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Daily horoscopes
8th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Put your schedule aside and roll with the waves, Aries. The Moon has entered Pisces, which could cause some confusion for you. No matter how carefully you may have planned your day, something is likely to come along and change it all. Do not be surprised if you end up on a completely different course. This isnt a good day to try anything new, especially if you are unsure of what the outcome might be. Avoid conflicts with those close to you. Think before you speak, and take other peoples feelings into consideration. Hang onto your temper.

A friendship blossoms with someone you have been taking for granted as part of the scenery. Tell a close friend about a problem youve been having -- their advice could set you on the right path. Others will be especially compassionate toward you, so today is a good time to put your ego aside and apologize to someone youve hurt in the past. Spend as much time with friends and family as possible. A meeting with like-minded people could be profitable. Common interests are a strong, unseen bond beneath a social veneer. Tonight, have a good time out with a few close friends or coworkers. Romance is possible.

Watch what you say and do today, Gemini. The Moon has entered Pisces, and it may seem like the cosmos is conspiring against you. Remember that sometimes the walls have ears. Like a bad game of telephone, the chain reaction of events confuses the issue with each spreading ripple. Be prepared to tell your side of the story, but resist the temptation to get into a game of he said, she said. Expect to spend far too much time explaining the obvious. Remember that other people cant read your mind. Why not improve things while correcting them?

Your mind wants to wander today, but dont ignore your responsibilities. Find some time to be by yourself and think things out. Try to look busy, if thats what it takes for people to leave you alone. Sometimes you can just look at someone and know what theyre thinking. Chances are good that youll meet someone like that. Telepathic communication reduces the need for actual speech. If youve been feeling tired or stressed lately, listen to what your body is telling you. Get plenty of sleep and eat a balanced meal. Good food and a contented body work well as memory triggers.

The Moon is in Pisces, creating an unstable environment for your emotions. You may find yourself stuck on an emotional roller coaster. Dont worry, you arent going crazy. Ignoring your own thoughts is your best survival skill of the moment. If you cant escape your feelings, at least try not to act on them. This is an ideal point to spend some time alone and catch up on busy work. Do some research on the Internet and read books to learn something youve been wondering about lately. Dont deal with any major financial issues, if they are avoidable. Avoid something that seems too good to be true.

Everything isnt always as it seems, is it, Virgo? Taking others at face value could lead to a few surprises. You may be forced to approach a situation from a different angle than you normally would. Use it as a growing experience. With the Moon in Pisces, this isnt a good day to commit yourself to anything permanent. Approach legal documents with great caution. Read all the fine print as many times as you need to in order to understand the details. Do not leap today if you have not yet looked at least twice in every direction. Be patient with others disorganization.

Have you been feeling like you arent getting enough out of life lately, Libra? Sit down and make a list of everything youve accomplished. Evaluate your assets, if you have not already begun to do so. You may think you deserve more than what you currently have. If you need more of something, think realistically about how you might get it. At work, stick with the projects you are already working on, instead of trying to take on more than you can handle. Try not to get too upset if something youve been working on doesnt seem to be going anywhere. Appreciate the small accomplishments.

There is something good in the air today, Scorp. The day is yours for entertainment and pleasure -- even magic. Use your intuition to solve a nagging problem. Sometimes the answer is right under our nose. Take a deep breath and jump. Call a close friend and convince them to go on an adventure with you. You see only mystery where someone more cautious might see danger. It is easy to blur the line between reality and fantasy. Your creativity is at an all-time high, so dont let it go to waste. There has never been a better time to turn your dreams into reality.

Expect to take a little punishment, whether as an actual culprit or just a convenient sacrificial lamb. The Moon has just entered Pisces, and you may have a tendency to misplace things around the house. Expect to find a hairbrush in the refrigerator or a frozen dinner in the pantry. At work, try to pay extra attention to detail, or it could mean trouble. Lost objects grind the system to a halt. Its okay to wish you were someone else, or on a tropical island somewhere away from the chaos of the day. Escapist fantasies are favored, if not encouraged.

Its not always in what you say, but rather in how you say it. Sometimes the singer has more impact than the song itself. Your communication skills could lead you somewhere great today. You say something brilliant within earshot of an influential person. Expect to be rewarded. Your integrity is obvious to everyone around. You feel a close connection to the people you see every day. Others may seem drawn to you, especially those in need of help with their personal lives. Let your compassionate side shine through. Tonight, spend some time as a patron of the arts. Go to a concert or visit an art gallery.

Sometimes the best things in life are free, Aquarius. You have an eye for only the finest things, but your checkbook isnt always able to support your spending habits. Find ways to spoil yourself that will not ruin you financially. You may have reason to celebrate, but you may also need to pay the bills tomorrow. Enjoying lifes mysteries costs nothing at all. This is a good time to take a look at the way you spend your money. If your credit cards are all at their limit, you may want to put yourself on a budget until you can gain better control. Reevaluate whats important to you. You may be surprised to learn what you can live without.

Youve always wanted to be the center of attention, and today you get your wish, Pisces. The Moon has entered your Sign, and you can do no wrong. You are the star of your own movie. Steam rises at the touch of your smoldering gaze. Forget about what you need or what you deserve -- today you get what you want. Use the day to do something special for yourself. Spend time at a spa, or go on a trip with a loved one. Put your responsibilities aside for one day -- you deserve it. Dont worry about anyone else but yourself. Its okay to be selfish for one day a year.

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