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Daily horoscopes
10th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

It may be one of your days of thunder, a time of emotional edginess with yourself and those close to you. You could get away from it all by trying to set the land speed record, or you might clean your house or your desk as a metaphor of what really needs rearranging. You may be carrying an unnecessary load of excess baggage. Stop repressing those feelings. If unresolved issues are holding you back, its high time for you to face them. Let someone else take over for a while if it means so much to them. This is more of a time for damage control than it is for decision making.

Possessions are an enigma. The more you acquire just means that you have more to lose. You may be susceptible to a crisis of thought concerning what you own and what you want to own. Its okay to indulge yourself a little. See your goals through to the end, no matter what it takes, but be sure that you dont run anyone over as you grind along. The nicer you are to others, the more willing they will be to help. If you cant find people who will let you have it your way, spend some quality time with yourself. Remember that youll need to rejoin the human race eventually.

Back off a bit from the protective feelings youre having toward your material possessions. The risks may be greater than the rewards. Ask yourself if its all really worth it. Youll need to think on your feet for the next few days. Recognize your limitations while there is still time to plan around them. A sudden burst of energy could send you spinning off in the wrong direction, and your timing may not be all that it could be. Take care of your own needs, even if they affect your relations with others. The Cancer Moon puts necessity before popularity.

You may be feeling very subjective and impressionable with the Moon in your own Sign, and you are also filled with initiating energy. Put this potent combination to work by starting something new. All lines of communication are open and humming with life. Cancer is usually the giver instead of the receiver, but its high time you got something back. If you have trouble thinking about yourself for a change, all the people who love you will be happy to help shift the focus. You deserve any good thing that you can create for yourself.

Its an emotionally messy day. You may be feeling fragile and overwhelmed. Upheavals and upsets may not be the random events that they seem. Check in with your friends. Everyone may know the state of your heart, even if you arent consciously broadcasting. People are sympathetic and willing to help out if you ask. Sometimes your behavior generates or attracts unexpected results. Self-expression and physical activity are amazing outlets for dealing with these types of feelings.

The world of socializing and gathering with other people may be calling to you. You feel a strong sense of extended family, whether by ties of blood or friendship. Your expansive mood makes you feel incredibly wise and perceptive. There may be some truth behind a good rumor. You may have forgotten just how many people look to you for advice. You will be more than happy to oblige. Schedule some time for random activities. Relax, dress down and go out in search of inspiration. You may find yourself mastering a skill for which you never knew you had the aptitude.

Stay focused on the job, even if you are distracted by other issues. If you dont keep your nose down, your boss may request some overtime. One small slip shakes everything to its foundations, but a hard lesson is easier to learn when you dont take it personally. No one is out to get you. Seek refuge from a random world within the warmth of a relationship. The view behind the veil is like nothing you have ever imagined. Waste no time with amazement. Theres some serious rethinking to be done here.

This is an excellent day for roaming outside the ordinary, whether your goal is to build your dream life in the new world or to excel in this one. You may have a meaningful conversation along the way. Exercise will feel wonderful. Remain in the light by staying one step ahead of your shadow. An unpredictable approach brings the best results. Let events carry you along for the time being. Your sharp reflexes will keep you safe and happy. Vigor and sparkle make you an instant candidate for other peoples friendship.

Just as George Washington was a general before he became president, you will need to prove yourself to the group you hope to convince. Mastery of a subject is worth a thousand buzzwords. Make sure that your self-image is built on solid ground. Go the extra mile if you hope to be truly convincing. If you dont have the background to support your statements, prepare to demonstrate serious interest in the subject matter. If luck deserts you, fall back on efficiency to get the job done. You could be more consistent if you worked from a plan instead of moment-to-moment.

You might need to spend more time at work than you want to, and the hardest part of the next few days may be getting along with other people. The personal and the political are remarkably similar at this point. Cast a vote or otherwise lend support to a person or a cause in which you truly believe. It may be your little gesture that turns the tide. The choice and the resolution are up to you. Hide your uncertainty. If you show discomfort, enemies are likely to capitalize on their advantage, while friends may panic. This is a time of surprises. With luck, theyll all be pleasant ones.

As a cool, detached Aquarian, you may have some trouble dealing with the emotional people who begin crowding into your life. Instead of rebuffing them, listen and you may learn something new. People who think alike may share similar emotional reactions to the things they find important. This is a time to go in search of new allies. There may not be many around, but those few should be easy to spot. For relief, lose yourself in housekeeping or some other basic task. Anything with quick and visible results will take your mind out of the loop in which it is currently stuck. This may be a test, but its one you can pass easily.

Romance is in the air. The Moon is in Cancer, making your imaginative powers stronger and more outrageous. Dont look on this tendency toward the bizarre as a detriment. When it comes to love, some things are not clear, they are just felt. Pull out all the stops and let yourself go crazy. Play is a source of restoration and rejuvenation. Extravagance becomes you. For one day, pretend that youre rich. An illusion grows more comfortable and convincing the longer you wear it. Others are taken in by your ruse.

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