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Daily horoscopes
11th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

The Moon in Cancer may be making things weigh a little heavy on you lately, Aries. People seem to be leaning on you a little too strongly. You could be caught up in sibling rivalry, whether with actual siblings or their symbolic equivalent. You may be in for a shock if you dont choose your emotional outlet wisely. Its better to express your feelings rather than repress them, but be careful how you word things or they could easily be misunderstood. Explore your temptation to move to another town. You may find theres more to situations than meets the eye.

You are able to negotiate agreements in business or family matters. People speak easily and openly to one another. Reveal your true feelings to a current or prospective loved one, and great things might happen. You may seem to read minds, as listening to your intuition gives you the advantage in a business situation. Like a magician, you are able to tell people what they want to hear. Spend the day in a beautiful environment with others -- by the sea or in the woods, and the evening under stars and moonlight, celebrating life.

Indecision is the word of the day, Gemini. The Twins have differing ideas about how you should spend your day. Square pegs jockey for position above a round hole that they will never fit. Emotions may run a little high today. Everyone seems to be leaving, while you are just getting there. Moodiness is in the air with irritability following. It may be better to wait this one out in the comfort of your own space and let the dramas play themselves out. The money burning a hole in your pocket may be in the right place after all.

This is a wonderful day for hatching your plans. Houses fill with the glorious smell of baking bread. You are as secure in your infallibility as a happy baby in their mothers arms. Assert yourself with confidence. You could take over a leadership position from someone else, with everyone happy to follow you for a change. The spotlight is on you, as you inspire others with your energy and enthusiasm. Working around your home can be a very fulfilling project. Ask others to join in and make it a party.

When youre just another member of the chorus line, those theater critics can be merciless. If someone already holds you in low regard, you may as well stick to your principles. Privacy can be a useful defense today. There may be things swirling around in your mind that could use some sorting out. Take some time for yourself to get your priorities straight. In order to act, you first have to know where you want to go, and then plan how to get there. Someones message may be unclear, leaving you wondering. Some thoughtful questions may solve the mystery.

What a day for a daydream. You feel the liberation and relief of someone who is leaving town. The world feels new and friendly. The air smells clean. Tension melts away from your body. Get some friends together and have a party, or at least a social outing. Someone may come to you for advice. Take them on a good long walk or run and exchange ideas along the way. The keyword is mingle, and the time is now.

You deserve better than what you have. Unfortunately, you must work for what you want, because no one is going to just hand it over to you. Begin by keeping all current business under control. Spend at least part of today in contemplation and hard planning. To get to another place, you first have to know where you want to go. Desire is the fuel for invention. Progress can be made if you carry through on what you decide, and pay attention to the details along the way. Indecision is not a virtue, dear Libra.

Taking care of your partner is the best thing you could do. You are connected to others in ways that you dont always realize. Your mind keeps returning to spiritual matters. Share yourself with others in mutual dreaming and inspiration. You could enervate them with your intuitive perspective. Look for deeper meanings in things someone close to you will tell you. Channel some of your high spirits into a run, or walk in a beautiful place with a companion. Giving what youve got to someone creates more for you.

Youve been having too much fun, and today the piper shows up to demand his wages. You need to establish a balance between your fun side and your serious side. Reserve some energy for important tasks. Someone may be feeling shortchanged lately and it is up to you to set it right. A little time at home could be just what the doctor ordered. Having to turn down invitations isnt the end of the world, after all. Do some things around the house today and get your priorities straight.

You are torn between public speaking and intimate conversation. The lessons of parents and grandparents loom large in your memory. A new idea inspires and disorients you. You feel at odds with yourself, and dont have a clue what is going on. You are tempted to act out your confusion by diving into the middle of a crowd, but spending some time alone could be more helpful. Some of the anxiety you feel could be alleviated by a long, thoughtful walk. Calmness returns with clarity. Wisdom could be next.

You might feel that this is the day of your own personal China Syndrome, but the meltdown probably wont be that bad. Make good use of your chaotic state. Change something that clearly isnt working. If you organize the chaos, you will find a lot of focus there. Opportunity comes in strange disguises, and this could be one. Some advice from a friend could come in handy and give you a new perspective. Flying off the handle could just land you where you dont want to be, so look before you leap.

If there is any falling down today, it will be either from giggling or awestruck amazement. You are visited by phenomenal inspiration this evening. If you recover soon enough to make use of it, tomorrow could be your day of glory. Someone proposes something just crazy enough to get you interested, and then enthused. If you accept, you may be in for the ride of your life. Casual remarks suggest tales behind them which you are only too happy to hear. Your earnest attention gets you voted most popular in your group. Keep it up and youll be famous.

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