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Daily horoscopes
7th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Your usually fast-paced life slows down and you find yourself with extra time. Use it to your advantage to catch up and get ahead. Any preparations you make now will be to your advantage when things pick up speed again. See this as a renewal period, giving you an energy boost for future challenges and projects. Ask others for advice regarding questions you have been thinking about -- you may get some surprisingly good answers. You will find ways to overcome some obstacles you have encountered and new ideas will bloom.

You are master of your own destiny! The Moon is in your Sign, Taurus, bringing you intense energy and limitless possibility. Boldness and bravery are your keys to success. Dare to act on your dreams, making them solid and real. All can be yours if you reach for it. Romance could pay you a visit and you are looking your most desirable and radiant. Gifts may come from unexpected sources and your finances could take an upward swing. Indulge yourself and enjoy this day in the best ways possible.

Low energy could make your day long and tedious, but dont worry. You may simply be resting. Use the searching, patient qualities of the Taurean Moon to focus inward on your hidden strengths. Treat yourself to a massage or to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Some secrets may be revealed, but dont avoid issues or misunderstandings may arise. Try to remain centered and be receptive to others. Be careful with finances as you may have the urge to overextend yourself. Your energy is being renewed for new projects ahead.

Prepare yourself for a day of contentment. Enjoy a home-cooked meal or spend time with family or close friends. You are at your best when in the company of people who appreciate you for who you are. Initiate new directions, follow through with those promises and plans. Others are particularly receptive to you and you are the captain of your ship. Share your thoughts with others they will appreciate your originality. Charm someone or someone may charm you. Enjoy it!

Flexibility is important. Dont let stubbornness get you into trouble -- it doesnt always have to be the bottom line. If you can give a little on the things that dont matter all that much, you stand a better chance of getting your way on what is really important. Blind stubbornness is not a virtue and arrogance will get you nowhere, particularly in the area of work and career. Avoid clashing with a superior. Things are probably not black or white, so look for the subtle nuances. Finish previously started projects and things will begin to open up again.

Balance and peace are on the agenda. You are in harmony with your physical environment and the people around you. Things work easily and effortlessly when you understand how everything is connected. Your thoughts are clear and you find yourself doing some soul-searching. The answers you find may surprise and even delight you and everything in your life can only benefit from your discoveries. Look forward and try to keep it this way. It is a good day for a trip or a visit to an unusual dinner spot.

Sharing can be an issue when it concerns something valuable. Someone may want complete control over what is best managed collectively. Compromise and diplomacy are what Librans do best. Look closely underneath the surface of other peoples demands to see the whole picture and work with what you find. It will be possible to find the right balance where your needs can be met as well as the other persons. The Moon in Taurus might lead you to want to overindulge, so be careful.

You may need to set other things aside in order to handle a relationship. A misunderstanding with someone close to you could escalate into a showdown from which you may not be able to back down. Joint finances and shared possessions speak louder than emotional bonds. Try to be flexible and willing to compromise and dont be greedy. Todays misunderstanding could return to challenge you later on in time. Consider what you say before speaking, and most of all, dont act impulsively. The outcome is up to you.

You may feel you are not having enough fun. If this bothers you, remember that all fun all the time would soon become boring. Raise your standards and lower your expectations. The Taurus Moon brings continued need to focus on practicalities and the tasks at hand. Some legal matters may come to the forefront and attention to detail will be required. But dont worry, Sagittarius, you can handle it. You may receive some communication from a distance, possibly from overseas, which could be connected to the legal matters. Dont be too extravagant or let your mind wander into too many pathways. The keyword for today is focus.

This is your moment in the sun. Drop all worries and do something you love with someone you love. Today could also be a fine day to do nothing at all -- for a change. You have never felt better or looked better. Everything seems to be working perfectly. Enjoy the day, take a walk in nature. You feel expansive and generous -- indulge yourself. A new romance could take off or an established one might take on a new light. Now is the time to revel in the rewards of past discipline. Have fun!

Property ownership or large real estate purchases can be a sensitive subject. The appearance of greed masks a deep insecurity. Its easy to feel possessive of your assets if not everyone is playing fairly. The Taurus Moon brings financial issues to the forefront, so pay attention to details and use caution in business dealings. All may not be what it seems to be and some people you thought you knew may surprise you with a hidden agenda. Something from the past involving relatives may suddenly manifest, making you remember stories you might have forgotten.

Visionary Pisces, you will need to take a logical approach and keep your goals simple. Your biggest challenge is to follow through without letting yourself be distracted by some new dream or illusion. Hold fast and follow the money to stay on course. People are listening and things are moving in your direction as you knew they would. Focus yourself and dont get lost in the haze. Invite someone over for dinner and celebrate your new resolve. With your magic, you are going places. Discipline and inspiration can take you everywhere.

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