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Daily horoscopes
12th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Your mood is fiercely playful. Youve broken out the finger paints, and you are contemplating the vibrant new colors that are options for painting your world. Blackboards become covered with your ideas and sidewalk chalk spreads your words and pictures to all who stop to look. The mischievous child inside you is out on good behavior, and there is no need for probation. Your creativity will excuse just about any innocuous prank that you pull. Romance turns truly special.

Clear the road and keep an eye out for the steamroller. Street cleaning is about to occur with little to no warning. In fact, there may be a whole construction crew out to repave the roadway. It is likely that the detour takes you off of your usual path. Only stop or go when the sign spins in your favor. Events beyond your control are about to flatten everything in their path. Prepare yourself by partaking in the purchase of a hard hat. Hold onto your money at least until after the dust has settled.

Youre likely to get your way by any means you care to use. It wont take much to sway opinions in your favor. Pure reasoning is far better than fuzzy opinion. Cut straight to the chase and others will be more able to follow the game. Think carefully about the message that you want others to take home. Keep it simple and youre likely to be better off. Instead of just dazzling others, it might be nice to leave them with something of substance. Put your shiny suits and flashy lights away in order to make room for the bright lights that have your ideas as their source.

Be careful moving heavy objects or discussing heavy subjects. Your ego may not have caught up with your body, and you could find yourself buckling a bit under the weight. You are strong enough to get to a resting place in time as long as you are open to what is obvious. The general mood is likely to be lighthearted but fragile. You welcome the lightness and are willing to walk softly. Learn by example, but keep the knowledge to yourself for a while. Know that others are looking to you to be their example.

You begin a period of renewal. Break out of your usual ways in order to discover something that has been there all along. A new beginning gives you an opportunity to redefine a stereotype that currently categorizes you. A fresh approach is calling your name, and your efforts toward it will carry the unique stamp of your personality. Your individuality reigns supreme in almost any realm. Expand your realms accordingly. Everyone in sight seems to love you.

Someone stops by with a much-needed explanation. Be sure to listen to what they have to say before you jump in with your own explanation. Hear them out fully and youll be closer to fulfillment. Youll be surprised by how it falls into place without much effort. To maintain order will probably be very demanding once order has been assembled. You could still have lots of work to do, but at least you finally understand why.

If youre stuck, dont hesitate to help someone else. What goes around comes around, and in this case it will all be in your favor. Similar problems have similar solutions if you can only make the connection between them. Lay the foundation for the bridge that brings the two sides closer together. Dont look down as you set out to cross, but dont lose sight of what lies behind you. A peek over your shoulder may put it all in perspective. Let your own concerns incubate. Youll know when they need to be placed in the forefront.

Dont thumb your nose at authority while youre still on the clock. Even if you think you are being covert, your thoughts are likely to be uncovered. Tread lightly and be wary of your actions being misconstrued. You have a lot to lose by getting into trouble. Be proud of the reputation you have set forth for yourself. Pay attention to the world that is revolving around you it is likely to open your eyes. Personal success is the best revenge against those who would have you fail. Stand strong as long as you are standing for what you believe in.

You could wake up with a feeling of happy privilege that wont go away. Bound out of bed and go forth into the day ahead. There is no wrong side of the bed. Youll feel like the sun is shining even if its actually not. Simple events vibrate with wondrous repercussions. Set the beat of the rhythm to your own set of drums. Your new state of mind transforms your week into a legendary adventure. It is a script that could be a blockbuster at any theater. The front of the line is reserved for you, but the seats are a free for all.

It may be hard to trust some of the people around you. Dont let many of your secrets sneak out. They could catch up with you before you even have time to think twice. Your instincts might help get you out of a tight spot -- if you pay attention to them. Look for the signals in places where you would never think that they exist. Open eyes will open your mind. Self-defense is no substitute for a real plan, but it could be the best you can do for now. Put up the barriers that you have at your disposal and then hunker behind them until its safe to come out again.

Friendship or romance requires sacrifice from everyone who is part of the equation. Giving something up will end up putting things in a whole new perspective for you and all involved. You may realize that what is left is what is truly most important to your survival. There is a deep sense of pleasure in watching someone else enjoy that which used to be yours and which you might not really have needed anyway.

Relax your muscles and stop thinking about all the hard work that still lies ahead. Visualize where you want to be, but take a deep breath and look at the foundation that you have already built. Dont be surprised if it wavers somewhat as you look down. You do much better amongst friends than strangers. They are the ones that will be there no matter what the outcome. If your situation will allow it, declare a personal holiday, effective immediately. If not, at least take some time to yourself to sort things through before things become overwhelming.

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