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Daily horoscopes
1st December, 2000
These horoscopes are updated every day. If you do not have time to view these every day, you could view the weekly horoscopes

Take your time with new ventures. You could become so caught up in the fervor of the new that you may not notice the old slowly slipping away. All emotions are good now, even the ones that are usually too strong for polite company. Discovery is in the air. Physically, you are needing a good stretch and some fresh air. When was the last time you offered to cook dinner for a friend? Surprise someone with your efforts and benefit from it in the meantime. You are getting ready to take on something serious.

In spite of your better judgment, shallow things could attract you. Beware: All that glitters is not gold. You may need to fish deeper into the pool rather than just skimming the surface. Go deep and others are happy to help you on your journey. If things are feeling a bit drab around the office or in your home, make plans for a large-scale beautification project. Find something to celebrate with others and use your charm to build excitement.

You have been waiting on others to come through for you. Now that you have enough data to begin operating, what else are you waiting for? Everyone has agreed to your terms. Conditions are favorable. Your efforts should bring you great rewards. Communication with a loved one may not be as effective as you had wished. There could be slight misunderstandings and issues might need to be worded differently. Travel plans are in the works and you are able to let others do the organizing.

You could be stretching yourself too far. Over-scheduling your time could become a serious problem. For example, you may need to cut back on power lunches. Talk to an older relative and you could begin to see the value of old lessons that you may not have understood before. You are unable to figure out what you need to do first to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Remember, the most basic obstacles must be overcome before you can get anywhere. Life on the domestic front helps you recognize more important matters.

Just because youre thoroughly responsible and professional doesnt mean you cant enjoy yourself. Try to mix business and pleasure and you might get ahead in both worlds. Accept every invitation to be included in a group effort. Exploration and discovery are thrilling ways to pass your time. You might not have thought a good friend could get you to change your mind, but you will be surprised. The truth is the funniest joke around.

You are in no mood for games. You are focused at home and at the office. Denial may work for reducing stress, but it drains energy from other creative activities. Give yourself the time to unwind -- not just when clocking out, but all throughout the day. A little breather in your day allows you to overcome some of the tension you may have been feeling. This might actually be a good time to start planning your escape. Invite friends along for an adventurous getaway.

You have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and you now stand as proof that someone can play by the rules and still win. Dont be dogmatic -- others will learn from you without your having to say a word. Attend a social event with someone you love. People meeting you for the first time have already heard good things about you. You are able to get your financial matters in order. A phone call from a friend who lives far away reminds you to appreciate what you have.

Why are you trying to hide, Scorpio? When you blend in with the crowd, you lose some of what makes you so desirable. The private life of a statistic is of no interest to the person looking at the numbers. Your basic instincts might have led you down the wrong path. What you thought was a final sale price could turn out to be just the down payment. When wishing for great things to come, you need to be patient. Be generous or someone could have hurt feelings.

Luck works in odd ways. Even if you dont get what you expected, you might wind up with something even better. People at the office question your motives, but you need to stand tall and go forward with what you think is right. There is no need to go in search of adventure -- its likely to find you no matter where you are. Happiness at home might be surprising right now, but you are loving every minute of it. It is a good time to share your intimate thoughts with a lover.

Pack your waders in case you have to cross a quagmire on your way to higher ground. A big obstacle could slow you down no matter how quickly you start. Keep one eye on the path even as you dream of that distant mountaintop and you will get to where you want to be going. Someone finds you attractive and you might find yourself a little flustered with the attention. Dont jump into things too quickly -- concentrate on building a friendship. Family is surprisingly supportive.

There are no more secrets. A dialogue that excludes anyone isnt worth your time. Get on with more important matters. If others view you as something of a disruptive force, it just means youre performing your cosmic duty of the moment. Dont back down to anyone if it means something you believe in gets compromised. You make contact with people that take an interest in what you are doing. Avoid getting too technical -- it is likely to only make you dizzy.

Where is your spine, Pisces? You need to stand up for your rights or things will never improve. Stop daydreaming that things will get better on their own. Dont let yourself be the victim of someone elses mistake. Be rational when striking out to make a change. Take your time with finances and you will be rewarded in the long term. Create ways to make your life simpler.

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