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Daily horoscopes
9th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Communication is very easy right now and you are all fired up to do just that. This is a great time to share your ideas and opinions. Be reasonable, engaging in rational dialogue with those around you. Even if you have nothing new to say, your voice is welcome. Think before you speak and you will be well received. Send email, post messages, write letters, pick up the telephone -- all will work for you. Now is the time to get yourself out there. A minor flirtation may temporarily distract you.

Someone may not be communicating clearly. Useful words can become useless when applied improperly. Acting as an interpreter puts you first in line for some important information. You may be out of character with the Gemini Moons erratic energy as your usual prudence could slip and you might be tempted to overspend. Be careful with finances and postpone any decisions in this area until another day. Dont sign any legal documents and look at things extra closely. Dont make any serious long-term plans as you may find they wont work out the way you expect.

What you want to communicate is clearly received. Begin the day with a briefing and end it by watching the project you set in motion. You fall silent, satisfied at having gotten your point across. You will connect with a lot of people and ideas will be generated. Even without words, you still do a fine job of flirting. You are shining and full of plans. All eyes are on you, waiting to see what you will do next. You are on a roll!

Impatience could blow up a minor annoyance into a major irritation. If possible, ignore the boundaries and rules for a while to enable you to get out of your shell. Sulking and brooding can be profoundly unhealthy for you and your loved ones. Although communications may be misinterpreted, its best to work on resolving your differences. Housekeeping and such are not likely to be productive uses of time today. Youre more likely to make an important discovery while having fun than by beating your head against the wall. Dont think, just do.

You are radiant, Leo, and at your impressive best. Socializing is high on the agenda and you are at the center of all the action. Friends use your generous ears as a sounding board for their thoughts. Your honesty about your own hopes and desires sets the tone for a day of sharing and bonding. Teamwork will go smoothly as you are able to brainstorm some great new ideas and work out the details, too. Your confidence is high and other peoples trust in you is strong. Your leadership qualities are especially useful today.

Work issues are in the forefront and paying even more attention than usual to the finer details is advised. Todays slightest stammer or misplaced punctuation mark could be turned against you. Everyones standards may have suddenly become very high and people might seem unusually touchy and overly demanding. The traditional approach may be the best right now. The potential for misunderstandings is high, so choose your words carefully and avoid bringing up issues that could be postponed to another time. You may want to keep a low profile and avoid gossips.

Amusement and romance are at the top of your list as you are at your desirable best. When Mercury accelerates Venuss usual charm and attraction, your day gets interesting. Others seek your company, whether visiting you or inviting you out and youll find yourself with lots of interesting choices. Try something new -- now might be the time to get to know that person youve been curious about or check out that new place youve been hearing so much about. Be open to new ideas, and most of all, be yourself -- you have no choice.

Avoid making sudden moves and read the small print. Use caution in business dealings. A flurry of action might send you off in the wrong direction. There is something oddly threatening beneath the surface of a seemingly casual conversation. An unusual minor detail could cause problems if overlooked. Dont wager if youre not too sure of the outcome. Rediscover your sense of humor -- you may need it. Dont trust all you hear -- it may cost a lot to remedy mistakes made.

Well, Sag, youre not bored -- in fact, there may be too much going on for once. Gamblers may break the bank then again, they may lose everything. Its a wheel of fortune kind of day. Travel may be in the picture or an offer of a longer trip in the future could come your way. Someone, though, is all talk and no action and you might be getting impatient. Watch your dealings with others -- someone may mistake a blink as a wink.

Like a paranoid tech genius in a team of hackers, one of your coworkers may be a loose cannon. Capricorn is the den father or mother today who needs to keep things in order. The best way to carry this burden is to be minimalistic and clear-headed. Listening to their babbling could alleviate boredom, if nothing else, but itll be up to you to hold the peace. Your clearheadedness could lead you out of any morass of trouble that you might ever encounter.

Amazement is in your eyes, Aquarius. You see landscape paintings and art photos everywhere you look. Cosmic messages manifest themselves in the sounds of the natural world. Flashes of illumination color your thoughts and you are electric. Open the door to this fun house and invite your friends inside. The day is full of surprises. A sizzling romance could be in the Stars or an unexpected opportunity could come your way. Take it all in. You are a creative dynamo and all eyes are on you.

The Moon in Gemini could put you out there, Pisces. When your ethereal side gets a little spooky, who are you gonna call? Your family might be the Ghostbusters today or they might be the EPA trying to shut the operation down. Put off trying to be precise for another day and postpone moving anywhere. You could be getting ambiguous messages from those around you and you are not sure whats really going on. Escapist entertainment was made for days like this one. A trip to the movies or the library may be in order as you wait this one out. The day could be an enigma.

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