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Daily horoscopes
5th December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible. You are what you want to be. The Moon spends another day in Aries, throwing that inexorable tidal pull behind the Rams headlong charge. Dare to risk it all today. This is a great time to set your plans for the future into action. Take a pet project off the back burner and show it to someone with the right influence. Good things come to those who wait, and youve waited long enough! Believe in yourself and the world will believe with you. Defeat is inconceivable.

Time and tide wait for no one. You may feel like there is a hurry to get things done, so youll have a hard time remaining calm. You rush forward, but there are ample opportunities for carelessness. Make sure that you notice where you are going in all your haste. Its important that you pay attention to the finer details. Even the smallest thing can cause you problems if it isnt attended to. Avoid making snap decisions and unneeded purchases. Stay clear of garage sales and bargain shops. Dont let the Aries Moon rush your naturally calm way of thinking.

The Moon is moving through Aries, and this is a perfect opportunity to learn from the wisdom of others. Listen closely to someones life experiences and you will find they relate to an ongoing problem in your life. A rare friend teaches you while keeping you amused. Join in a group discussion. Initiate a conversation with a stranger or someone youd like to know better. Learning is a two-way street. You, too, are capable of enlightening someone else. Open your eyes and ears at the same time. Tonight, spend time with friends with whom you share common interests.

The Moon is moving through Aries, which can create confusion in people who arent grounded. If you have not already planned ahead, you are likely to spend your day at the mercy of external forces. It helps if you are good at taking orders. Listening to others can prove to be worthy. Look at it as a learning experience, instead of being resentful. Try not to react emotionally. Use your head, and think before you speak. Dont say anything to an authority figure that you might regret later. Continuations and conclusions are favored over beginnings. Take your time and make sure you get everything done right the first time.

This is a perfect day to learn something new. Sign up for a class, or do some research on a topic youve been interested in lately. Take up a new hobby. Youll find that even the smallest and most mundane tasks seem fun today, so use your free time to pay bills or wash those dirty dishes laying in the sink. Today you will probably feel the lure of far-away and exotic places. You could easily drop everything right now and board a plane to some distant city. If you must make a quick exit, be responsible about it. Think about those who love and depend on you. Why not take them with you?

Be prepared to not be prepared today, Virgo. The winds of conflict unsettle your routine. You may have to cancel appointments and meetings at the last minute, so be ready to deal with the consequences. You may be involved with legal issues. Someone has problems with money or possessions. Stake your claim rationally without falling victim to greed. Be respectful of what family members want. You may find you can have your cake and eat it too. Pay special attention to your health. If you feel your energy waning, take a break. A brisk walk or afternoon nap may perk you up.

Check the details of all legal issues today. Never sign anything before reading it. If you dont understand the fine print, make sure you get the opinion of someone who does. Question the motives of a bully. Try and solve a problem by talking about it with the source. Whether in business or in the supposed comfort of your relationship, you could be up against a force more powerful than you imagined. If a compromise cant be reached, walk away with your dignity intact. This might be one time you have to accept your losses and move on.

The saying look before you leap may be hitting a little close to home right now, Scorpio. You may experience a light sunburn from the heat of the moment. Try to stay focused and attuned to detail. Something important might be overlooked during a mad rush for closure. Move slowly and coolly to ensure a happy ending for everyone. This is a great day to be of service to others. Lend a helping hand to someone you know could use it. Dont ask for anything in return. If youre feeling less energetic than normal, pay close attention to what your body may be telling you.

No one will know what to make of you today, Sag, including yourself. The Moon is moving through Aries, and you arent feeling normal. Your own behavior shocks you a little, but its all in the name of fun. A sudden burst of energy lets you accomplish more than you intended. This is the mood for taking a gamble on romance. Dont be afraid of rejection. Get creative in your approach, and you may be surprised what happens. Find a way to include children in your day -- youll learn that their energy and sense of adventure is contagious.

Today you may have to set aside your career and social life, Capricorn. A family matter is at the top of your list. Real estate dealings and large purchases should be near the bottom. This is a good time to set new priorities in your life. Spend time thinking about what is important to you. Your inner circle needs mending before you can strike out to expand your empire. All good things come to those who wait. Have patience. Try not to feel resentment toward someone who has already achieved the position of wealth or power that you desire.

Its perfectly normal to want to escape from the pressures of the real world now and then, Aquarius. Spending the day alone could give you the boost you need. You may feel compelled to explore new Web sites, chat rooms or newsgroups. An email spam makes your day with its off-the-wall message. The world outside your computer screen is equally fascinating. If you can draw your eyes away from the Internet, look out the window. Try to find something youve never seen before and study it. Exploring new things can be entertaining, as well as educational.

You may not be able to live up to your own expectations today, Pisces. A bold and promising start begins to droop somewhere around nap time. Your heart is filled with initiative, but your system may not be up to the job. Find someone who will be there when you pass the torch. Make sure you take time to explain a project to someone before you let them take responsibility for your work. If possible, take the afternoon off to reenergize your system. Remember to drink lots of water, and try to get some exercise. Take a nap later in the day, or at least consider going to bed early.

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