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Daily horoscopes
6th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

You face forward, but your mind is open to influences from any direction. The call of adventure has stoked a competitive fire in your belly. All your ideas are fresh, and the possibilities are infinite. Your muscles are aching to carry out the latest in a series of rugged conquests you have been seeking in recent days. The pioneer in you is doing cartwheels at the prospect of this new opportunity to showcase your great courage. The Aries Moon ushers you into a new era of strength and grace.

As you launch your elaborate courtship ritual, remember that love is a funny thing. No amount of bouquets, fancy goods and finery makes up for a lack of a sense of humor. At the same time, be sure to keep the laughs in the good taste you have, so as not to offend those around you. Its easy to miss small but important pieces of reality as you follow your own script. Shop around and investigate new ways of doing things that force you to improvise the story line some. Leave an opening for a graceful exit, just in case.

It would be a shame if you kept your current effervescence to yourself. Your hopes and wishes for better days seem to have finally been realized, and everyone you know should hear about it. They dont need to hear the explanations and the facts that have led to your current cheerful state, they just need to enjoy your exuberant tone as you talk of this new-found joy in your life. You bubble over with a story that must be told. The company of good friends, old or new, nourishes your spirit.

Personal and professional issues dont belong in the same box. Its always best not to soil common water, keep the two kinds of problems separate at all costs. Even if your anger is justified, this may not be the right time to express it. Trying to address friction with authority in this kind of emotional state could only prove futile. Save yourself some bad digestion by letting the situation sit until calmer minds prevail. There has never been much of a future in instant gratification.

The Aries Moon lets you celebrate yourself with more leeway than polite society might otherwise allow. This particularly applies to you, Leo. As you well know, you can have a good time by doing just about anything. Youre like a lizard on a rock as you bask in the sunshine of this kind of attention from your fellow revelers. You learn something useful from these festivities if you step outside yourself for a moment. Remember to say thank you to all the watchful eyes allowing you to star in the theater that you make of your life.

As cruel as it may sound, this is a time to live and let die. This problem has involved too much of your concentration, and now you can see the handwriting on the wall. Your mouth and lungs are tired of screaming, and its time you let your respiration return to its regular rate. You cannot afford to be responsible for, or even involved in, the mistakes of others. Although its not yet time to get nervous, youre aware that your own situation at this time is a bit too precarious for your liking.

Fallout from a relationship issue affects those who arent -- or shouldnt be -- involved. Now its not just romance but your business life, as well, thats being affected by this latest development. If youre the one with the problem, deal with it on your own time. Your partners in this coalition believe in the importance of keeping romantic attachments distinct from any and all of your professional affairs. Your continued enjoyment of this arrangement depends on it. Try to fix what you have before jumping at the next offer.

Give up on the logical approach and follow your heart. Helping others selflessly will help break down some of the anger inside of you. What seems right may be twice as hard as the more convenient alternative. Fight the compulsion to do the easy thing impatience in this situation has already proven it will get you nowhere. Taking the long road in this instance is simply the best alternative available. You may end up in exactly the same place, but at least youll feel better about it.

You cant help feeling your eternal youth, no matter what your age. Journeys to faraway places and foreign countries seem easily within your ever increasing reach. Even the most boring tasks of the adult world are filled with fun and sparkle. Firm deadlines have been pushed back with generous extensions, and now it seems youll have the good fortune to explore your maximum potential on your own timetable. You cant help but feel cheerful at these developments. Romance is alive in everything you do.

Desire and necessity are the good and bad angels on your shoulders -- but which is which? Failure to recognize the difference could prove to be a fundamental error with far-reaching consequences. Come to a decision soon, or time will decide for you. Delays on these kinds of matters only complicate the issue further, so you must work to counteract the inertia you feel and move to resolve the situation as quickly as you possibly can. Some know what youre going through, and others will never believe it.

Spend time with open ears in a public place. A coffee house is perfect, as this kind of informal setting allows for acute observations of people who are intent in conversation and are unaware theyre being watched. There are clues and patterns to be found in what normally seems random. Sometimes people watching can be every bit as entertaining as catching an episode of your favorite television show, if you pick the right spot. Learn something fun about a complete stranger, and make a new friend.

If no one is forthcoming with their information, make do with guesswork. Sometimes good bluffing will yield the missing pieces of the puzzle that youre seeking. Your access to secrets puts you in a position of power. Like the best of spies, you recognize the value of a well-kept secret and know better than to allow leaks of important classified information to slip out. A cheap victory now looks like a mirage when it starts to cost a lot later on. Patiently wait for the right moment.

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