beckoning you with sweet promises. Dont try to resist the sensual words that are being sent your way. Open your eyes and your mind to the ideas that are flowing through your head. If you achieve only a fraction of what you attempt, youre still doing better than most people. However, find glory in your own achievement, not in what others fail to achieve. It will move you from your core and cause you to move even further forward. Let this moment be all about you.

Its too early to close the books when fresh material is still pouring in. The story ending may be in your sights, but there are likely to be some unexpected twists in the plot that redirect all of the characters involved. You may not have all the answers, but youve been asking the right questions. Little by little you learn the clues that reveal the real deal on what is actually occurring. Let yourself be surprised by someone more knowledgeable. Being humbled could be an experience that allows you to rise to a specific occasion.

You could be a bit too popular for your own good. You are living every junior high kids dream, but youve been able to carry it over into later in your life. Be aware, though, that the awkwardness could return if you let your ego get bigger than your ability to back it up. With all the chatting thats going on, its a wonder if anything gets done. Laying the foundation is key, as the socializing could lead to new business later on. The first minute alone with your thoughts finds you carried away on a flood tide of creativity.

Too much intense inner focus could create a visible black cloud that hangs over your head. That doesnt mean that lightening is about to strike. Sometimes a storm shakes things up in a way that re-prioritizes the essentials accordingly. It is also possible that it just makes things a little hectic until it passes by. It is in your power to channel the flow of energy toward positive rather than negative ends. Come out of your shell to feel the sunshine on your face.

Sagittarius is the creative risk taker, the shiny icon that everyone secretly envies. Let others hold you up to the light, but be wary of letting your ego guide you into the spotlight alone. Youve earned enough good will to spend it wherever you please. A shopping spree may be in order. Know that the circle of good will continues to turn so keep in mind the ways that you can repay favors. You open the door before opportunity can knock even once. Bound through the door all of the enthusiasm you contain.

A problem that you thought you had solved could be back in your face again. Take it on upfront, but try to avoid aggressive confrontation. Seek out the pieces that are most manageable and begin at these points. Try not to lash out at those who arent at fault. They may understand your frustration, but they also may think twice before they interact with you again anytime soon. You never know when your biggest obstacle will turn into your best ally. Problems are often opportunities to test yourself and come out ahead.

A successful relationship between selfish people is nearly impossible. There has to be at least a little give when its coupled with a take. You could wear out much more quickly if you approach everything as a conquest. Competition is healthy as long as it raises the platform and doesnt cut others down. Pursue your battles carefully. Theres no use to apply energy to something that doesnt make much sense when it comes to the bigger picture. Think about how much you stand to gain through the act of giving.

This is not a moment for getting involved in heavy subjects. Attempt to keep conversations and moods as light as possible. There is no need to lower the platform upon which you or anyone else stands. Distract yourself from any dramas unfolding around you. Getting involved in other peoples business is not a good idea today. This doesnt mean that you can avoid it from here forward. Try to stay in the here and now that is reality rather than wandering off into daydreams. Today is not a day for flights of fancy.

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