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Daily horoscopes
2nd December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Youve been getting a lot of attention lately, but now you may have to set your ego aside. You realize that yours is not the only game in town. Competition may take more energy than you have at the moment. With the right adjustments, there is room enough for everyone. Try not to sway from your original plan. This is not a good time to do anything out of character. Avoid starting new projects at work until youve finished everything on your plate. Steer clear of signing legal documents. Read all the fine print before you put your signature on anything.

Today is all about appreciating the bonds that tie you to those around you. Friendship is the currency that moves the world. People do things for one another based on the desire to help. Be ready if someone asks a favor -- you never know when you will need one in return. This is a perfect time to get together with your friends and talk about whats on your mind. Input from others can help you out of a troubling situation. Seek people who have the same goals as you. A meeting with like-minded coworkers could lead to an excellent opportunity. Keep thinking toward the future.

Its time to step out from the shadows, Gemini. Suddenly, everyone seems to be watching and listening to you. Self-consciousness only attracts unwanted attention. Stand up straight with your head held high. Dont be afraid to voice your opinion, even if it differs from someone important. If you have nothing to offer, at least try not to embarrass yourself. Avoid misunderstandings with a loved one by knowing when to say youre sorry. You may find yourself dreaming about how to change the world today, but it would be better to concentrate on whats going on right in front of you.

Its a big world out there, but today you may feel like something is drawing you inside. If possible, stay at home, because you could miss something if you dont. A discussion might not have any outcome, other than just letting everyone speak. Its good to know the opinions of others, even if you disagree. Be prepared to let your mind wander to far-off places today. Thoughts will pop into your head from nowhere, leading you to think about places and people you havent thought about in years. Dont do anything detail-oriented, Cancer. Follow your intuition and explore the unknown.

You might just have to accept that everything wont get done today, Leo. The Moon is in Pisces, which doesnt exactly leave you feeling all that motivated. If you approach today with low expectations, you will not be disappointed. Try not to be persuaded by a person you meet through a friend. Listen to what your instincts tell you when making a decision. At work, try to keep an even temper and resist flying off the handle. Someone insists on speaking in riddles and half-truths. At least you will end the day with your puzzle-solving skills sharpened.

Confusion sets in today, Virgo. You are a bird on a wire, free to fly in any direction, but also a sitting target. Dont assume that someone will be ready just because they keep you waiting. You could become entangled unless you drop everything and go. Be careful with anything that is breakable today. You may feel clumsy and a bit scattered, so losing and dropping things will be par for the course. Try to focus on small details -- the bigger ones will be out of reach today. Remember that its important to respect other peoples opinions, even if they differ from your own.

Try not to dwell on the past. Whats done is done. Learn from your mistakes and move in a more positive direction. Turn your gaze outward before your own problems consume you. Helping someone close to you could help you forget your troubles. It is remarkably easy to be of service to others today. You gain much-needed perspective, even as you distract yourself. Dont worry about sticking to a schedule. Cancel or postpone appointments if you find yourself rushing to get things done. Tonight, make time for the people you care about. A child or pet could make you realize whats truly important in life.

You deserve a break today, Scorpio. Take time out to do what makes you happy. During the day, read a good book or spend time outside. The skys the limit. Your plans grow bigger and better with each loved one you include. Hidden talents rise to the occasion, and everyone has a good time. Tonight, use your imagination and creativity to make a gathering extra special. Impress everyone with your style and attention to detail. Meeting new people will change the way you think about a subject near and dear to your heart. A romantic encounter could leave you breathless.

Although you may feel a bit stir crazy, this isnt the best time to draw attention to yourself. Stay indoors, or make yourself inconspicuous while the Moon passes through Pisces. Boredom is your worst enemy right now. Do something useful during this downtime to prepare for your triumphant return to the public eye. Its a good day to get chores done that youve been putting off. Do an extra load of laundry or clean out the refrigerator. Make a phone call to an old friend and reminisce about the good old days. Learn from an older persons experience.

This is a great day to connect with others, Capricorn. The Moon is moving through Pisces, leaving you with a sudden knack for communicating your thoughts. A discussion catches fire and becomes a dialogue. Listen carefully to what a child has to say. You find someone who is on your wavelength in areas that really matter to you. It is impossible to ignore an appeal to your compassionate side. Helping someone out could lead to an unexpected invitation. Dont be afraid of not fitting in. Going somewhere off the beaten path could inspire your creativity. Take advantage of what the day has to offer.

You are holding your future for ransom by putting too much emphasis on the here and now. Look around, and really study whats going on. Things are not always as they appear. Your true friends are not the ones draining your resources. This is a good day to have your vision checked. Watch your finances closely. Avoid using your credit cards until you can create a budget to follow. Reevaluate what is truly important in your life. Spend time with family or loved ones who can put everything in perspective for you. Hold the door open for a stranger. Make a decision to be more compassionate.

You are like a big ball of energy today, Pisces. Those in your path will have to get out of the way or get caught up in your excitement. Launch ideas and initiate projects right and left -- others cant help but be swept into your current of activity. You radiate positive feelings and productive energy. Spread your enthusiasm and enlist as many people as possible to help with the task-at-hand. If you approach people with a smile and cheerful disposition, they wont be able to say no. The more the merrier. Spoil yourself this evening with a favorite film.

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